Keir’s Travis Banks Impression review

Keir’s Travis Banks Impression review

Just before Progress Chapter 56 we were sat in the ‘Spoons and everyone looked like warmed up shit because we’d all drunk too much at wXw the night before. Keir, because he was doing Stoptober, however looked fine. In order to raise our spirits he decides to show us his “Travis Banks impression”.


I should have taped it really. Then you could marvel in the subtle nuances and attention to detail. The way Keir captured the gentle strained grunting before delivering a devastating kick to thin air was nothing short of magnificent. The only slight concern was the families dining on a Sunday afternoon having their cheap lunches interrupted by the almost sexual grunting noises that you simply don’t expect from a respectable establishment in Camden.


Anyway, I would suggest you go out of your way to track down this performance art at the nearest opportunity. Probably in the smoking area at a Progress show during a Travis Banks match.


****1/2 – Strong contender for impression of the year.

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