Match Review: Shawn Phoenix vs. Sean Reznikk Buried Alive! (1.8.18)

Match Review: Shawn Phoenix vs. Sean Reznikk Buried Alive! (1.8.18)


Jan 8 2018


We’re in Benwood, West Virginia at Black Diamond Wrestling’s Battle To The Grave show. This match is the main event from that show and it is a Buried Alive contest. I have no idea how they’re going to do that on the Indies so I’m here to find out how it went down. Take me away, West Virginia.



Buried Alive Match
Shawn Phoenix vs. Sean Reznikk

First off; this is a FanCam, which takes me back to the days of old ECW and WWF house show FanCam tapes. Their approach to the Buried Alive stip is to have a graveyard incorporated into the building, which is way over on the right from our POV. Shawn is a 26 year old Jeff Hardy wannabe. He even rides Motocross. He’s been working a couple of years around Tennessee and Ohio and so forth. Sean is older, in his mid 30s, with much more experience. He wears a boiler suit and looks like a hillbilly. He’s billed at 288lbs but I can believe him being older. He plays the bully role well, putting a beating on the rainbow hair babyface. The best part of the match is hearing the running commentary of a couple of kids from Virginia debating what’s going to happen next and pointing out why stuff hurts. I love it when I get my psychology broken down by pre-teens. It reminds me how basic this fucking gig is, and how so many people overthink it. Myself included. A lot of the match doesn’t make any sense and at one point they throw in a load of leg work. But hey, curb stomp!

Some of their in-ring stuff isn’t bad. Shawn pops off a great DDT counter to avoid another power move decimation. It’s a little incredulous that he takes such a fucking trashing and then mounts a comeback without any ill effects.

Why do we need a ref anyway? It’s a Buried Alive match! A second ref gets bumped. The kids are complaining about the referees “still sleeping”.


I love the guy shouting “come on Shawn/Sean”. They’re both called Shawn/Sean! A third referee shows up and the crowd get particularly excited that BDW have three refs. They had to go and buy another shirt and everything. A “Shawn” chant breaks out and I’m howling with laughter. They’re both called Shawn! As the match comes to an exciting conclusion they head over to the graveyard and I can’t see anything. A blurry figure of Jeff Hardy shovels dirt and the Sean spelling of Shawn is dead forever. Take that Connery. Obviously the match was a classic, in every sense of the word. The drama, the originality, the three referees. It’ll take something special to unseat this as the best match I see from the West Virginia indies this year.

Final Rating: **3/4





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