NXT Notes April 03, 2019

NXT Notes April 03, 2019

There are three announced matches for tonight’s NXT TakeOver: New York go home show. Bianca Belair faces Kairi Sane. Forgotten Sons Jaxson Ryker takes on Oney Lorcan. And War Raiders have what sounds very much like a squash match. I think it’s safe to assume there will be shenanigans of some type somewhere along the way.


War Raiders def ‘local competitors’

War Raiders def Cezar Bononi & Adrian Jaoude

Jaxson Ryker def. Oney Lorcan

Bianca Belair vs Kairi Sane ended in No Contest


War Raiders vs Local Competitors

Seriously, the opponents didn’t even get a namecheck in the results on the website and they couldn’t have picked much smaller ‘enhancement talent’ than they got for this match. Match should go in inverted commas really, it implies that this was something other than a minute or so of War Raiders running through a fraction of their repertoire, and it really wasn’t.

War Raiders and jobbers
Credits: wwe.com

Once the display was over, Rowe said General Manager William Regal had allowed them to deliver a message to their NXT TakeOver opponents. Hanson said you don’t have to listen, you can just watch and called for the next team.

War Raiders vs Adrian Jaoude & Cezar Bononi

This should have been much more like it. Jaoude and Bononi are legitimately good. Except, they didn’t get chance to do anything at all. They were dealt with and double team dispatched in around the same time as the jobbers.

Rowe, Hanson, Jaoude, and Bononi

Hype package number one was for Pete Dunne versus WALTER. Dunne has had the title since May 2017. It’ll be a decent match, but it does feel a little out of place on this card, simply because what little build there has been for it hasn’t been on NXT, it’s all been on NXT UK.

Aliyah and Vanessa Borne interrupted Candice LeRae’s interview while she was talking about dreaming of having an NXT title match. They were condescending about her chances of becoming NXT Women’s Champion and Aliyah called her a failure, like her husband. LeRae said they know a lot about failure. She’s going to earn her title shot and she’s going to start by knocking Aliyah on her ass.

I like that, it’s a good sign that the rest of the women’s division might start to get some time.

Oney Lorcan vs Jaxson Ryker

This was what commentary like to refer to as hard-hitting. Nothing overly fancy, just power and big strikes, and lots of it. No stakes other than a battle for relevance within an overstuffed locker room. Decent, but there isn’t much to be said about it. Jaxson Ryker got the win on this occasion.

Oney Lorcan and Jaxson Ryker

Hype package two was for Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole. I keep forgetting it’s 2 out of 3 falls. Good package considering how little build they’ve been able to do for it.

The final hype package of the night was for Velveteen Dream versus Matt Riddle. That’s going to be so much fun.

After a recap of Dijakovic and Keith Lee’s match ending in a double count-out, and Dijakovic crashing in at the performance centre, Lee was asked when viewers could expect a rematch. He said chaos occurred and they got bumped from the event, but he is an event. He gets they’re not the chosen ones, so he made sure he was first in line at Mr Regal’s office. The match is happening in two weeks. He’s going to make sure that Dominik Dijakovic basks in his glory.

Next week’s matches (which will be filmed in front of the NXT TakeOver: New York crowd) are Street Profits versus Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel, and Candice LeRae vs Aliyah.

Kairi Sane vs Bianca Belair

This was great. Bianca Belair is truly impressive and Kairi Sane is a perpetual motion machine in the ring.

Sane took the first real advantage of the match after kicking Belair out of the ring and landing an elbow on her. The pin, after rolling her back into the ring, was unsuccessful, as was the submission attempt. Belair powered out and quickly took control.

For two wrestlers with wildly different skillsets, Belair and Sane are very evenly matched. Every time one of them built some momentum, the other quickly turned the tables.

Kairi Sane was in control when she went to the top turnbuckle for the InSane Elbow. Belair caught her up there and delivered a superplex, but stayed sat on the turnbuckle so she didn’t take the bump herself. Somehow, it only got her a two count.

Belair followed up and had dropped Kairi Sane to the mat face first when Shayna Baszler attacked her from behind. After Baszler put Belair down with a knee to the face, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir grabbed Kairi Sane. Io Shirai ran down to help her friend and fought off everyone.

Belair joined in by trying to fight Baszler, officials were trying to pull everyone apart, then the entire women’s locker room ran down (they say that, but there were some missing and there were still a lot of women there). The locker room dragged Baszler and friends out of the ring. Bianca Belair threw Lacey Lane onto everyone and scattered them, then Io Shirai smacked Baszler in the face and moonsaulted from the top turnbuckle into the crowd.

Io Shirai held the title belt over her head to finish the show.

Io Shirai moonsaults onto the locker room
Credits: wwe.com

Final word

So, that’s the final build for NXT TakeOver: New York done and dusted. TakeOver is never a letdown and, while this card feels a little more thrown together than usual, it’s still going to deliver. Look out for the full show preview and review right here on Rear View Reviews. Also, look out for Arnold Furious’ many upcoming reviews as he attempts to review everything WrestleMania week has to offer.

One final reminder:  NXT TakeOver: New York is on Friday, not Saturday.

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