NXT TV (2.15.17)

NXT TV (2.15.17)



February 15 2017


We’re at Full Sail University. I watch NXT quite often but I was especially looking forward to this show as it features Tyler Bate vs. Trent Seven. As someone who lives quite close to where those gentlemen are from, it feels like a battle of ‘my guys’. Hosts are Tom Phillips, Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness.


Authors of Pain vs. Jobbers

This is a cavalcade of violence. It doesn’t last long.

Final Rating: NR


Video Control reminds us of its successful UK tournament. Although a follow up seems non-existent. Tyler comes across as quite endearing in sound-bites. No promo time for anyone else though. From there we get an update on Shinsuke Nakamura. He’s not badly injured and will be back for a rematch at some point.


Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs. Liv Morgan & Ember Moon

Liv was instructed to find a tag partner and she’s come up with Ember.

Peyton & Billie make for a good heel duo because they’re capable of mockery and cowardice is suitably appropriate levels. Nigel makes an interesting point about psychology and how much a wrestlers entrance and gear is designed to intimidate. You win matches before you’re even in the ring. With the exception of Ember none of these women are ready to step up to fill the void that exists at the top end of NXT’s women’s division. No wonder they kept Bayley down here for so long. The Aussies double team Liv for the win.

Final Rating: *


NXT Billie Kay Peyton Royce


Video Control gives us a glimpse at SAnitY vs. Tye Dillenger. This results in Roderick Strong and No Way Jose verbally giving Tye some back up. The buck stops here. The idea being that SAnitY will ride roughshod over everyone if they’re allowed to.


Promo Time: #DIY

They talk about Authors of Pain and that they saw doubt in their eyes at Takeover. So they’ll be back for a contractual rematch for the tag titles. This brings out Paul Ellering to accept in two weeks. With the two teams jawing back and forth the Revival jump #DIY and hit the Shatter Machine. The Authors of Pain look unimpressed with having their thunder stolen. A three-way at ‘Mania weekend looks likely.


Video Control gives us a look at Trent Seven, followed by a video for Kassius Ohno. What is happening in wrestling this year? One thing is for certain; there’s no such thing as “WWE type” anymore.


WWE UK Championship

Tyler Bate (c) vs. Trent Seven

This is a real thing that’s really actually happening in Full Sail for WWE Network. How surreal is wrestling nowadays?

I’m amused by Izzy waving next to Tyler when he enters the building. By your age Tyler Bate was already a seasoned pro, young lady. Full Sail chanting “Moustache Mountain” is bizarre. The match starts out with a mixture of sportsmanship and moustache twirling. It gets progressively manlier with heavy lumber and no selling. There’s perhaps not enough familiarity work but you could put that down to them not wanting to confuse fans and instead get over trademark spots. Maybe next time. The British strongstyle shots landing win the crowd over easily. Trent threatens to suplex Tyler into the crowd, which alarms some of the ringside rubes, but Tyler takes it with the Tyler Driver ’97. The camera immediately pans the crowd and focuses on Papa Hales applauding his beloved graps. I enjoyed this. It was a solid way to get Tyler over as UK Champion. Seven perhaps kept himself slightly in check here. He seems to be less violent outside of Fight Club Pro.

NXT Trent Seven Tyler Bate

Final Rating: ***1/2



A lot of this show felt like filler. Like they only had Tyler vs. Trent and threw everything else together to pad out the 51 minutes. They’ve done this before but usually it’s with a longer match. That said the main event was good so I’ve no major complaints.

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