MLW Fusion 38 review (1.5.19)

MLW Fusion 38 review (1.5.19)

MLW Fusion 38


January 5 2019


Fusion is a show I enjoyed in bits and pieces during 2018 but it’s a new year so I thought I’d scope out their TV a bit. Why not? They’ve been doing enough exciting things to get eyes on them.


Gringo Loco vs. LA Park


Sure LA Park is fat and old but he’s still brilliant. He’s heel here and manipulates poor simple minded Gringo Loco by hugging him before punching him in the eye. Why would you trust LA Park? He wasn’t even trustworthy as a babyface! He’d probably throw a chair at you for shits and giggles. This whole match is LA Park just fucking around. He’s reached the stage of over where he doesn’t have to hit any moves. He barely leaves his feet but he does the strut and gets a massive pop. I’m not sure why Park needs a valet but he has one; Salina de la Renta.


She’s a model as well as being a wrestler but she’s not an in-ring talent for MLW. Gringo Loco gets himself over by being the one doing all the wacky spots, including a dive off the entrance. The match is going well until a horrible ref bump, which leads to nothing and then Park hits a spear for the win. The suggestion is that the ref counted a bit quick after Gringo Loco splashed him. Somewhat mad at taking a bump. It’s all very weird and takes the shine off a promising contest.

Final Rating: ***


Video Control takes us backstage where Koto Brazil is interviewed about being assaulted by Ricky Martinez in a club.


“Koto don’t play that…I’m coming for yo ass”. It’s a hokey angle but I do miss these shenanigans in pro wrestling.


MLW have issued fines after Low Ki attacked Konnan last week. He has a “punctured liver…maybe kidney”. Maybe lung, who knows what’s in there right? He stabbed me in an organ of some kind. Anyway, Low Ki completely no sells it and talks about Tom Lawlor who’s next in line for a title shot at Ki’s strap. “I’m gonna tear your heart out in front of your children!”


Fred Yehi is back soon from excursion in Germany. We also gets clips of Simon Gotch calling out an open challenge and it being met by Acey Baby! Tommy Dreamer then cuts a promo reminding us of the 1993 caning in Singapore. It’s really good.


Teddy Hart vs. Pentagon Jr



Brian Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr are in Teddy’s corner. That’s the new Hart Foundation. Pillman Jr reminds me so much of his old man, it’s frightening. Teddy has always been a lunatic, throwing caution to the wind but his bigger issues have stemmed from attitude rather than skill. If you can ignore his problems outside of the ring then he’s an ideal guy to have around. I like how MLW has this ragtag collection of guys who’ve burned bridges and don’t give a fuck. Penta is all fired up at having to take on three guys. At one point so angry at DBS Jr that he gets punched in the face by Teddy, who he’s ignoring so he can call Davey a “puta madre”. Then they do a Canadian Destroyer on the apron because why the fuck not? If there’s one thing I expect from Teddy it’s a bunch of crazy highspots with no logic behind any of it and they deliver that in spades here. It’s such a weird, disjointed ‘nobody gives a fuck, here’s another Canadian Destroyer AAAAAAHHH’ kind of match up. Almost every spot in the match is a false finish. There are so many high spots. It’s exhausting. There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it. It’s like watching two kids spamming finishers on a game. Teddy wins via spot #359 of the match and it actually went down clean despite him being heel and having two guys at ringside. Super fun but dumb as shit.

Final Rating: ***1/2



I love MLW. It feels like the wild west of major promotions. Anything could happen. Nobody seems to care about logic. It’s absolute carnage.



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