NXT Notes July 11, 2018

NXT Notes July 11, 2018


A busy looking episode of NXT tonight. Undisputed ERA have their rematch against Moustache Mountain for the tag titles, while Adam Cole takes on Danny Burch in a non-title match. Kairi Sane and Vanessa Borne have a match, and NXT Champion Aleister Black is due to make an appearance to talk about his upcoming title match, in two weeks, against Tommaso Ciampa.




Adam Cole def Danny Burch

Kairi Sane def Vanessa Borne

Undisputed ERA def Moustache Mountain




Adam Cole vs Danny Burch

William Regal made this match last week after Adam Cole brushed off Burch’s challenge because he didn’t consider Burch worthy. There’s ongoing bad blood between them, but Cole’s particular brand of arrogance means he doesn’t consider most people worthy.

Good match to start the show with both parties clearly setting out to prove their dominance in any way possible. Burch was content to let his wrestling do the talking, but Cole added regular trash-talk into his repertoire as well.

Adam Cole kicks Danny Burch
Photo credits: wwe.com

Quite a methodical match. Burch had a few good chances to get the win. He got a two count from a Tower of London which was probably his best chance

Adam Cole hit a superkick and followed it up with a suplex neckbreaker and a Last Shot for the win.


Candice LeRae was walking outside and being asked about her victory over Lacey Evans when she spotted Shayna Baszler. She told Baszler she heard what she’d said about her and Baszler told her to stick to being the cute little sidekick. LeRae slapped her across the face. They brawled a bit until they were forcibly separated. Candice LeRae was kicking and screaming to get back to Baszler. That match will be awesome.


Dakota Kai was interviewed about what Baszler said last week about the women’s roster. Kai said she was aware of what was said but Baszler was going to be seeing her again really soon. She’s busy working her way back up through the division and she’s going to get another shot at the title. Lacey Evans interrupted and told her no-one cares and if Kai ever got her dirty paws on the title she’s do nothing but bring it down. What the division needs is a woman with class confidence and sophistication, and Kai doesn’t have those attributes. Dakota Kai suggested she kicks the class off her face next week.


Vanessa Borne vs Kairi Sane

Three women’s segments in a row, that’s nice to see.

Like most of Kairi Sane’s opponents, Borne has the size and power advantage and she made full use of that. Also like most of Sane’s opponents, she loses out to Sane in terms of skill and experience.

Vanessa Borne focused much of her offence on Sane’s back, which worked well to keep her on top, until she got overconfident.

Borne got up on the turnbuckle and told the crowd to cheer for her. They didn’t and it gave Sane enough time to move out of the way when Borne came crashing down on her.

Vanessa Borne throws Kairi Sane

It was all Kairi Sane from that moment, but it wasn’t the InSane elbow that ended the match this time. Sane got Vanessa Borne locked in a beautiful bridging submission, apparently called the Anchor, and Borne tapped out.

After the match, Kairi Sane said, ‘Shayna Baszler, I know you are strong, but I beat you before. I’m going to do it again (she got the crowd chanting again). I’m coming for the treasure, the NT Women’s Championship. Ahoy’.


Next week there will be a fatal four-way to decide the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship. Nikki Cross, Candice LeRae, Bianca Belair, and Kairi Sane will fight it out for the chance to face Baszler.


Aleister Black was asked for his thoughts on Ciampa as he arrived at Full Sail. He said there’s always one that thinks they’re going to break the mould and make things different. He was trying to say more but Johnny Gargano was waiting by the door and Black said he’d get back to the interviewer. Gargano said Tommaso Ciampa cannot be the NXT champion. Black said ok. Gargano said, ‘no, you don’t understand, he can’t win’. Black told him he understands that Gargano has a personal interest, but he has to let him handle it. Gargano said he knows exactly what he’s doing and walked off.

As Black walked through the door he was ambushed by Ciampa who shoved him into some shelving then delivered a DDT on the floor. Ciampa did his little wave and walked away while medics were called for Aleister Black.

Tommaso Ciampa attacks Aleister Black backstage

It was announced that Aleister Black had been transported to a local medical facility.


Moustache Mountain (C) vs Undisputed ERA – NXT Tag Team Championship match

I don’t recall this being billed as a tornado tag match, but that’s how it started. Undisputed ERA tried to catch Bate and Seven off guard at the start. Moustache Mountain turned things around on them and it was a free for all for a good few minutes.

There were duelling chants from the crowd throughout the match. Seriously strong reactions for both teams. It was a long match too, almost twenty minutes of the show.

Trent Seven launches Tyler Bate onto Undisputed ERA

It settled into a proper tag match after Roderick Strong dropped Trent Seven knee first on the steps on his already injured left knee. He rolled him into the ring and Undisputed ERA set to work on his knee while keeping him isolated from Tyler Bate.

After an agonising fight back Seven got to Bate only for Kyle O’Reilly to drag Bate off the apron and prevent the tag. O’Reilly entered the ring a minute or so later when Bate was back on the apron to kick him off and once again prevent the tag.

Eventually, Seven got to his partner and Bate came in to take out all his frustration on Undisputed ERA.

O’Reilly countered the airplane spin into a sleeper hold forcing Bate to back him into a corner then suplexed Strong on top of him for good measure. Strong then took the airplane spin and when O’Reilly tried to break it up Bate grabbed his legs and swung him too.

The Tyler driver 97 almost got the three on Strong, but O’Reilly was just in time to break it up.

Tyler Bate looked like he wanted to tag in Seven but Trent Seven was being tended to by medics. He got up and extended his arm for the tag but Bate decided to carry on.

Strong sent Bate flying backwards into his own corner and Seven tagged himself in. He was barely putting any weight on the injured leg

Strong got Seven in a submission hold but Bate broke it up before he was forced to tap.

Kyle O’Reilly locked the injured leg in a heel hook. Trent Seven tried to reach Bate and tried to fight out of the hold. He succeeded but only briefly and was soon back in a submission hold.

Kyle O'Reilly attempts to submit Trent Seven


Tyler Bate was stood on the apron holding a towel with Trent Seven screaming at him not to throw it in. Eventually, it got too much for Bate though, he knew Seven wasn’t going to quit and obviously didn’t want to risk him sustaining permanent damage, so he threw in the towel and came to rescue his partner.




Final word

It really feels like the women’s division is getting back on its feet. The match set-ups are a little lightweight, but at least there are some. Three segments this week and only one was potentially directly related to the title picture. Obviously, that’s everyone’s end goal, but it’s nice to see things happening on the way to it. The fatal four-way next week will be a lot of fun.

Tonight’s main event tag match was worthy of a TakeOver, although it’s good for NXT tv to have nice things too. All in all, NXT is looking very healthy at the moment.

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