Match Review: LA Park vs. Rey Fenix (The Crash: 4.14.18)



We’re in Tijuana, Mexico. I keep a tally of matches that I watch over the course of the year and I was on #999. So I threw out the question; what should be my 1000th match of 2018? I had some truly horrific suggestions from Ian Hamilton but ended up plumping for this bad boy courtesy of Aqeel Khalid.


Rey Fenix vs. LA Park

This is the main event of the Crash’s show from mid April. It’s their first show after WrestleCon in NOLA. LA Park’s first move of the match is this:

LA Park is a 52 year old wrestler, who used to be a regular in WCW. Seeing as he was always somewhat limited and basically just threw chairs at people, hit them with his weightlifting belt and did chops he’s still got it. Park’s tactic in this match is to throw anything at Fenix that isn’t nailed down. I feel bad for Rey because literally anyone could have this match with Park.

When Rey mounts his comeback it becomes apparent why he’s in the match. High risk combined with well timed strikes. It’s what Rey does best. And LA Park’s bumps. Holy shit they’re great. Remember this guy is 52 years old.

Park takes another insane bump about five rows deep, which you can’t even see due to the large number of fans. At least one fan injury occurs during this.

Ahhhh!!! This match is so great.


Even the transitions in this are crazy because Fenix flips out of everything and Park uses sickening chops to get back in charge. The only issue it has is the length. It runs too long and Park gets fatigued. Fenix covers for it by selling so much but the spaces between spots become very pronounced. They pay for that madcap start. Fenix can keep up the crazy pace and I appreciate him littering the second half with wacky springboards and handspring spots. Park ends up bumping the ref so he can hit a Tombstone, which is completely no sold. I don’t get the point of that at all. It served no purpose. Park then bumps the ref again and he looks so gassed by this point. Fenix ends up submitting and this had no business going over 20 minutes when they had a brilliant 15 minute match and then a bunch of shit tagged on the end of it.

Final Rating: ***3/4



The first 15 minutes are MOTYC territory. I was ready to go ****1/2 on it without hesitation. Then the wheels fell off a brilliant match and the last five minutes are frankly dreadful. A prime example of how a match can go wrong when you get overindulgent. However I still strongly recommend you watch it, just for the start. It’s a belter for 15. It’s on YouTube.


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