Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory (10.14.2018)

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory (10.14.2018)

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory (10.14.2018)



So Impact is outside of the Impact Zone again so I am deciding to watch their show here. I am very familiar with TNA/Impact for the most part but I can’t bring myself to watch shows that are in the Impact Zone anymore, just can’t. Card looks pretty good, decent at worst and like all Impact shows some people love it, some hate it and some couldn’t care less. I am in the middle of all these. It takes place in the Melrose Balroom in New York, New York. Lovely building looks a little bit like La Boom in some ways and has a bit of a wXw vibe with the crowd rather close, the camera rather close and the ring kind of sma

Ethan Page & Matt Sydal vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Hell Yes. Hell Yes. Willie Mack is back, I saw him have a banger of a match vs LaX back at the LU vs Impact WrestleMania weekend and he has just been killing it in Dragon Gate. He should be in main event not opener but hey opener looks very solid and very solid it was. Ethan Page is rather hit and miss but I really liked him here, he and Matt don’t quite have chemistry, was a bit awkward in some parts but he was just behind Mack as the star here. Swann strangely wasn’t good here at all, it was weird. Overall really fun opener with Swann winning with the Phoenix Splash. Star Rating ***


Eli Drake vs. James Ellsworth

Fuck this. Go away.


Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie

This is for the Knockouts Title. I wonder if Tessa will ever wrestle a match without anyone mentioning her Dad Tully, I don’t think so, took a whole Two minutes before Tully was mentioned. This was a good Tessa Blanchard match, by this I mean it wasn’t slow and it wasn’t very cringe worthy, I think Tessa is decent but she is one of a handful of wrestlers where I literally couldn’t care less about her match, she could be having Kawada vs. Misawa levels of matches and I just wouldn’t care. I say this but the crowd really enjoyed this so I almost definitely am the low man here. Star Rating ** ½


Eddie Edwards vs. Moose

So one half of this match is Eddie, former Impact world champion and former GHC Heavyweight champion (the only foreign GHC Heavyweight champ ever) the best wrestler on their roster, he is facing Moose who had a great match vs Austin Aries at Slammiversary, he looked like a star of that match and I and most others would have happily had him stay where he was slotted, right there in the main event. So with all this said, the match goes 55 seconds after Killer Kross interferes and causes a disqualification, Dreamer makes a save and so now it is Eddie Edwards & Tommy Dreamer vs Killer Kross & Moose. This was a boring brawl, the positives being that it wasn’t that long and Edwards won. I don’t know how anyone could care for this. Star Rating * ½


Brian Cage, Rey Fenix & Penta el 0M vs. oVe (Dave Crist, Jake Crist & Sami Callihan)

This is under “oVe” rules, which means that is “no rules”. oVe isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and they are on and off with me but Sami had a really good feud with Penta and the Crists are great in car crash matches and of course nothing bad about the Lucha Brothers side of things so going in I had high hopes. The match was worked as you might expect at a very fast pace, with early on Fenix doing a lot of the crowd spurning moves, this was a theme throughout the match with Fenix really being the bright spot of it. The match had a lot going for it but it also had a lot that didn’t, an example being a very tough spot to pull off, where Fenix is standing on Penta’s shoulders about to receive a cutter from Jake crist off the top rope but it fails and Fenix lands directly on Jake’s head and aside from this the crowd was pretty quiet during lulls in action, it was very much a “move, crowd reaction, move crowd reaction” match with no real consistent flow where the crowd could stay glued. It is worth noting that Cage worked this wipe a heavily taped leg. The finish was as followed, oVe hit the all seeing eye for Cage to kick out at one then get repeatedly super kicked then pile driven for the victory, it was very Indy and bad. Callihan becomes the first to pin Brian Cage in Impact. Star Rating ** ¾.


LaX (Konnan,Ortiz,Santa) vs. The OGz (Eddie Kingston,Hernandez,Homicide)

I loved the Slammiversary match between the LaX boys and enjoy the novelty and silliness of the promo packages between these two. Today they are wrestling in a “Concrete Jungle Death Match”, Hype is off the charts. The Ring is straight up floorboards, dodgy ones at that. This is batshit dangerous. As if the match itself in the ring wasn’t dangerous Eddie Kingston with shades of Kojima at the Tokyo Dome overshoots on a suicide dive and smacks his head on the outside railing. One bit of this match I loved and maybe just because I got to here the legendary LaX theme was when The OGz have control of the match, Konnan comes out and starts whipping ass with a sock leading into the finish where LaX hit the street sweeper for the win. In hindsight this wasn’t a good idea for a match. Star Rating ** ¼


Impact World Champion Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact

Before this Impact Title match we hear a bad “is this a SHOOT?!?!” promo where Impact mentions that he isn’t “burying Aries, Aries is burying himself” which stunk but he also called Aries a “Short narcissistic ass hole” so swings and roundabouts. Aries is aligned on the outside with Killer Kross and Moose with Johnny aligned with his wife Taya. Beginning is very scrappy, both men (forgive me for this, I am sorry) “going for a MMA style fight” at the beginning, I am sorry I don’t know how else to describe it, you get what I mean. Really loved the start of this match.

Really loved the middle of this too, multiple brilliant spots, one where Johnny jumps over Aries into a splits position between ring and guardrail and quickly moonsaults into Aries, another where Aries dumps Johnny straight on his head with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Johnny Impact wins the Impact World Title via Star ship pain, a star ship pain in which Aries sells for the entirety of the three seconds he is on the ground and quickly gets up no sells the move entirely and flips of Don Callis and presumably walks out of Impact, fair play to Aries I guess, a worker right until he clocks out of his shift. Really good main event.Star Rating  *** ½



Honestly for all the positives with Impact at the moment this show wasn’t good, besides the main event there is nothing really worth your time, a complete opposite of Slammiversary which was one of my favourite shows all year. A lot of noteworthy things to follow after this PPV though I will say.


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