March 2017 Month in Review

March 2017 Month in Review

March 2017


Month in Review.


I know I normally hit up these ‘Month in Review’ columns after the month is over but it’s WrestleMania weekend so all that shit is going merge into one. I need to get this out beforehand. So what happened during March? Other than this?


New Japan celebrated 45 years as an active promotion. Progress celebrated a mere five years in existence. Both promotions put on cracking shows. NJPW with a specific anniversary show, Progress with a double shot featuring some of their best in-ring action to date. Galvanise was their best Manchester show so far, and a contender for the best Progress show, ever. DDT also celebrated a big anniversary with their 20 year celebration taking place in front of 10,000 fans in Saitama. Three promotions, three birthdays. The only show that disappointed was DDT’s, as it went on for approximately 16 hours.

My main focus this month was in Germany where I went to wXw’s 16 Carat Gold shows. I had a fucking incredible time, saw five shows in four days and attended eleven press conferences as part of wXw’s new media centre. The whole experience was incredible from start to finish and there are too many shout-outs to include here. I really need to specifically thank STRIGGA, of Cagematch fame, for giving me a lift to Inner Circle in Essen and Oli Court for coming prepared with a Dictaphone so we could record on the road. While most people’s main spring wrestling extravaganza is WrestleMania Europe has an answer to your non-Mania attending blues. Go and see 16 Carat. You won’t regret it.

On returning to the UK I promptly didn’t sleep for a week, re-watching all the wXw shows on demand, and reviewing them. Then I went to both Fight Club Pro shows on their double-header weekend and had a wonderful time at those too. The mass of live wrestling turned my statistics on their head. I have now see nine Matt Riddle matches in 2017. In March! This is pretty fantastic if you ask me.

Over in Japan I got the chance to re-connect with both NOAH and Big Japan, both of whom I’d not seen a show from in a while. Eddie Edwards was a stand-out appearing for NOAH while Big Japan had a fairly weak show by their standards. Having a tiny piece of spare time I also got the chance to check out some more CWF Mid-Atlantic. It’s a weird promotion for me. The lack of crowd noise is odd. Is it because it’s really hot? Do naturally chilly locations result in better fan support as people have to yell and stomp their feet to keep warm? I must work on a graph or something.

With three months under our belts here at Rear View Reviews we’ve started to gain a solid team. Aqeel Khalid launched into his regular TV reviews over the past two weeks and has been doing a bang-up job. Over in comic books, Chris Boyle (Editor in Chief) reminds us that Transmetropolitan is as relevant today as ever and we now exist in a world that needs Spider Jerusalem. Alexander Heritage checks in with some timely movie reviews. He looked at Logan and gave it a big old thumbs up. Over in gaming Christopher Byford and Peter Jones have checked in with some more piping hot content. Meanwhile I’ve been playing Mass Effect: Andromeda at length. I’m not entirely certain how I’ve found the time with all the wrestling.


Coming in April: lots of WrestleMania weekend reviews. LOTS. Like all the fucking reviews. I’ve got the lads together and we’re covering everything (well ok, maybe not Kaiju Big Battel but you have the draw the line somewhere). Sleep is for the weak. Also the RVR Wrestling Podcast arrives. Be excited, be very excited.


If you want in on any of this, writing, podcasting, or whatever, drop me a DM/message on the Twitter machine. You can find me @arnoldfurious. Until then, enjoy WrestleMania and I’ll catch you on the other side. Takes will be had. My own personal ‘Mania review docket includes Joey Janela’s Spring Break, ROH’s Supercard of Honor and the Granddaddy of Them All Itself. Almost everything will be coming at you live, so you can find reviews almost as soon as the show is in the books.


Arnold Furious


March 29 2017

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