Freedom’s Road 8: It’s About Time review (4.27.17)

Freedom’s Road 8: It’s About Time review (4.27.17)

Freedom’s Road 8: It’s About Time




April 27 2017


I realise I’m slightly behind on this. Work has been rough and I had other wrestling related content to view first. Anyhow, here’s Freedom’s Road #8.


Video Control takes us backstage where Dahlia Black tries to make friends with Livvi Grace before they wrestle later. Naturally she’s not being serious.


Later the babyface brigade of Livvi, Laura Di Matteo and Candyfloss are attacked by the heel mafia.


Ashmore vs. Chuck Mambo

Mambo doesn’t turn up so Jon Briley goes on a hunt for Chuck!


TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! He claims he was time travelling on his magic surfboard and partying with Julius Caesar. Ashmore seems unimpressed with Chuck’s antics. Both these guys have steady improvement. Mambo in his gimmick work and Ashmore with his in-ring. They have a tidy fluid match that rarely exposes them for their inexperience. Ashmore in particular looks composed and calm. He’s making strides in the right direction. I still remember his awful Progress chapter debut where he looked unready for the ring. He’s definitely improved since then. I’m impressed with both guys for their last gasp kick-outs. Ashmore eventually scores the win with a one man Spanish Fly and it looks fucking great. The first really decent singles match I’ve seen from either man. A good sign they’re both moving in the right direction.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Video Control takes us backstage where Jinny mentally berates Dahlia Black for her style choices.


Oh my God, that look! I quickly checked to see if I wearing matching socks. We’re all being judged! It seems Chakara is the bottom rung on the heel totem pole. She’s a lovely babyface goofball masquerading as a heel.


Dahlia Black, Jinny & Chakara vs. Laura Di Matteo, Livvi Grace & Candyfloss

Candy is very young and fresh out of the ProJo. It shows Progress as a bit of depth to their women’s division, although they’ll need to have a very good match to make me forget Livvi’s aberration against Alex Windsor. Candy is very inexperienced, which you expect on shows like Freedom’s Road, which often deal with younger wrestlers.


Candy and Chakara are at similar levels of development, which means they click but the inexperience shines through. Livvi looks in better form here compared to her match with Alex. The best worker in the match is Jinny though and it’s not close. She’s so comfortable with her own abilities. She knows when to stall and when to push the pace and when to give her opponent offence. The biggest issue she has is that no one else is on her level. Laura works her original, I think of it as her Ferrari period, gimmick, which is weird because she’s switched to an MMA deal since then. The match is very rough around the edges, which is what happens when you have a lot of inexperienced workers in the same place. There are things to love though. 1. Chakara using her butt to do the Sasha Banks double knee spot in the corner. 2. Candyfloss having a tonne of sympathy. 3. Livvi giving no fucks about where people land on her German suplexes. 4. TK Cooper. 5. The Style Clash. “There was a lot going on in that match” says Callum Leslie. That’s very true. Some of spots were messy and in general the match didn’t work. One very big positive was the camera work and production though, which has occasionally been lacking on the Freedom’s Road shows. It was excellent throughout here.


Final Rating: *3/4



A solid episode. Don’t let the rating on the women’s match put you off. I do love the Progress women’s division, even if they have the odd misfire. Having more matches like this, to ensure everyone stays fresh in the memory, can only be good. A good first outing from Candyfloss too. She got her character across nicely. Big up to Ashmore and Mambo for putting on a strong opener. It was perhaps a little too much for such a midcard clash that could have gotten by on personalities alone but the wrestling was very good.







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