Michinoku Pro Wrestling review (6.15.18)

Michinoku Pro Wrestling review (6.15.18)

Michinoku Pro Wrestling Michinoku 2018 Tokyo Vol 3 Kikikaiai


June 15 2018


We’re in Toyko, Japan at Korakuen Hall. I’ve not seen a Michi Pro show in a couple of years (urp, try FOUR). Basically Great Sasuke went nuts and the whole promotion has been booked around his weirdness. While that produced some…interesting results at first it quickly drove me away. So I’m back to take a gander at Michi Pro for the first time since June 2014. Looking back on that show I’m stunned to note that Bad Boy (Ken 45 and pals) are still wrestling against Kenbai, Rasse and Taro Nohashi.


The biggest change in the landscape is that Sasuke has had a falling out with the Brahman Brothers so now the main event is Sasuke & friends vs. Braham Bros & friends.


Towa Iwasaki & Shoki Kitamura vs. Koji Kawamura & Yasutaka Osera

Kawamura is 24 and has just over a year of experience. He’s the elder statesman in this match. This is your typical black trunks rookie match, except one guy who wears blue. I don’t know who’s who and attempting to research it has drawn a blank.


I’m assuming blue trunks is Kawamura. This isn’t the same as watching New Japan rookies who have a lot to live up to. Instead it’s a match between four inexperienced wrestlers doing inexperienced things. They do tell a good story of Kawamura taking Kitamura too lightly and then he gets beaten with a half crab.


*Looks at results*


It seems Kawamura’s team won so I don’t know who blue trunks was. Iwasaki?

[NOTE: It took a while but I found out it was Kitamura wearing blue, for whatever reason. So the story is less good]

Final Rating: *1/4


Hiroe Nagahama vs. Yapper Man 3

Yapper Man 3 is Misaki Ohata who you might know from WAVE, SEAdLINNNG or Ice Ribbon (she works most of the joshi promotions). Nagahama works for a lot of promotions too (a theme of joshi) but amazingly I’ve never seen her wrestle before. She looks a little uncomfortable, like she’s not grown into her body yet. She’s better off on the mat where her work has greater fluidity.


The match is pretty clipped up but it looks decent. The striking is effective. Yapper 3 takes it with a fisherman buster.

Final Rating: **


Ultimo Dragon, Jinsei Shinzaki & Dick Togo vs. GAINA, Hayate & Kesen Numajiro

The one team is very easy to identify. The other? Not so much. I know I’ve seen GAINA before and I’m pretty sure Hayate is a masked man so that leaves a weirdly attired Numajiro. I miss when Cagematch had photos attached to the wrestler profile. That made life a lot easier. Anyway, GAINA is the big dude with green hair (think Shigehiro Irie’s brother). Hayate is a masked junior. Numajiro is a comedy guy. Dick Togo used to be one of the best wrestlers in the world. Since returning from retirement he’s been considerably down on my list of favourites. Although he’s perfectly fit and I’m happy to see him he’s not the same. He is pushing 50 though so it’s to be expected. I’m surprised his retirement stuck for four years.


Numajiro is the butt of a lot of jokes in this one, usually resulting in him being routinely outwrestled. The trio create an interesting dynamic through their variety of strengths though. The power guy, the flier and the comedian.

However Numajiro gets left alone with Shinzaki and his inability to land any offence comes back to haunt him. He’s easily beaten after a series of ‘hip attacks’.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Bad Boy (Ken 45, Kengo & Manjimaru), Ayumu Gunji & Rui Hiugaji vs. Kenbai, Rasse, Taro Nohashi, Yapper Man 1 & 2


Ok, so on this picture the team on the left is Ken 45 (mohawk), Manjimaru (head shaved at sides), Kengo with the blonde hair, Hiugaji front and centre and fat lad Gunji sticking his tongue out. At the back on the other team are the Yapper Men (Senga & Oosugi) alongside Nohashi and his hat. Kenbai and Rasse make up the numbers.



The Yappers make the savvy decision to have the wigs sewn onto the masks so they stay in place. It’s a cunning approach. There isn’t an abundance of talent in this one. Everyone is fine at pro-wrestling but there are no major stand-outs. Kenbai & Rasse’s lucha stuff is a highlight. I like Taro Nohashi too. He’s a no nonsense stocky badass.


Seeing Gunji wrestle in 2018 is an eye-opener. He used to carry a spare tire around but he’s downright slim now. Hiugaji takes this with a Savage Elbow and reveals that his entrance music is the same as Ringkampf. A disgrace I’m sure you’ll agree.

Final Rating: ***


Two Out of Three Falls

Great Sasuke, Ryuichi Sekine, Gorgeous Matsuno & Mini Master vs. Brahman Brothers, Abdullah Kobayashi & Ultraman Robin

This has to deliver to make this a ‘one match show’. If it fails this is basically a middling nothing card. The storyline is certainly here. Sasuke vs. Brahmans and the assortment of oddballs they’ve recruited to fight this battle. None of the guests are world class workers but they’re all fun.


They have all sorts happening pre-match. A comedian. A singer. Then both Sasuke and the Brahman Brothers arrive. Ultraman Robin and Mini Master were the only ones announced. Sekine & Matsuno do a dance routine and Matsuno is so uncoordinated.


It beggars belief that he’s actually a pro wrestler. Then Abby shows up.


Sasuke wraps up the first fall on Ultraman Robin in twenty seconds.

Kobayashi has an unfair advantage here as he’s made of GOLD and cannot be harmed. As he’s a precious metal he needs to be eroded over a period of time lads. You’re not going to knock him out. Master Sasuke tries to use his magic to defeat Abby but Abby just catches his magic attacks and eats them.


What follows is a test of (mental) strength and a headlock of the mind because Abby is mentally strong as well as physically strong.

They go from this to fighting over a bucket of water through the crowd. The terror of people is wonderful. The raincoats. The umbrellas. Don’t you know it’s bad luck to open them indoors? The Brahmen isolate Matsuno, throw water in his face and pin him to level the falls at 1-1.


Then we get a weird sequence with a second Ultraman Robin, who is unmasked and driven face first into the original Ultraman Robin’s fully exposed sphincter.

Then a midget spits ink into one of the Brahman’s face and tries to sex pin him. Wrestling! Robin ends up unmasked but gets revenge by pinning Mini Master and ending the match. Thus allowing them to unmask Mini Master, revealing him to be Pretty Ota. Your mileage on this whole thing may vary but I had a nice time.

Final Rating: ***1/2



Michinoku Pro is an acquired taste. What attracts me to the modern version of this promotion is very much the antics of Great Sasuke and the Brahman Brothers. But that’s also what turns me off as it all gets a bit weird. So while I kinda enjoyed this I’m not likely to be back anytime soon as MPW don’t put out big quality and a lot of other promotions do. You’re not going to get a MOTYC from Michi Pro. It’s not happening. But if you’re in the mood for a switch of pace there are worse options.


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