Fight Forever Dance of the Dragon/Fight Syndrome (3.29.19) live review

Fight Forever Dance of the Dragon/Fight Syndrome (3.29.19) live review

Fight Forever Dance of the Dragon/Fight Syndrome


March 29 2019


I’ve been waiting for a promotion to run Birmingham. I’ve wanted it badly for some considerable time. It’s weird to me how the UK territorial system hardly exists. You would think that with the wrestling boom the major cities would have all developed scenes to match the ones in London, Glasgow and Newcastle. And yet here we are, the second city, with hardly anything to show for it. Kamikaze Pro is probably the biggest local promotion and they run their big shows in Coventry. Only the small shows happen in Birmingham and that’s Longbridge so “Birmingham” is a stretch. If those shows are in “Birmingham” then I live in Birmingham.


So I was really pleased that Fight Forever decided to run out of central Birmingham and pleased again that it was at a place I could easily get to (that Lucha Forever venue was a fucking nightmare). So I left my house an hour before the show started and got to the venue a solid ten-fifteen minutes before bell time. I went via Five Ways, which I’ve never done before. I followed the Google Maps walking route and was horrified that it took me alongside the canal. Mentally I decided to take a different route back to the station, and that would cost me. More on that later.


The venue is PRZYM, a nightclub on Broad Street. As it’s a nightclub and it’s Friday night there were all kinds of security on the doors. I’m talking metal detector, pat downs, ID checks. I don’t carry ID so they literally took my photo! I knew it was like this in London but I’ve not been out in Birmingham on a weekend for at least ten years. It was eye-opening.


Inside was equally eye-opening. It’s a nightclub and it’s a popular one on the most expensive street in England outside of the capital. So it looked dead fancy. The lighting rigs were incredible. There were tons of disco balls, everywhere. There was seating on the dance floor and only 150 people(ish) at the show. So I lent on the bar and could see the canvas in the ring. It turned out to be a good spot as it’s where the boys watched the show from so I got to have a few decent conversations over the course of the night.



A word on drinks prices…holy shit. A bottle of Budweiser was £5.70!! It turned out the cocktails were the way to go so myself and Will Cooling raced each other through Long Island Iced Teas all night at £5.50 a pop. I probably spent £40 on drinks.





Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm def. The Dynamite Duo (The Billingtons)

Candy Floss vs. Bobbi Tyler – no contest

Aussie Open def. South Coast Connection

Carlos Romo def. Fraser Thomas

Joe Hendry def. Sha Samuels (Hardcore rules)


Candy Floss def. Bobbi Tyler & Dominita

Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm def. Aussie Open

Crater def. Sha Samuels

Joe Hendry def. David Starr

PAC def. El Phantasmo


There was some really decent wrestling on this show. I particularly liked Thomas/Romo as the crowd didn’t really know either guy (Thomas is the ring announcer at FCP) but they got the crowd invested in it by the time it was over. For that alone I felt it was close to MOTN but the Aussie Open vs. Jody & Jonny match was top drawer. Jody is having the most incredible renaissance right now and one of the major companies needs to capitalize on it.


Sha Samuels worked his arse off against Joe Hendry. The match was fought under hardcore rules so they brawled all over the building. Sha jumped off at least three different things. Babyface Sha is a sight. The two Joe Hendry title defences kinda gave away that he wasn’t losing the belt in the first match. That was weird. As was the Dominita run in to rule Candy/Bobbi a no contest. I can only assume they lost someone late in the day and had to switch to a three-way for the title instead of the mini-tournament they planned.


I was really impressed with the Billington boys. I’ve only seen them wrestle twice, once against each other, and they were better here than before, which was only two months ago. Overall the show was pretty good although I got distracted as it progressed and perhaps didn’t give the second show as much attention as I should have done as a roving reporter. Blame the Long Islands.


The Sting:

The show finished at 10.10pm, which was ideal as my last train home was at 10.53pm. Fantastic! Loads of time. I could find the station the other way, avoiding falling into the canal and dying, and get there with time to spare. So naturally I went for a beer with Will and fucked it up. I gave myself 13 minutes between leaving the pub and the train leaving. Keeping in mind I had no idea where I was going and my phone had dropped to 2% battery. When was the last time you had to find somewhere, after a bunch of drinks, without Maps? Fuck me. So I ended up getting a taxi home, which is better than the last time I went out drinking in Birmingham and missed the last train home. Walking the streets and taking the first train home after Matt Riddle’s birthday.









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