NXT Notes August 09 2017

NXT Notes August 09 2017

Following their in-ring altercation last week, and an apparent attack by Itami in the parking lot after the show, WWE.com announced that Aleister Black and Hideo Itami will face each other at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III. Pre-announced ahead of tonights show, Bobby Roode and Drew McIntrye are set for a face to face chat in the ring, Street Profits debut, and Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas takes on No Way Jose again.




Street Profits def Metro Brothers

Danny Burch def Oney Lorcan

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas def No Way Jose



During commentary’s opening housekeeping segment attention as drawn to the ring where Nikki Cross was screaming for Authors of Pain to come out. Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe joined her in the ring, and AoP obliged, but on their way to the ring were jumped by Eric Young. Akan made it to the ring but Rezar ended up cable-tied to a barricade. Sanity destroyed Akam in the ring with the help of their leader.

Unable to stand it any longer, Rezar dragged the barricade to the ring with him. I’m not sure what he expected to do with a metal barricade attached to his wrist, but he got stomped on a lot, while Paul Ellering looked on from ringside. To finish up, Nikki Cross grabbed the tag titles and SAnitY held them aloft.

Strong statement of intent from SAnitY ahead of TakeOver, but I doubt Authors of Pain will just accept the beating without any comeback.

After a quick recap of last week’s in-ring altercation between Asuka and Ember Moon, a contract signing was announced for next week to make their women’s championship match official.

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were apparently going to give us all a make-up tutorial. Ruby Riot got in shot so the spent a minute or so being horrible about her, with a looks based line of attack I just don’t like, then switched the camera off.

Metro Brothers vs Street Profits

The Metro Brothers, Chris and JC, seem to be running a Danny Zuko gimmick. As for Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford, I’m not sure what their deal is but it’s fun.

Interesting match. Obviously we’ve seem Dawkins before many times, but it was a double debut as far as the tag teams go. Dawkins may have a new tag team partner, but he is still wearing two headbands, and we still don’t know why.

I’d go with ‘athletic and showy’ as a tag for Street Profits. They work well as a team, waste a bit too much time posturing, and will be entertaining to watch. It might have been a double debut, but it’s Street Profits who had the weeks of hype videos so we all knew what the result was going to be.

Street Profits won with a pop-up spinebuster and frogsplash combo.

Next up, we got a look at the footage of Hideo Itami attacking Aleister Black after last week’s NXT (see link in the intro), and the official announcement of the match between the two at TakeOver.

William Regal took to the ring next, and brought out Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode. Roode brought his own personal security with him, and explained that they are to protect everyone from Roderick Strong, then clarified that they’re there to protect him mainly. He welcomed McIntyre back to the WWE the started to talk about entitlement. Drew McIntyre had said he felt like he was entitled the first time he was in WWE, and he sees that same entitlement in Roode’s eyes. Roode said damned right he’s entitled, Because Bobby Roode doesn’t need a second chance. He’s done all the things he said he’d do when he arrived at NXT. It’s his NXT, not McIntyre’s or the crowd’s, “it’s not we it’s me”.

Drew McIntyre’s response was to say that Bobby Roode is the prototype for a champion and has had possibly the best year of any NXT champion, but the problem is he’s a complete arse. He’s starting to pity him because he really believes all the stuff that comes out of his mouth. The higher he puts himself the more it will hurt when he claymore’s him back down to earth. At TakeOver, after the Glorious entrance Roode will be staring across the ring at the new NXT Champion.

Roderick Strong’s music hit and Strong came to the stage. He told William Regal he’s not done with Bobby Roode. It’s not about the NXT title, it’s about Roode disrespecting his family, his fiancé and him. He wants to fight. He asked Roode if he wants to fight. Regal started to interject and reiterate the TakeOver match was set. Roode said if Strong wants to fight him he can, and he’ll even put the title on the line. but he has to go through Drew McIntyre first. If he can beat McIntyre next week, he can have Roode after TakeOver.

William Regal told Bobby Roode that he makes the matches in NXT. McIntyre asked Regal to make the match, because unlike Roode he’ll fight anyone at any time. William Regal made the match for next week. If Strong wins he gets a match with Roode after TakeOver.

Johnny Gargano was interviewed backstage about his comeback last week. He said he was nervous going out there alone but he thought back to the Barclays Center last year and the support they got. Because of that reaction they went on to become champs and headlined a TakeOver. He needs to feel that again. Gargano said he’s hasn’t missed a TakeOver since then, and doesn’t intend to start now. He’s going on the record to say he wants a match at TakeOver Brooklyn.

Danny Burch vs Oney Lorcan

This was entertaining the last time they did it, and it was entertaining this time too. Evenly matched for height, weight and style. So evenly matched in fact, that practically matched each other move for move for the majority of the match. It was a good contest, but it was anyone’s to take. Lorcan kicked out of the Tower of London. Burch kicked out a few moment’s later from a flurry of offence by Lorcan.

Danny Burch got the win this time round. After an exchange of blows, Oney Lorcan got a Danny Burch in a Boston crab. Burch reversed the move and pinned him.

Initially Oney Lorcan slapped away the proffered handshake, then turned back and the show of respect was completed. Burch even held the ropes for Lorcan to leave.

No Way Jose vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

No Way Jose made his entrance with a conga line. Almas was accompanied to the ring by Zelina Vega.

Vega seems to be there to keep Almas focused. Every time he started to get distracted, or Jose got the upper hand and he wanted to quit, Vega got him right back on track. It’s about time poor Almas had someone on his side, the crowd never have been. They were firmly behind Jose in this one as well.

Good match, bit short for a main event, but it’s always a pleasure to see either of these two fight, and they have good chemistry together. Almas picked up the victory with a hammerlock DDT after Vega told him to finish him.

Post-match  Zelina Vega picked a mic up from the commentary desk and said Almas deserves the spotlight, and the biggest spotlight in NXT is TakeOver Brooklyn. If Johnny Gargano wants an opponent, he’s got one.


Final word

No women’s division action this week. It’s disappointing, but with only an hour per week and a lot of business to get through it’s understandable. We got a little build towards the iconic duo and Ruby Riot, that’s something I guess.

With one week to go the NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III car is looking pretty decent.

  • Bobby Roode (C) vs Drew McIntyre – NXT Championship match
  • Asuka (C) vs Ember Moon – NXT Women’s Championship match
  • Authors of Pain (C) vs SAnitY – NXT Tag Team Championship match
  • Aleister Black vs Hideo Itami
  • Johnny Gargano vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas – to be confirmed

I can’t see any reason for William Regal to deny Almas the match against Gargano, but we’ll have to wait and see. It would be an excellent match – the guy who inexplicably never got over vs arguably the most over guy in NXT. I hope it’s made official.

Check back here on Rear View Reviews for the go home show next week and the preview and review of NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III.

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