Legacy Pro Wrestling Aces are Wild (2.24.19) review

Legacy Pro Wrestling Aces are Wild live review


February 24 2019


It’s February and yet the skies are completely clear and I found myself sweating walking to the train station in the early afternoon. It was almost room temperature outside. Global Warming strikes again. Travelling to Rugby is pretty easy, as it turns out. I left my house at 12.55pm and was in Rugby at 14.20. It’s on the route into London so it’s super easy to get to and trains are pretty frequent. Rugby train station is one of these weird ones where it’s a little out of town so there’s nothing there. Literally just a cubbyhole WH Smith’s and nothing else. Then as you leave the station you go into a residential area.


On these trips I’m often scouting possible food locations on the way home. The area around the station had nothing. There was a Cantonese takeaway that looked as if it used to be a house and a corner shop that was the same. Nearer the venue it was a different story as Benn Hall is at the back of the Town Hall, which essentially faces into the main shopping area in Rugby. I got to have a stroll around town while waiting for doors and it was Anytown, UK. Too many Costas and a great big Asda. I did get the chance to stroll through Caldecote Park, which was an experience on a Sunday afternoon.


Doors were at 3.30pm and my queuing time was complicated by having to pick up my ticket at the ticket desk before hitting the queue. It’s a strange system that gave me four pieces of paper and a very shiny, overly elaborate ticket. I honestly don’t understand but this appears to be a venue thing. Benn Hall like big shiny tickets. This was a child-friendly show and it’s the most kids I’ve seen at a wrestling show in a long, long time. There was a kids birthday party happening and I saw foam fingers and even a Spongebob balloon.


The show was opened by my good friend Chris Boyle, who had pyro! Living the dream. He immediately delivered the bad news that both Sadie Gibbs and Shax were ill and would miss the show. Seeing as I had Sadie Gibbs vs. Shax pegged as the best match on the show, potentially, this was a bit of a punt in the knackers. You can’t control these kind of things.


Critical Mass def. Scott Grimm & H Hood
Chantal Jordan vs. Deviki Sky went to a no contest
RJ Singh def. Grayson Dawn
Skarlett def. Maddi Almightyy
The Aces vs. Ritmo & Arcade went to a no contest
G-Wiz (c) def. VooDoo


There were a lot of new names for me to process here. With varying levels of experience, talent and look. Critical Mass are a big lads tag team, H Hood has a dancing gimmick, Maddi, Chantal & Deviki are all Skarlett’s trainees, Grayson had gauntlets for some reason, Ritmo is a pirate and VooDoo is literally doing the Papa Shango gimmick.


There was certainly a mix of experience here and it would be harsh to focus in on some of the less experienced talent and the issues they faced. It was understandable, although I found myself cringing a few times. Plenty of positives to be had though. RJ Singh vs. Grayson Dawn was genuinely good. I’m not quite sure what Grayson’s gimmick is supposed to be but he hung with the very talented RJ. Singh is almost BritWres’s forgotten man after a brief retirement but he reminded me here why he’s good. He’s extremely overlooked right now.


I also really enjoyed Arcade’s turn and the whole angle that brought the Aces match come crashing to an end. Arcade, the former Majik, has always known his way around a turn and I’ve seen him switch from heel to face and back again before. Always with justification. Here he nailed a heel turn in ways that some people can only dream of. The accompanying promo was easily the best thing about the show.


Finally a word on G-Wiz. Legacy’s champ reminds me of a young Rocky Maivia. All energy and heart but not quite grown into his own body yet. When he gets comfortable he’ll be a star for sure. He’s a walking, talking regional babyface from back in the day. Bright colours to appeal to the kids but a wink and an eyebrow raise away from being a favourite in the adult wrestling scene too. He has that invisible “It Factor” that you either have or you don’t.


I made plenty of other notes but they were almost all regarding mistakes and issues a lot of the younger talent had. There was a lot of potential among this crop of talent but also not a lot of it realised just yet. Other notes I have are mainly about ring gear. Shout out to Skarlett in that regard. She has a Spiderman Black (Secret Wars alternative costume) early Venom gear that I thought looked terrific. If she ever turned face she could go back to a classic Spidey red and blue too. Also she used Cattle Mutilation as a finisher so I came away a big fan.


The Sting:
Whenever I’m in a new place I get a bit panicked about departure times. So I found myself rushing, at over 4mph according to the Samsung Health app, to Rugby station to catch the 6.51 back to reality. The train was delayed by 30 minutes! So I was standing around waiting instead of picking up food and had to order food on the train. However this resulted in an all time great pizza delivery arrival. As I walked to the front door of my house the pizza guy literally pulled up at the same time. He was standing behind me as I opened the door and even apologised for it being late (he was 15 minutes early). All in all Rugby was easy to get to, fairly inexpensive and Legacy is a nice little promotion. It’s perhaps a little too child friendly for it to become anything truly memorable but if you’re not doing anything on a Sunday it’s easy. They’re back at Benn Hall on April 14 and are crowning their first ever women’s champion.

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