Match Review: Reika Saiki vs. Miyu Yamashita (1.4.18)

Match Review: Reika Saiki vs. Miyu Yamashita (1.4.18)

Match Review: Reika Saiki vs. Miyu Yamashita


January 4 2018


We’re in Tokyo, Japan at Korakuen Hall. I reviewed a Tokyo Joshi Pro show from Osaka this month and was told I’d blatantly reviewed the wrong show as the other one, from the week before, had a banging title change as the main event. I don’t have time to do the whole show so here comes a review of that one match. Plus this picture of Saki Akai dressed as a witch. Enjoy!




TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship

Reika Saiki (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita

Reika has held this belt since August, defeating Yuka Sakazaki. It’s a relatively new belt and Yamashita is aiming to become the first ever two-time champion. She was the first champion back in 2016.


How do they hype us up for this? The challenger standing under a waterfall, freezing her tits off, praying to jebus for a fair shake at the title stick.


So these two ladies are ready to battle it out. Saiki is a kickboxer so they both throw a lot of early kicks, which is cool as it shows parity. Saiki may be the more professional kicker but Yamashita has size on her side. Karate fighter Yamashita is a full six inches taller. She’s immediately shorter when she accidentally kicks the ring post. That’s a full on Peter Griffin sore leg right there. Saiki smells blood and goes after the leg like a wrestling shark. A shark that does leglocks. Yamashita’s selling is wildly inconsistent and the temptation of doing a leg match is to do spots and then sell afterwards. That’s how she plays it, often running full pelt across the ring. It’s a disappointment after the initial selling was so good. But hey, world famous wrestlers do the same. It is frustrating that she decides to do a bunch of kicks too. I’ve only seen her in one other match and her selling in that was frustrating too. If we throw away the selling and just enjoy two women kicking the bejesus out of each other this is a fun match. Saiki tries to call back to it but she kicks the wrong leg. Oh well. They certainly work hard, although I don’t appreciate them stopping at one point to have a full blown conversation. If only they could trim the fat off this match and just leave the intensity and violence. At its best this match is fucking incredible. Rage personified. Yamashita knees Saiki right in the face to get the pin. This match was loaded with high impact stuff. I just wish I could overlook the selling in the early doors going off the rails. I’ve deliberated rated it high because when it’s good this match is a banger.


Final Rating: ***3/4






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