Match Review: Toni Storm vs. Wesna (GWF 4.5.18)

Match Review: Toni Storm vs. Wesna (GWF 4.5.18)

Match Review: Toni Storm vs. Wesna


May 4 2018


We’re in Berlin, Germany. This match is taken from GWF’s Women’s Wrestling Revolution 8 show. GWF is sneakily building a solid reputation for putting on women’s shows and they drew 130 to Huxley’s Neue Welt for this show. Bit of a contrast to EVE running York Hall but EVE themselves tend to draw something in that ball park for a normal show. This match is available on Progress On Demand with commentary from Dave Bradshaw.


Progress Women’s Championship

Toni Storm (c) vs. Wesna

This is the first defence of this title in Germany. They rather gave away the outcome by having Toni also billed as defending the title at Super Strong Style 16 later the same weekend. Toni vs. Wesna at Femmes Fatales last year was a killer match, cracking ****.


Wesna, as always, cuts an intimidating figure. Toni knows what she’s getting into this time though. She immediately slows the pace and takes it to the mat, a huge contrast to the fiery beginning of their wXw bout.


Toni’s technique is excellent here. She wrestles around Wesna’s power, not getting suckered into tests of strength.

Toni still has the odd little issue in her game and watch her pacing across the ring before this dive. Too many staggered steps, not the confidence I’d expect from her. Although she is only 22 years old. If she can improve her foot work she’ll be an all-timer. She’s got the look and the personality and most of her in-ring is very strong.


In a contrast to the wXw match they keep it mostly in the ring and it’s a tale of Toni overcoming a powerful opponent via skill. Wesna makes a point of targeting the arm, which is fine and shows off her viciousness. Storm doing fine work in selling it so she can’t do Irish whips. It also stops her jacking the bigger Wesna up into the Strong Zero. Wesna’s focus is admirable and the arm story is strong.


There are a few noticeable timing issues that prevent this matching, or surpassing, the wXw match.


Once they’re into moves or sequences it’s nicely fluid but the set up is sometimes awkward. Like the counter from a piledriver into a piledriver on the apron, which makes no sense. I do appreciate the story they tell, with Wesna continually going back to the arm even after a power spot. I’m not totally into Toni hitting a German suplex with that bad arm but her quickness getting from that into the Strong Zero to finish was very good. Another cracker between these two. This had more obvious timing issues but the big spots and the planning worked.

Final Rating: ***3/4







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