NXT Notes June 7 2017

NXT Notes June 7 2017

Ahead of tonight’s show William Regal set a match between No Way Jose and Killian Dain. This is as a result of Jose stopping Dain’s interference in the SAnitY vs Strong and Ohno match last week. Also pre-announced, Hideo Itami will face Oney Lorcan, and Bobby Roode is set to make an appearance to outline his plans for the next phase of his championship reign.



Heavy Machinery def Lars Sullivan and Victor Andrews

Peyton Royce def Sarah Logan

Hideo Itami vs Oney Lorcan – No Contest/thrown out by ref.

Killian Dain def No Way Jose



Heavy Machinery vs Lars Sullivan and Victor Andrew

Tag team action to start the show this week. Heavy Machinery are big lads, Lars Sullivan is a BIG lad. It was a good old fashioned big lads tussle, until Sullivan’s partner, Victor Andrews, tagged in.

Andrews isn’t the smallest man on the roster, but he didn’t get anything in the way of offence he just got thrown around and flattened. The Compacter on Andrews finished the match.

As if Victor Andrews hasn’t taken enough punishment during the match, Lars Sullivan attacked him once Heavy Machinery had left the ring, and doled out a beating that was arguably worse than the one Knight and Dozovic gave him.

Killian Dain was shown answering the post-match interview question posed to SAnitY last week. He said after what had happened no-one is safe, especially No Way Jose.

Roderick Strong said this year had been a rollercoaster for him. He signed for NXT, had a baby with his beautiful fiancé and told his story to the NXT universe. He’d been ashamed of his history, but everyone accepted him and he’s very grateful. But he came to NXT for the title and that’s what he wants. He’s more driven than he’s ever been because his fiancé and child motivate him. At that point, he was interrupted by Bobby Roode pretending to cry. Roode said Strong should be proud of finally winning some matches, having a marginally hot fiancé and a somewhat normal son. He told him, ‘you’re a good hand, stay in your lane’. Then he offered to take a selfie with him one day so he could show his son of picture of daddy with the champ.

Nikki Cross cut a promo next, well kind of. She said Asuka, Ruby, let’s play again. But she said it a lot, while jumping up and down waving her jacket around, on a roof. I love her.

Another Paul Ellering promo next. This one was aimed at all the future challengers of Authors of Pain. He essentially said that Authors of Pain would dominate and everyone would have to accept it, but he’s very compelling to watch.

Sarah Logan vs Peyton Royce, with Billie Kay

Women’s division action for the first time since TakeOver Chicago, and the first time we’ve seen Royce in singles action for a while. Sarah Logan got a proper entrance, which is always nice to see. It wasn’t a squash match either, although it looked like it might be to start with.

Royce got the most of the early offence but Logan wouldn’t lie down quietly for the pin. She fought back and got a decent comeback in, for a while at least. Logan definitely has something about her, I’d like to see her a few more times in some longer matches. I will admit, I don’t know anything about her.

The bridging fisherman’s suplex from Royce finally put Logan down for the three count.

It wasn’t a long match by any stretch of the imagination, but it was on a par with the amount of time given to RAW’s women in recent weeks.

Next up was a recap of Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas’ loss last week and a failed interview with him as he set off for a night on the town. He got slapped by Thea Trinidad (long term partner of Austin Aries) who asked him if this is what he was now, before she hit him.

Hideo Itami vs Oney Lorcan

An interview with Hideo Itami was shown during his entrance where he was asked if he was planning to go back to Japan. He said no, he wasn’t done yet. He worked hard to get here and one loss wouldn’t send him back to Japan.

They went back and forth for supremacy for a while. Itami invited Lorcan to show him what he had, and Lorcan obliged. It looked like Itami might be hurt, but he kicked out at Lorcan while the ref was holding Lorcan back, and that was the last of Oney Lorcan’s offence.

After the third GTS Kassius Ohno ran down to the ring to try to reason with Itami. That failed and they shoved each other a bit. Itami eventually thought better of it and left the ring. The match was thrown out and Ohno guarded Lorcan until Itami had left.

Ember Moon was asked for her thoughts on next week’s women’s championship match. She talked about losing her first opportunity, and missing out on her second. She said she needed a time out after that and she has some unfinished business to deal with, with Peyton Royce and Billie Kay. But she’ll be watching the match next week, and she made a vow that her next opportunity will be ‘the’ opportunity.

No Way Jose vs Killian Dain

Killian Dain got a customised version of the SAniY theme to enter to. He was escorted by Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young, but they left before the match started.

This was a big lads wrestling main event, with Jose giving up something in weight, but not in height, to Dain. For some reason the crowd chanted ‘fuzzy wuzzy’ at Dain, which just seemed to piss him off. Ok, he’s very hairy but that’s just silly. What should be pissing them all off is the incessant ‘sweet’ after every two count.

Good main event. This feud has mileage in it, they’re much more equally matched than you’d expect. Importantly, it was a clean contest with no interference. On this occasion Killian Dain got the win with the Ulster Plantation.


Final word

I really enjoyed this week’s NXT. Four matches, and a lot of character building work. It’s really important stuff for NXT to do the character building, it makes such a huge difference to people’s investment. Considering it is a single hour of television, it’s amazing how much they can fit in some weeks.

The women’s division was back, finally, and we have another title match next week. With the Mae Young Classic looming I would expect to see the women step more to the forefront in coming weeks.

It looks like the next NXT championship feud will be Roderick Strong vs Bobby Roode. That’s going to need a big build to make it exciting. Personally, I was hoping for Kassius Ohno, but he seems to have his hands full with Hideo Itami at the moment. At least there’s a lot going on. Looking forward to next week already.

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