IMPACT Wrestling 3.23.17

IMPACT Wrestling 3.23.17

Air Date: 23/3/17

This is the third episode of the recently rebooted iMPACT wrestling. The first two episodes haven’t been the most well received but hopefully things will start to fall into place for the company because they have some really good talent on the roster now.

Davey Richards (w/Angelina Love) vs. Suicide

Davey Richards is now known as the Lone Wolf, and he and Angelina are working as a creepy couple. These two had a pretty good back and forth match, even if the crowd didn’t seem to care. I am not sure who is working under the Suicide mask now but whoever it was did a solid job of selling for Davey while keeping things exciting. Richards pins Suicide ** ½

We get a video of the new LAX playing cards, with Konnan talking about how he wants the tag titles after the Hardys tried to steal his from Tijuana.

After that we get a backstage interview with Laurel Van Nese, who is still in her wedding dress. Eventually Sienna appears and tries to console Laurel and says she has a special gift for Allie and Braxton. This was a pretty funny segment to be honest.

Idris Abraham, Fallah Bahh, and Mario Bokara vs. Mahabali Sheera, Laredo Kid, and Garza Jr

This is a match filled with some of the new talent that iMPACT has brought in, a lot of whom are indie stalwarts. Another totally fine match, much of the new talent got time to show off what they could do. Sheera pins Mario ** ¼

We head to the back where a limousine is shown, while JB continues to tease that “she” is here.

Decay (Abyss and Crazzy Steve w/Rosemary) vs. Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend)

Another team of indie stalwarts being given a chance here. I haven’t seen a huge amount of Reno Scum as a team, but Thornstowe has had a lot of really strong matches on the California indies against guys like Timothy Thatcher and Jeff Cobb. This was a fairly boring, paint by numbers tag match sadly. I like the idea of having Reno Scum beating the former champions to set them up as players, but I just wish the match was better. Luster pins Steve ** ¼

We get a vignette for an unknown debut coming up.

Moose (c) vs. Eli Drake (w/Tyrus)(iMPACT Grand Championship)

Before this match can start we see Cody Rhodes and Brandi leaving the limousine, with Cody running to Moose and attacking him from behind. As such the match is thrown out.

LAX (Ortiz and Santana w/Diamante, Konnan, and Homicide) vs. DCC (James Storm and Bram w/Kingston)

The new LAX are the former EYFBO, a tag team that has worked the East Coast indies for a while and are very good. This was a very exciting back and forth match, with James Storm working for most of his team. The finish came after miscommunication between Storm and Kingston, which isn’t the best way to debut a new top tag team but I don’t think it hurt them too much. Santana pins Storm ***

After the match, Storm and Kingston argue in the ring as Bram tries to separate them. The DCC has been a complete waste of time so I am not too upset about them being broken up.

We head straight to a sitdown interview between Bruce Prichard and Bobby Lashley. The interview was fine, with Lashley talking about his athletic accomplishments, but it came so suddenly with no real lead in and felt a little bit jarring because of it.

Rebel vs. ODB

This was the dirt worst, with Earl Hebner kissing Rebel and then ODB kissing Rebel. Because sexual assault is hilarious. UGH. ODB pins Hebner DUD

We get part 2 of the interview with Bobby Lashley. Good stuff again, and less jarring than last time.

Bobby Lashley vs. Jake Holmes

Jake Holmes is Jake Something who works some of the smaller Chicago indies. Total squash as you’d expect. Lashley pins Holmes * ¼

Jeremy Borash is in the ring next to bring out the woman he’s been teasing all night, Karen Jarrett. Karen talks about how her family started the company, and how the last few years have been incredibly difficult. She is eventually interrupted by EC3, who talks about how great the locker room is now. He then starts talking about how he already made iMPACT great and is the only original star they ever made, and how he’s going to make the company great for his own last name and not Karen’s.

Josh Matthews then gets off of commentary and joins the fray. He calls out all of the new executives iMPACT have hired as well as JB. He also talks about how the Jarretts will be gone again soon, and gets a slap for his troubles.

There’s some cool stuff happening in iMPACT now, but their never ending need to focus on non-wrestlers is still around and will always hurt the product. The main event of this show was a damn talking segment built around the return of Karen Jarrett and a feud between announcers for god sake! Most of the new talent seems to be nothing special, but at least it’s new and fresh!

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