NXT Notes – May 15, 2019

NXT Notes – May 15, 2019

Viking Raiders are appearing tonight to explain their future with regards to the NXT Tag Team Championships. We have Keith Lee back in action. Kushida looking for his second victory, after beating Kassius Ohno in his debut. And Vanessa Borne faces Jessie (who seems to have fallen victim to WWE’s last name cull). We should also get an update on the implosion of Undisputed ERA.


Keith Lee def. Cezar Bononi

Kushida def. Kona Reeves

Vanessa Borne def. Jessie

Viking Raiders vs Street Profits went to No Contest


Percy Watson has moved on from NXT and Beth Phoenix has taken his place alongside Mauro Ranallo and Nigel McGuinness.

Viking Raiders opened the show proper. The said that over the last few weeks they have raided RAW and brutalised the tag team division. They are far from done raiding RAW but they still have the NXT tag team championships. Then they asked William Regal to join them.

He did and they said that since they know there is no one who can take the titles from them, they’re there to relinquish them.

Street Profits interrupt Viking Raiders' attempt to relinquish the tag titles
Credits: wwe.com

They handed the belts over and Regal said it was a surprise, then Street Profits arrived. They wanted to take issue with the idea no one could take the titles because they brought the fight to them a few weeks ago. They didn’t win the match, but the NXT Universe realised something and, more importantly, the Viking Raiders realised something. That the Street Profits could beat them. They suggested that Viking Raiders were relinquishing the titles to avoid being beaten.

Ivar and Erik snatched the belts back from William Regal and demanded he make the match. He did, for later.

We got a recap of Undisputed ERA’s road to implosion last week, followed by the backstage argument that wasn’t shown. Cole called Strong a “little bitch”, while being held back by O’Reilly and Fish, and Strong removed his Undisputed ERA shirt and threw it at him.

Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish were asked for an update on the situation. Adam Cole said he has no idea where Strong is, and described him as the man who cost him his match last week. There is no question who the leader of Undisputed ERA is. It is, and always has been, Adam Cole.

While Cole was talking people were running past behind them in suits, obviously on the way to some kind of emergency.

Roderick Strong arrived and approached the group. He told Cole he’d thought about what he said and he was right, they are stronger when they’re on the same page. He handed Cole a sandal/flip-flop and said he’d taken care of Cole’s Matt Riddle problem. He asked what’s next, they all grinned at each other, and Adam Cole took off his armband and handed it to Strong as they left.

Cezar Bononi vs Keith Lee

Keith Lee has a new theme tune. It might take a bit of getting used to. If you like the agile big lad matches, this was the one for you. It’s always fun with two competitors used to being able to outpower their opponents.

Cezar Bononi kicks Keith Lee

It was ridiculously short though. Keith Lee picked up the win with a pounce followed by a spirit bomb.

After showing the footage of Io Shirai attacking Shayna Baszler while Baszler was working with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir, Cathy Kelley announced that Shayna Baszler will be defending her title against Shirai at NXT TakeOver.

Forgotten Sons barged past her to go into William Regal’s office and she asked them why they were there. They were upset at being forgotten again and Street Profits being handed a title shot.

Kona Reeves vs Kushida

Reeves has changed his look again and the ‘Miami Vice extra’ suits have gone. It’s an improvement. You still wouldn’t have put money on him in this match though.

Reeves had no chance at all until Drew Gulak appeared on the stage and Kushida was distracted. Reeves capitalised with a knee in the gut and managed to build some momentum.

Kushida points at Drew Gulak with Kona Reeves in hold

It was a temporary blip for Kushida, he soon recovered control and when he switched it up a gear, Reeves had no answer. Kushida still had one eye on Gulak though, and it nearly allowed Reeves back into the match again.

Kushida’s dive from the top to the outside knocked the last of Kona Reeves fight out of him, and a hoverboard lock secured his submission.

Bianca Belair and Mia Yim are going to have a rematch, at some point, at Mia Yim’s request. We found this out while they were arguing outside William Regal’s office when Belair was on her way to request a match with Shayna Baszler.

Johnny Gargano spoke to reporters after checking on Matt Riddle. He said Riddle will be ok but angry and Undisputed ERA aren’t going to like the Bro when he’s angry. He also announced he’d spoken to William Regal and he will be defending the NXT Championship against Adam Cole at Takeover.

Vanessa Borne vs Jessie

It’s always fun to listen to what commentary have to say about matches where there is no history and no build. This was mainly Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix listing their favoured competitors’ previous attributes.

Jessie and Vanessa Borne

Aliyah was on the outside and she got involved with a slap to Jessie while Borne distracted the ref. It wasn’t really needed, Borne seemed to have things pretty well under control at that point anyway. She nearly fell foul of opportunistic small package and crucifix pins though.

Jessie built herself a brief run off offence but missed with a splash into the corner, and Vanessa Borne got the win.

Viking Raider (C) vs Street Profits – NXT Tag Team Championships match

Viking Raiders might have been ready to relinquish the titles, but they were not going to roll over and lose them. It wasn’t a long match anyway, but it was nearly over very quickly when Angelo Dawkins speared Erik as Viking Raiders were about to double team Montez Ford and Ford rolled up Ivar. He kicked out though.

Angelo Dawkins  spears Erik away from Montez Ford and Ivar

Ivar also kicked out of Montez Ford’s splash before Erik got back to the corner and he was able to tag out.

Sadly, the reason it was a short match was Forgotten Son’s appearance. They came to ringside and attacked Ivar, getting the match thrown out. It turned into a full-on brawl when Burch and Lorcan joined the fun. Ivar took out all three Forgotten Sons with a dive from the apron to the outside. Erik too Street Profits’ double team finisher and counted a fast three themselves. They left with the momentum, potentially, but not the belts.

A brawl breaks out in the tag team division
Credits: wwe.com

Danny Burch and Wesley Blake were the ones unlucky enough to be around for Erik and Ivar to vent their frustrations on.

At the end of the show, Viking Raiders laid the belts in the ring and bowed. We now wait to see what happens next.

Final word

Undisputed ERA are apparently back on the same page, but for how long? Viking Raiders might, or might not, still be tag team champions. NXT seems to be in another rebuilding and rearranging phase. Everything feels a bit ‘work in progress’ at the moment. I’m sure it’ll all shape up soon enough, it usually does.

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