NXT Notes April 10, 2019

NXT Notes April 10, 2019

WrestleMania weekend is over and the dust is starting to settle. That means this week we have the TakeOver dark matches for our viewing pleasure, three instead of the usual two. Candice LeRae faces Aliyah. Street Profits take on Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner. And Danny Burch goes one on one with Forgotten Sons’ Jaxson Ryker. We’ll also get the usual array of recaps and post-match interviews.

Note: The Superstar Shake-up has been announced for next week. NXT always takes a hit on these things but the main roster would have to take a lot of people to do any more than clear some room on the roster.


Candice LeRae def. Aliyah

Jaxson Ryker def. Danny Burch

Street Profits def. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel


Candice LeRae vs Aliyah

If these matches were shown in the order they were filmed, then Candice LeRae was in the first and last moments the TakeOver live crowd saw. It’s great to see her in the ring and fired up for it. I was so excited when she arrived in NXT, but she’s mainly been Mrs Johnny Gargano. It’s more than time for her to step into the title picture.

Candice LeRae dropkicks Aliyah
Credits: wwe.com

Vanessa Borne accompanied Aliyah to ringside and it was her distraction that allowed Aliyah to take control of the match. LeRae struggled to regain any momentum but Aliyah slapping her and asking, ‘who do you think you are?’ seemed to remind Candice LeRae exactly who she is.

That was it for Aliyah’s momentum, and the last of her offence. It took less than half a minute for Candice LeRae to put Aliyah down for the three count.

The first highlights package of the night went to the North American Championship match. Velveteen Dream sent a video message from backstage at WrestleMania. Not sure what the original purpose, but he ended up getting into a verbal exchange with Buddy Murphy. I would not object at all to seeing that match.

The NXT Tag Team Championship match got the next highlights package. No interviews or extras.

Kushida has arrived. We got a reminder of his contract signing and him in the crowd at TakeOver. NXT really does have the most staggering talent pool.

Danny Burch vs Jaxson Ryker

This was always going to be brutal and pacey. They don’t like each other and everything both of them do looks like it should hurt.

Danny Burch dropkicks Jaxson Ryker

The other Forgotten Sons tried to get involved when Ryker was having a bad time, but Oney Lorcan ran through the ring and sailed over the top rope onto them.

It wasn’t enough to save the match for Burch though. He almost pinned Ryker with a small package, but took a huge powerbomb and got pinned.

Oney Lorcan stepped in to stop the post-match beating and took a severe beating himself.

Forgotten Sons stood over Oney Lorcan

Highlights package number three went to the women’s four-way. In the post-match interview, Shayna Baszler said it doesn’t matter who they put in front of her or how many girls out of the locker room they want to throw at her, she’s taking them all out. She’s never losing that title.

Pete Dunne versus WALTER got the penultimate highlights slot. Dunne was asked for comments as he came backstage after the match. He said there will be a rematch.

The final highlights package, Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole for the NXT Championship, had unseen footage woven into it. Backstage, the cameras caught Undisputed ERA arguing after the match. Adam Cole had an issue with something Roderick Strong had done, his initial interference by the sounds of it.

Street Profits vs Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner

What a fantastic end to the show, albeit a bit on the short side. The danger for Street Profits’ opponents is, they have so much personality that it’s easy to underestimate how good they are. Montez Ford gave both Barthel and Aichner a bit of trouble to start the match, but a kick from Barthel left him reeling and put Barthel in control.

Montez Ford dropkicks Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

Aichner and Barthel are a very efficient team. Minimal fluff, maximum damage. Montez Ford took a long time to escape back to tag in Angelo Dawkins.

Dawkins had been ready for a while and he came in to clean house. It didn’t take long for Ford to tag himself back in though, and Barthel shoved him off the top turnbuckle when he went up for their finisher and sent him crashing to the mat.

Aichner pitched Dawkins out of the ring Montez Ford was taken out by tandem basement dropkicks followed by a kick to the face and a brainbuster. Angelo Dawkins was kept out of the way by a suicide dive from Barthel while Aichner tried to secure the pin. Somehow, Montez Ford kicked out.

Montez Ford takes double basement dropkicks from Aichner and Barthel

Fabian Aichner took a spear from Dawkins. Barthel took the double team finisher from Street Profits that really needs a name. Street Profits with the much-needed win.

Final word

That’s NXT wrapped up to the end of WrestleMania week. Next week will give us much more information on the shape of the next few months, with the new tapings and the Superstar Shake-up.

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