MOTYC: Timothy Thatcher vs. Daniel Makabe review (7.28.17)

MOTYC: Timothy Thatcher vs. Daniel Makabe review (7.28.17)

Match Review: Timothy Thatcher vs. Daniel Makabe (July 28 2017)



We recorded a match of the year podcast recently on RVR and Aqeel Khalid name dropped this contest from 3-2-1 Battle. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, neither had I. The basics are as follows; it’s a goofy fun promotion but they booked Tim Thatcher and he came in to kill poor Daniel Makabe.


Timothy Thatcher vs. Daniel Makabe


Tim orders the lifeguard out of the ring because he wants a real referee. I love this tiny dirty venue. It’s a slum. I’m pretty sure it’s a bar and not a big one at that. The idea behind the booking is that Makabe is from this goofy fucking Indie company and isn’t on Thatcher’s level so he has to try every trick in the book to even get parity. Tim looks so pissed off to be in there. Thatcher dismantles him but Makabe constantly finds ways out of holds and refuses to be broken. Thatcher gets more and more angry with the whole situation and starts slapping Makabe and going for armbars because he wants to kill this kid and get out of here but Makabe will not give up! He’s constantly slipping out of holds and standing up to the abuse. Some of Thatcher’s work in this looks so legitimate. It feels shootish. The only major issue is that Makabe is significantly smaller and less muscular. It feels like a mismatch but that is also a major strength as Thatcher just beats him up. There’s no quit in Dan Makabe! Thatcher does sensational facial work during the match. His looks ranging from disgust to incredulity.


I love Makabe countering his way out of an armbar into one of his own. It’s so beautifully done. Just when you think Makabe has no shot and is destined to tap he slips out of the Fujiwara armbar and gets the tap out with the Makabelock! This was so great. I’m glad it’s up on YouTube so everyone can get a lesson in how you do dominant bully technician versus plucky underdog babyface. When Thatcher talks about the mat being sacred and giving his scarf to Makabe I get genuine fucking goosebumps. I have never seen Makabe before but this put him over huge with me.

Final Rating: ****1/2




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