Mae Young Classic 2018 – Episode 6 Review – October 10

Mae Young Classic 2018 – Episode 6 Review – October 10

Tonight saw the second half of the second round matches.



Io Shirai def. Zeuxis

Deonna Purrazzo def. Xia Li

Tegan Nox def. Nicole Matthews

Mia Yim def. Kaitlyn




Io Shirai vs Zeuxis

Io Shirai is incredible. There’s no doubt about that. She gave up a lot of power to Zeuxis though and that was a big factor in the match.

Shirai’s shoulder was hurt after Zeuxis basement dropkicked her off the ring apron to the floor, and from that point on Zeuxis worked on it.

It served Zeuxis well, for a while, stopping Shirai from getting back into it and even trying to finish her off with double knees in the corner. But Io Shirai fought her way back into it and delivered her own double knees in the corner, twice. Zeuxis rolled out of the ring to avoid being pinned.

Io Shirai flies feet first into Zeuxis

Shirai’s suicide dive took Zeuxis down, and Shirai got her into the ring but couldn’t keep her down.

Zeuxis missed with a moonsault and got caught with a dropkick to the face. Shirai went up for her own moonsault, but Zeuxis followed her up the turnbuckle to attempt the Spanish Fly. Instead, Shirai brought them down with a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle. Instead of making a cover, she put Zeuxis in the right position and went to the top to deliver her Asai moonsault for the win.


Deonna Purrazzo vs Xia Li

The experience difference in this match is sizeable. Purrazzo has been wrestling for five years, Li just the one. Li has made incredible progress in the short time she’s been in the ring, but she was outclassed by Purrazzo.

Xia Li did get plenty of offence, her kicks and strikes are, as you’d expect, very good. It’s clear she doesn’t have the depth of some of the more experienced athletes though. It will be interesting to see where she is by next year.

Xi Li kicks Deonna Purrazzo

Not the longest match, but very entertaining. Li reversed Purrazzo’s first armbar, midway through the match, but the second time, Purrazzo got it locked in tight. With no hope of escape, Xia Li tapped.


Nicole Matthews vs Tegan Nox

In Nicole Matthews’ promo, she always says she doesn’t care if she hurts her opponents. Her style reflects that, in that she looks like she’s trying to inflict damage rather than just win the match.

That was the story of the first part of the match. Nicole Matthews had apparently promised to beat the hell out of Nox on her way to the quarterfinals, and she set about doing just that.

Tegan Nox knees Nicole Matthews

Nox kept fighting back at every opportunity, but it didn’t really take effect until she delivered a headbutt that had Matthews reeling in the corner. She followed it up a cannonball then hit the shiniest shining wizard for the win.


Mia Yim vs Kaitlyn

These were two women I’d have liked to see go further than the second round. But that’s the nature of elimination tournaments, and you can’t have everything.

Great match to close out the second round. Mia Yim was carrying an injury to her hand from the first round, and it was heavily taped. She was using it fine, but it was obviously a bother.

Kaitlyn started hard and fast. After a prolonged body-scissors to wear Yim down, Kaitlyn followed up with a kick and Mia Yim took a breather on the outside. Kaitlyn tried to stay on her with a baseball slide, but Yim dodged her and slammed Kaitlyn’s hamstring against the apron.

Kaitlyn manipulates Mia Yim's hand

Mia Yim took control then until she punched down at Kaitlyn, who moved her head so Yim punched the mat with her bad hand. Kaitlyn flipped them over and started manipulating the injured hand, but Yim wouldn’t tap.

Three slams in a row still weren’t enough to keep Mia Yim down. Kaitlyn kicked out of the Seoul Food. Yim kicked out of a huge spear.

Finally, after struggling for the ropes and failing to reach them, Kaitlyn tapped out to a kneebar.




Final word

The Quarter Final matches are now set

  • Io Shirai vs Deonna Purrazzo
  • Maiko Satomura vs Lacey Lane
  • Rhea Ripley vs Tegan Nox
  • Toni Storm vs Mia Yim

That’s a decent lineup. Whichever combination of competitors moves into the semis, we should be looking at some great matches.

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