NXT Notes April 04, 2018

NXT Notes April 04, 2018


WWE have announced the Bobby Fish, one half of the NXT tag tam champions is injured and will be unable to compete at NXT TakeOver New Orleans. The injury actually happened a few weeks ago and it was just a matter of waiting for tv storylines to catch up. We’re promised an update tonight. Also on the TakeOver go home show is the final of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, which features Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong versus Authors of Pain. Lars Sullivan get the match he requested with Killian Dain, ahead of the ladder match for the new North American Championship. And Kairi Sane takes on Vanessa Borne.




Authors of Pain vs Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong – ended in a double disqualification

Kairi Sane def Vanessa Borne

Lars Sullivan vs Killian Dain – No contest due to the ring being a bit busy




The show opened with Charly Caruso giving the run down of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and showing some legends arriving to watch the final. She also confirmed the Bobby Fish news but didn’t answer any of the questions his injury raises. That will fall to William Regal.


Authors of Pain vs Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong – Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic final

The first half of the match went much as you’d expect it to. First Authors of Pain threw Roderick Strong about for a while, then they threw Pete Dunne around for a while.

Dunne tried to turn things around with the finger snap and a couple of kicks, he ended up face first on the canvas, but he slowed Akam down long enough for Dunne to tag in Strong.

photo credits: wwe.com

Strong picked it up and came in with a flurry of kicks and blows to take Authors of Pain off their feet. Every time Akam and Rezar got a move in it set Dunne and Strong back, their superior strength is evident at all times, even the simplest of blows ends up looking devastating. Strong and Dunne had to use their speed, and some lovely teamwork, to keep regaining the upper hand, but they did it. They got near falls and it looked like they might finish it there. Then they went for a double something and received double kicks in the face when they bounced off the ropes.

While they were all still recovering, Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly entered the ring and attacked everyone. They started with Authors of Pain, then moved on to Dunne and Strong. Shame because it was a fun match to watch.

The referee declared it a double disqualification.

William Regal came out and said, ‘Very smart, you think that due to Bobby Fish’s injury you think that if there’s no winner tonight you won’t have to defend your NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT TakeOver New Orleans. Unfortunately for you, not smart enough. At NXT TakeOver New Orleans, it will be Undisputed ERA (Cole and O’Reilly) versus Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne, and Authors of Pain, in a triple threat match.’ The winner takes both the Dusty Cup and the tag team titles.


Previews time next. The ladder match (which Cole is still advertised for, is he really doing both matches?), with a few words from each of the competitors – unsurprisingly, they all think they’re going to win. Followed by a long storyline recap and hype package for Johnny Gargano versus Tommaso Ciampa. It included interview clips with both men. There’s so much emotion involved and both Gargano and Ciampa are so talented, it really is going to be an incredible match.


Kairi Sane vs Vanessa Borne

Lovely match between these two. Kairi Sane is so much fun to watch. Vanessa Borne is fighting hard to establish herself as a heel, even modelling a couple of Baszler’s moves. It seemed to work for the Full Sail crowd, she got a good number of boos.

Nice back and forth match. Kairi Sane in unbelievably quick and very charismatic. Borne had the edge in power, but didn’t have anything to counter the speed and skill of Sane.

Kairi Sane went up for the InSane Elbow. Vanessa Borne climbed the turnbuckle and tried to superplex her off it. Instead Borne ended up upside down receiving a double stomp from Sane. She rearranged Borne on the canvas and went back up for a second try. This time, she hit the Insane Elbow and got the pin.


Interview with Lacey Evans. She made a statement that she couldn’t do anything in NXT until William Regal stopped allowing ‘societal trash’ to walk around. She obviously meant the rest of the women’s division and discussed them one by one. She called Nikki Cross a complete psycho. Said Ember Moon has never made a difference or shown the strength of a woman. Brushed of any mention of Dakota Kai, and called Kairi Sane the pathetic pirate princess. Evans plans to take Sane’s opportunity, and try not to lose her manners in the process.


Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly caught up with William Regal in and protested his decision about the tag titles. Adam Cole said he couldn’t possibly expect him to compete in two gruelling matches at TakeOver. Regal told them they have three choices. Adam Cole can fight twice, Kyle O’Reilly can defend the titles alone, or Adam Cole can withdraw from the ladder match. Cole and O’Reilly didn’t seem pleased with any of the options, but Regal told them they’re smart, they’ll figure it out, and left.


The next hype package was for Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas versus Aleister Black. The first part was narrated by Black, the second by Almas and Vega. Almas’s section of the talking was subtitled for once. He said Black is going to respect him and the championship, and he’s going to humiliate him. Another good promo package.


The brawl last week between Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler was shown as the lead in to their build package, and an interview with Ember Moon. She said she’s not sorry, and that the fight started because Baszler disrespected a coach. Baszler walks around like she owns the place and expects to be handed everything on a silver platter. That’s not how a champion acts, or how you get respect. As champion she represents the company day in and day out, in and out of the ring. Baszler started this but, at TakeOver, Moon will end it.


Kairi Sane versus Lacey Evans will happen next week.


Lars Sullivan vs Killian Dain

Big lads match to close the show.

They mainly did big lad stuff, unsurprisingly, with occasional trips up the turnbuckle, or something to remind us they’re really quite agile. Dain went for a Vader Bomb, but Sullivan got his knees up. Then it was Sullivan’s turn to climb.

A big headbutt while they were both up on the turnbuckles sent them crashing down to the floor on opposite sides of the ring.

That was the end of the match because Velveteen Dream came to check out the situation. He was looking to potentially jump onto one of them when he was joined by Adam Cole (looks like he’s made his choice about whether to stay in the match), then EC3. Killian Dain and Lars Sullivan were back in the ring by the time Ricochet arrived. Ricochet even got an entrance of sorts. The crowd started chanting for him and the six stared each other down to close the show.



Final word

That show didn’t feel like a go home show until the very last minute. It’s weird when there are three matches on a show and only one of them finishes properly. No real complaints though, the show was good tonight. Nice to see some women’s division action starting to stir as well.

As expected, it was all about NXT TakeOver New Orleans. This is how the final card looks.

– Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas (C) vs Aleister Black – NXT Championship match

– Ember Moon (C) vs Shayna Baszler – NXT Women’s Championship match

– Undisputed ERA (Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole) (C) vs Authors of Pain vs Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong – NXT Tag Team Championship match

– EC3 vs Ricochet vs Lars Sullivan vs Velveteen Dream vs Killian Dain vs Adam Cole – Ladder Match for the new North American Championship

– Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa – Unsanctioned match – If Gargano wins he gets his job back, if he loses he never returns to NXT

Check back here on Rear View Reviews tomorrow for a full preview of NXT TakeOver New Orleans.

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