NXT TV (3.22.17)

NXT TV (3.22.17)

NXT TV 383


March 22 2017


We’re in The Venue, in the University of Central Florida for another delightful episode of NXT’s TV show. The earlier incarnations of which have recently made their way onto the Network if such a thing interests you. Hosts are Tom “face-fucker” Phillips, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness.


Oney Lorcan vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

This is technically a feud as this is their third match. Almas is a cocky prick and isn’t afraid to let people know about it. “I like his swagger” chirps Nigel, slating the outgoing Jack Swagger in the process. Probably. They work hard, although I have very little interest in either character. Almas is doing the ‘Tranquilo’ thing, only not as well as Naito. Lorcan is a solid worker but his lack of gimmick is weird. He’s not as dry as Drew Gulak but that lack of character hurts in WWE. He can get by in NXT on effort but until he nails the character, like Tye or Tyler Breeze, he’s going nowhere. Hell, look at Tyler Breeze. Really good wrestler, did his time in NXT, got called up and has been treated like trash on the main roster despite coming up with a full-blown, useable gimmick. These two work hard enough to get over with me and the match is a breathless affair, loaded with effort. Hammerlock DDT puts Lorcan away and this was really fucking good.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Video Control takes us backstage where #DIY talk about their history of loving the biz. From there we get clips of Billie Kay getting hurt taking the Eclipse from Ember last week. It’s an attempt to put over Ember as a threat to Asuka.


Asuka vs. Priscilla Zuniga

Asuka NXT

Asuka has held the NXT title for over 350 days at this point. She grabs the microphone to say “Ember Moon, this is your head” before roundhousing her jobber opponent in the noggin. Good lord it’s wonderful. It’s a tremendous squash with several extremely violent moments. The running hip attack is especially devastating. Asukalock finishes.

Final Rating: SQUASH


Post Match: Asuka gets the microphone and barks a promo out in Japanese. The translation? Ember Moon; I’m gonna fuck your shit up, bitch.


Video Control goes to the Revival who claim to be the greatest tag team of all time. That’s perhaps a bit of a reach but they’re certainly one of the best teams in the business today.


Video Control then gives us an in-depth look at Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura. I am massively disappointed it’s not Nakamura vs. Hero. A match with infinitely more going for it. I don’t care about Roode in the slightest. If he had different entrance music I doubt he’d be over.


Elsewhere Kassius Ohno looks disappointed to have been beaten by Bobby Roode. I’d be disappointed too mate. The Drifter turns up and sing at him and we get a Loser Leaves Town match.


Elsewhere Andrade Almas is told he’ll face the debuting Aleister Black at TakeOver. Well, debuting under that name. Tommy already debuted in the UK tournament under his old gimmick.


SAnitY (Eric Young, Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) vs. Roderick Strong, Tye Dillenger & No Way Jose

Straight up babyface Roddy Strong is a bit weird. I’ve not seen him work that blue-eye gimmick in ages. The Babyface Mafia are together here so SAnitY doesn’t have their usual numbers advantage. Although they still do because Nikki Cross is ringside. There’s good news for NXT’s system here as everyone is over and the action is decent. It’s noticeable there’s only one former TNA charge involved, unless you count Roddy. Speaking of which, Strong is on fire here. He cleans house like a maid on steroids. Everyone spills in and the ref throws the match out in a somewhat damp finish. This was going fine until the booking kicked in.

Final Rating: **3/4


Post Match: Tye stomps the crud out of Eric Young. Nikki Storm jumps him and he can’t do anything because of the no man-on-woman violence. So he’s saved by Heidi Lovelace, making her debut, under her new name Ruby Riot.

Ruby Riot NXT



The endless video packages attempted to de-rail the show but if you skip them all the in-ring worked perfectly on this show. Hot opening match, great squash for Asuka and a solid main, complete with debuting talent. This was a genuinely good show. NXT needs to have less advertising on it though. The sheer volume of crap during this show was unreal. If I’d been watching normally, and not for review purposes, I would have skipped half the show…and lost nothing in the process.



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