Wrap Up Party (4.6.19) review Wrap Up Party (4.6.19) review Wrap Up Party


April 6 2019


I intended to do this live but it overlapped with Orange Cassidy so I didn’t. Also I wanted to watch Bloodsport. So it got bumped from it’s time slot and now is here on Sunday afternoon where Stardom should be, which I’ve bumped because apparently the big match lost signal and there’s no finish. I didn’t even realise the Wrap Up Party is a Kaiju show. I’ve watched some of the first Kaiju show and it’s fun but damn this show is 2h20m and I did not expect that.


Honey Nut & Pig Bear vs. Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle & Silver Potato


Honey Nut is at a huge disadvantage because his tag team partner is a stuffed animal. Whereas both silver Potato and Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle are both absolute badasses.

Pig Bear, despite being an inanimate object, still manages to rake the eyes of Chicken Noodle, “or approximately where the eyes would be on a can of soup”. This has some pretty insane dives in it. The Bodega Boys, the potato and the can of soup, come out with the win.

Final Rating: ***


Hot Cop vs. Burger Bear

Hot Cop turned up yesterday and he’s here to dish out some police brutality so here comes Burger Bear!


He resists arrest and KO’s the cop for the win.

Final Rating: NR (I’m not rating it because it’s too short not because it was a police officer battling a sandwich/bear mutant)


Gomi-Man & Mizuki Watase vs. Dusto Bunny & Pheyden

This is the first arrival of a DDT wrestler with Watase just inserting himself as Gomi-Man’s tag partner. Dusto is looking well considering he had his soul sucked out earlier in the week, got crucified and then resurrected. Gomi-Man looked devastating last time out, due to the sheer length of his neck. Dusto takes him out with relative ease here. Mainly due to Watase’s relative weakness as a human being rather than a kaiju.

Final Rating: **1/2



Dr Cube looks a little different here. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. He appears to be significantly shorter. And less doctorly.


Aramis & Super Minion 13 vs. Sanshiro Takagi & Konosuke Takeshita

This is an “anywhere” match. The ring cannot contain them. Imagine walking past this venue and seeing this happening.

Sadly none of this makes tape because the camera can’t make it out of the venue. They brawl back inside and the DDT guys win with a pair of Stunners. I’m sad most of this was outside so it didn’t make tape. Hopefully it’ll show up somewhere.




Kaiju Double Danger Tandem Championship

Los Plantanos (c) vs. Ice Ice Kinder & The Manga King

Manga King has one giant hand. Kinder, pictured dancing above, is the sea slug from the Sea World Order.


Los Plantanos won the tag belts a few days ago. The Manga King is a total dick. He tags Kinder in by chopping him across the face WITH HIS GIANT HAND. Ice Ice Kinder has the benefit of a freeze ray so he freezes Paco in mid superkick! Kinder tries to freeze both tag champs but accidentally freezes his partner in a classic heel miscue. Plantanos naturally retain and are also one of your five a day.

Final Rating: ***


Blanco Loco & Sunbuster vs. Tucor & Su Yung

This is a mixed tag with kaiju tagging with a luchadore and a women’s wrestler. I guess Sunbuster is like a superhero. Does anyone actually read these? I feel like I’m talking into the proverbial void.


Fair play to Su and Blanco trying to take this seriously and stay in character. Hot Cop takes exception to Su’s antics and comes out to arrest her.

Everyone seems really happy about killing a cop. I also find Sunbuster pausing the heels and punching an unprotected woman to be a bit of a dick move for a babyface. Well, maybe not Steve Austin. Fuck you Sunbuster. Cheating to win is not cool man. The heels are both deceased and need Pikachu to electric shock them back to life. Then everyone does the floss.

Final Rating: *1/2


Promo Time: Dr Cube

He’s all freaked out because there’s a bigger, badder guy in Kaiju than him; Unicorn Party Black W (or something, I don’t know man).


Dr Cube & Hell Monkey vs. American Beetle & Power Ranjuru


It’s weird seeing Dr Cube actually wrestle. I suspect it’s a stunt double as he’s not quite as statuesque as usual. American Beetle is in good form though. Cube is forced to send his minions out here to even the score. American Beetle hits a lot of patriotic American moves like the American Uppercut and the Cannonball…American Style.  The added devastation of his shell coming into play. Speaking of which, I don’t feel like he can be pinned because he has no shoulders.


Dr Cube’s head comes off! He’s horribly disfigured underneath! American Superman Punch! American tag!


Hell Monkey taps out. Evil is vanquished. Happy endings all round. It’s like Carat and WrestleMania rolled into one.

Final Rating: ***


Post Match: the faces clear everyone out but Hot Cop comes out here and busts Power Ranjuru. I’m not sure why. We close with Billy telling us the next Kaiju show is in London in conjunction with PROGRESS. I will be there! Live Kaiju Big Battel. What a time to be alive.



I’ve enjoyed these Kaiju shows this weekend way more than ever before. This is probably my favourite KBB show and if they’d actually got the “Anywhere” match on tape it would easily be my favourite KBB show. It’s not conventional wrestling at all but it’s fun for what it is and I enjoy it. I’ll be at the London show, which speaks volumes. I was excited to get a ticket to it.

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