MLW Fusion 49 (3.17.19) review

MLW Fusion 49 (3.17.19) review

MLW Fusion 49


I had written MLW off but I heard this was very exciting so here we go again.


Video Control kicks us off with Contra picking Ace Romero apart with a railroad spike last week.



El Hijo del LA Park vs. Puma King


We kick off with a clip of Mance Warner spilling beer on Salina de la Renta last week, which leads to a poorly executed brawl. You’d think that would lead to de la Renta’s charge (EHDLP) but instead he’s wrestling the actual LA Park next week. Mance mumbles his way through comms here. This match is extremely lucha but Jim Cornette does an excellent job of explaining the lucha style and how come it looks so strange. Albeit ignoring the shittier stuff.


Like Puma King forgetting to do a backbreaker and having to re-do the spot. If the match leaned on the better stuff; specifically dives and chair spots, it would be fine but they do a lot of convoluted sequences. Then instead of a pin when El Hijo del LA Park has the match won he bails to argue with Warner who knocks him out and Puma King pins him. This hit a load of logic bumps and just ignored them. Way too often both guys hesitated and the big spots in the match made no sense whatsoever. When lucha is done badly it stinks.

Final Rating: *


Video Control gives us MJF & Richard Holliday mocking Teddy Hart’s awful promos and Davey Boy Smith Jr having no personality. Tom Lawlor gets mad at Contra.


Contra Unit (Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael) vs. Ham & Eggers

Contra Unit seem to be the focal point of MLW of a sudden. Josef stabs one of the jobbers with a spike and gets the DQ after a few seconds. They demolish the jobbers after the decision has been rendered and Fatu nearly kills the one guy with a moonsault and Samael gives the other one a fireball to the face.


The fucking heat they get is insane. People are throwing cans and shit into the ring. Holy fuck.

Final Rating: NR (railroad spike)



LA Park threatens to win Battle Riot, which he can’t pronounce. You’d think after working in North American promotions since the late 90s he’d be able to speak English but hey, Sergio Aguero has played non-stop in the English league and he can’t speak English either.


MLW Tag Team Championship

Hart Foundation (c) vs. MJF & Richard Holliday

MJF’s promo pre-match is another fiery moment where he runs down the Spanish speaking locals.


MJF addresses Stu Hart, in hell, before rounding on Teddy Hart for being an idiot. There’s so much heat on this show. I’m amazed Jim Cornette can maintain professionalism on commentary, continuing to praise the faces when dealt with Teddy Hart. Say what you like about Cornette’s online takes, which are archaic at times, but that motherfucker can commentate. There’s a lot of dumb Ted Hart stuff in here. He tends to alternate between nailing the crazy spots and popping me big time and doing dumb stuff that looks terrible. Sometimes in the same match. Sometimes in the same sequence. Somehow Cornette continues to get the story across. He has a remarkable capacity to ignore the shit and focus on the storyline, which is ideal in a company that usually has killer angles but doesn’t deliver in the ring. The focal point here is MJF being a jerk and working over Teddy’s injured ribs. Someone lit a fire under Davey Boy here and he’s the ‘hot tag’. Being a babyface suits him. Hammerstone runs in for the DQ with the Harts looking to retain.

Final Rating: **1/2



MLW has lost so much talent recently and have had to fall back on their storytelling and my word are they delivering in that respect. They’re giving guys like MJF time to talk and in Contra Unit have a group that are getting incredible heat out of nowhere. They may have to rebuild every couple of months but MLW, who I had written off last month, keep finding ways to recover and keep me entertained. Like a cornered animal they’ve fighting for their lives and these MLW boys are not going to fade away. No sir!









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