NXT Notes November 29 2017

NXT Notes November 29 2017

After last week’s show being mainly dedicated to recaps, this week NXT should be getting back to normal business. Announced on the preview is Kairi Sane versus Peyton Royce, and a tag team match between Street Profits and Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss. We’re also told that we’ll find out whether Pete Dunne found a partner to face off against Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven).




Street Profits def Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

Kairi Sane def Peyton Royce

Moustache Mountain def Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews




This week’s show came from live show footage, and the opening housekeeping informed us that Pete Dunne has somehow convinced Mark Andrews to be his tag team partner against Moustache Mountain. Honestly, Andrews should know better than to trust Pete Dunne, but maybe it’ll be ok.

Street Profits vs Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

The next step in the ongoing issues between Street Profits and Riddick and Moss opened the show. It’s immediately weird having an NXT show outside of the Full Sail setting. The crowd was smaller, or looked it, and the acoustics were different.

Ford and Dawkins are a very entertaining duo, Sabbatelli and Moss are very good, but just lack something as a team for me. Athletic and entitled should be enough of a gimmick to make it work, but somehow it falls a bit flat. That’s no reflection on their in-ring work though, the match itself was good. There is some truly excellent tag team work going on with both teams.

photo credits: wwe.com

Riddick Moss got caught trying to help hold down Angelo Dawkins by the ref. Montez Ford dived off the top turnbuckle to the outside to take care of the threat of Moss (thank god he caught him, it looked like he was going to land on his head), then got back to the apron tagged himself in. He followed up Angelo Dawkins powerbomb on Tino Sabbatelli with a frogsplash, and got the win.

The footage of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven challenging Pete Dunne to a tag team match after last week’s NXT was shown, leading into an interview with Seven and Bate. They said they weren’t happy with the way Dunne treated Wolfgang, when he left him to be beaten up by the Undisputed Era. Tonight, they plan to teach Dunne a lesson. They’re not worried about Mark Andrews because they’re a real tag team. They are Moustache Mountain.

Mark Andrews said he and Dunne go a long way back, but he’s not doing it for friendship, he’s doing it because Dunne has agreed to make him number one contender for the UK Championship if they win.

Promo package for Lars Sullivan next. What a monster they’re making him into.

Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce

It’s very much up in the air what they’ll do with Kairi Sane now. She won the Mae Young Classic, but failed to capture the vacant NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver. In the build up to TakeOver, she was left undefeated, but now that’s over, who knows. Tonight, I guess we find out.

Billie Kay accompanied Peyton Royce to the ring as usual, which stacks the odds immediately in Royce’s favour.

There aren’t, in my humble opinion, many women on the roster who have improved more than Peyton Royce has over the last year or so. Kairi Sane is just superb, fast, skilled, and charismatic. They put on a great match, and I’m pleased to report, Billie Kay didn’t get chance to interfere. She tried, but Sane knocked her off the apron before she could do any damage.

The Insane Elbow finished Peyton Royce, and I guess we have our answer as to where Kairi Sane is going to sit in the pecking order.

Next up, footage of Ruby Riott (yes, she’s got an extra ‘t’ now) and Sonya Deville’s match from last week. Apparently, despite their appearances on SmackDown and Raw, they are not yet done with NXT, which is a great move. Next week, they have a No Holds Barred match. That should be fantastic.

After another recap of Drew McIntyre getting injured at the end of his match against Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas, the injury was confirmed by showing a tweet from McIntyre. He’s not due back until 2018, The timescale being thrown around at the moment, is WrestleMania weekend, but it’s too early for it to be anything more than speculation at this stage.

Moustache Mountain vs Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews

It doesn’t seem to matter how despicable Pete Dunne’s behaviour is, the American crowds love him. He came out to a round of ‘Bruiserweight’ chants. Dunne started things off against Bate, and they looked a little confused that Dunne was getting all the crowd support. Interestingly, once Dunne tagged in Mark Andrews, the crowd chants switched to ‘Moustache Mountain’, with the odd ‘Bruiserweight’ thrown in for good measure. I’m sad, and a little annoyed at the lack of respect for Mark Andrews. He’s brilliant, what’s wrong with these people.

This match was good enough to earn the ‘fight forever’ chants it got. The UK lads always give it everything, and they are that good. They did a whole bunch of stuff that would take pages to explain, and made it look effortless. Really good inter, and intra, team work from four guys who know each other inside out. Things like Mark Andrews’ Frankensteiner, on Tyler Bate, into Dunne’s powerbomb made it look like they’d been tagging together for years.

Dunne nearly pinned Bate off a roll up after a blind tag while Bate was spinning Mark Andrews. But, after an exchange of blows, Tyler Bate hit the Tyler Driver 97 on Dunne for the win.

The show finished with a frustrated and disappointed Mark Andrews trying to be sporting to Pete Dunne, and getting attacked for his trouble. Andrews laying in the ring holding his neck might have had more initial impact had the ‘Bruiserweight’ chants not still been going. The crowd finally developed a little sympathy for Andrews when Dunne left the ring, only to return and attack him again.



Final word

Good episode tonight, lots of pointers for the future. I’m a little surprised that Ruby Riott and Sonya Deville are going to do double duty on NXT and the main roster for now, but I’m behind it completely. My only concern is whether or not it means their main roster future is not secured. The No Holds Barred match should be fun though, and we’ll see where they go from there. Kairi Sane and Peyton Royce put on an excellent match tonight too.

The NXT tag division is looking very healthy (actually, let’s face it, the NXT roster is packed). Street Profits seem to have come together as a unit, and they’ve got the crowd engagement as well. Moss and Sabbatelli have all the talent, but something just doesn’t click for me yet. I’m looking forward to raving about them in six months when I finally catch up.

The UK lads were fantastic, but the crowd reaction to Pete Dunne is annoying. He’s doing everything he possibly can to be the perfect bad guy, but the crowds like chanting Bruiserweight, so he can apparently do no wrong. I’m sure he’ll figure out how to make them hate him soon enough, or maybe they’ll just take him in a different direction. He’s getting reactions, they’ll make it work. Looks like Tyler Bate versus Pete Dunne will probably be the next title match. Happy with that considering they are consistently nothing short of brilliant together.

There was a new set of NXT tapings tonight, which will takes us to the end of the year. I’m genuinely excited to see how it all pans out.

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