Match Review: Joey Janela vs. Nick Gage (2.24.18)

Match Review: Joey Janela vs. Nick Gage (2.24.18)

Match Review: Nick Gage vs. Joey Janela


February 24 2018


We’re in Enfield, Connecticut for Beyond Wrestling’s “I Want It All”.


Nick Gage vs. Joey Janela

I don’t remember the last time I saw Nick Gage wrestle.


It was definitely before he went to jail for robbing a bank. How many wrestlers do you know who’ve done time for bank robbery? He did five years. At the time he was arrested he was homeless and addicted to painkillers. What this story has done has given Gage some real legitimacy. He was already a tough guy, having bled for CZW for a decade. Janela was just coming through when Gage went to prison. Janela comes into this showing no fear, bringing it to Gage and hitting a big early tope. Nick Gage might not be what you’d call traditionally good but he doesn’t give a fuck. Everything he does is all about how Nick Gages doesn’t give a fuck. He’ll do a senton to the floor because he doesn’t give a fuck. He’ll throw a bunch of chairs in the ring because he doesn’t give a fuck. He’ll take a suplex on the floor because he doesn’t give a fuck. It’s amazing how many chairs they find to use in this match when it’s an all-standing show. Both these guys do a lot of chair-stuff. Joey did a spot on a recent show where he threw a chair into the ring over his shoulder and it landed set up. He is one with the chair.


There’s a lot of slams on chairs. Some of them set up. It looks very painful. The worst spot, from a pain perspective is a powerslam onto two set up chairs. It’s a logistical mess and a horror show for Nick Gage’s spinal column. Then Joey double stomps him face first through a table. I like how it’s a big important spot that massively changes the course of the match because Gage is so badly hurt by it. It takes another big spot to swing momentum back the other way; Joey spending too long setting up a bunch of chairs before getting countered and hit with a piledriver on his own creation.


Gage survives and hits a pair of Chokebreakers for the win. “Of all the moves I never thought that would end it” says the commentator. Oh, his finisher? You didn’t expect a finisher to finish a match? Nice work dipshit! This was a pretty good match but in a way the commentary is right. They did a lot of big, big spots involving tables and chairs and the ending came off as flat.


Final Rating: ***1/4

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