Match Review: Keith Lee vs. Justin Sysum (1.27.18)

Match Review: Keith Lee vs. Justin Sysum (1.27.18)

Match Review: Keith Lee vs. Justin Sysum


January 27 2018


From 3CW’s Hysteria show. About 1h20m into the show, which is available on Highspots.


Keith Lee vs. Justin “Hammer” Sysum

Sysum should be a bigger deal than he is. He had a cracking match with Matt Riddle in 3CW last year and would have been around more if he’d not been Hawkeye in the Marvel live show across Europe. Now he’s got another opportunity to kill it opposite “Limitless” Keith Lee.


Sysum is a pretty big guy with good muscular build. Keith is much bigger and more terrifying. His sheer size is bad enough but he can do leapfrogs over a six footer. Hammer can’t knock Keith over and can’t stay with him on the International so he tries strikes and gets creamed. Someone tries to heckle Keith and his response is hurling Sysum clear across the ring. That is terrifying power. Hammer finally gets some movement by continually going back to the elbows, although Keith pretty much slays him right after that. That’s the story of the match. Hammer trying everything that would normally give him success and Keith shutting it down.


Lee is do dominant that Hammer leaves but it’s a ruse and he hits a spear from the floor into the ring and the 450 Splash almost gets it done. When Lee kicks out Hammer is back to being fucked. Lee crushes him, even though Justin still has fight left it’s minimal. Even when Hammer unloads with everything he’s got Keith is able to absorb it all. I like how Hammer won’t take no for an answer and keeps battling away, trying to open up a chink in Lee’s armour. It’s quite the performance.

Then there’s this. Holy SHIT that bump!! Somehow that’s not the finish and somehow Sysum manages to hit a powerbomb on Keith right after that. These two are ridiculous. I love the change from Keith from dominant beast to being unsure of what he needs to do to put Hammer away. Sysum hits the Hammer of the Gods spinning forearm and Keith barely gets into the ropes. There’s no kick-out, there’s not enough energy there for one. Not satisfied with that Hammer rides his way into Rolling Germans! Rolling Germans!! On Keith Lee! This is exhausting to watch. Hammer has spent the whole match getting beaten up but coming back for more and he’s now got the upper hand, logically, by wearing Lee down. It’s almost a rope-a-dope. The suplexes are insane. Hammer goes for Hammer of the Gods again, knowing he can get the pin with it, and he’s countered right into Ground Zero. Holy fuck this was great.

Final Rating: ****1/2




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