Freedom’s Road 7 review (4.13.17)

Freedom’s Road 7 review (4.13.17)

Freedom’s Road 7: Suplex Time’s Over


April 13 2017




The inventiveness in which Progress present wrestling is a major highlight of their work. This includes the Star Wars style scroll to explain the contents of today’s show. Hosts for this show are Glen Joseph and Callum Leslie. Having a full commentary team makes this feel big-time, although I did enjoy Callum going solo on these beforehand, like we were having a quiet little chat in a tiny little venue.



RJ Singh and Darryl Allen debate how good they were as the Bhangra Knights until RJ ‘retired’. This is done through a series of thought bubbles. It’s delightful. They’re interrupted by Earl Black Jr to challenge them to a tag match. EBJ is heavily mocked for not having an actual partner.


Spike Trivet vs. James Best

This is the next generation of Progress talent. Trivet comes in heavily gimmicked as a booze swilling, blazer wearing, Tory voting toff. Best is fairly gimmick free. He’s a skinny junior that Trivet bullies. The crowd really don’t like Spike at all. “Theresa May’s shit” yells one (pretty sure it’s El, it sounds like him). Best is green and his inexperience shines through. Trivet hooks the Rings of Saturn, dubbed the Privilege Lock for the win before spitting Lambrini on the fallen Best.

Final Rating: *


Video Control takes us backstage where EBJ talks to Mark Ryan about “suplays” (this is from the mind of Gordon Solie). You had to be there. “Are you sure you don’t mean suplex” says Ryan. “Don’t you dare call it a suplex!”



Earl Black Jr & Mark Ryan vs. The Bhangra Knights

EBJ now hails from “suplay city”. It would be fair to say that Mark Ryan is inexperienced but that does play into the concept that EBJ has no friends and had to go and find a trainee to be pals with him. Everything Ryan does looks like he’s just had the move explained to him and he’s having a hard time with the concept. The core of the match is Darryl Allen getting all fired up about EBJ’s betrayal. Allen rolls up Ryan for the pin. The Bhangra Knights being the established team makes this result logical. Be interested to see where EBJ goes from here. They’ve done good work with this storyline.

Final Rating: *3/4



The backstage stuff on this show was well done, enhancing a product that was basically a couple of showcase matches for trainees. The latter having more storyline attached to it. It was a chance to look at three of Progress’ up and coming grapplers. Trivet looks the most competent at this point. Plus he has a rounded character. It’s interesting that neither Ryan nor Best have anything beyond black trunks and boots at this point. I’ll be interested to see if Freedom’s Road helps them to develop their personalities further. This was a 23 minute show so it’s an easy little watch and a glimpse into what Progress are attempting with Freedom’s Road. The execution here was great, even if the wrestling was mediocre.














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