FCP International Tekkers (3.15.19) review

FCP International Tekkers (3.15.19) review

Fight Club Pro International Tekkers live review


March 15 2019


You’d think less than a week after 16 Carat that the last thing I would want to do is more wrestling but here we are. I headed up into Birmingham early to catch Captain Marvel at the cinema. As a long-time Carol Danvers fan it was weird to see her get the big screen treatment and immediately be treated like one of the most important players in the MCU’s bigger picture. It made me very happy and I’m generally a Marvel fan normally but this was particularly fun. I would understand if anyone didn’t like it because the tone is not consistent and the cat is a running gag that could put people off. I think generally if you liked Thor Ragnarok and the Guardians films you’ll be all in on this too. It was my shit.


After that I headed up to Wolves on one of the most crowded trains I’ve been on in my life. It was rammed. The standing room was cramped and I had to walk to the last carriage just to get on the train. If only Captain Marvel had started 30 minutes earlier I’d have not been on a commuter journey. Luckily it was direct so I was in Wolves pretty quickly. Then into the Murder Hotel and before I knew it showtime was upon me.


On arriving at the Hangar I was greeted by the smiling face of Dirty Dragan, enjoying his first UK excursion ahead of GOOD and Breed this weekend. He was on his usual form.




Yes, he’s eating cheese in the dark with sunglasses on. This is how we should be doing wrestling. We’re all doing it wrong. Scoops from Dragan included; Mot van Kunder isn’t actually gay (I’m shocked), the Hangar is like a small Turbinenhalle (which it is, I dig it) and all Croatians look like foxes. This is something I will be looking out for in future.





Chris Brookes def. CIMA

Dan Moloney def. Tim Thatcher

Millie McKenzie def. Charli Evans

Besties in the World def. Hunter Bros, Grizzled Young Veterans & Anti-Fun Police

Rey Horus def. El Phantasmo

Daisuke Sekimoto def. Kyle Fletcher

Mark Davis def. Meiko Satomura



I feel like FCP is back baby. The last two shows have been very good. The Schadenfreude stuff has been scaled back. They’re still interfering in matches but the less important ones. So Lykos cost CIMA the match but then failed to cost Moloney his bout. Then later on the interference was less. Especially in the main event, which went down clean. It was an excellent match too. It’s not easy for a gigantic Australian to tell a story with a diminutive Japanese lady but they pulled it off in style.


Both Horus/ELP and Sekimoto/Fletcher were excellent for different reasons. The flips and the clubbing blows. Horus gobbing all over Wolverhampton like he supported the Albion. Brookes was again very good on the mic, as he has been during this storyline. The bit with Sekimoto where he offered him an XS Schadenfreude t-shirt and a spot in the group, replacing fellow large man WALTER was good stuff. “We were friends in Germany. I lent you my International phone charger”.


Speaking of promos Zack Gibson again killed it. This time in his FCP debut. The “it turns out you can polish a turd” line had me howling. What a major league asshole. The Tim Thatcher-G-Man feud continues. It’s now getting to the point where I feel like there is a match coming. I hope G-Man wrestles it with his headband on and that high-vis jacket. Another spot of appreciation for Brookes; he loves seeing the Schadenfreude flags. As a character he takes that support as a sign he’s doing the right thing. I love it. Heels don’t have to heel on their support.


Overall I enjoyed the heck out of International Tekkers. It was a solid card top to bottom and I went away wanting more. I even enjoyed the way they got the belt off Meiko after a successful run of defences. All around no complaints.


The Sting:

It wouldn’t be a trip to Wolves without the Giffard. This is one of the quietest nights I’ve experienced in there. Both in terms of talent, fans and general busyness. I still ended up leaving at 3am and heading back to the Murder Hotel for the customary 5 hours sleep. Actually that’s quite a lot compared to usual. I don’t envy Joao who left just before me and had to get up for his flight at 5am. Enjoy OTT dude!





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