FCP Hangover review (5.19.17)

FCP Hangover review (5.19.17)

Fight Club Pro DTTI Hangover


May 19 2017


We’re in FCP’s new venue the Starworks in Wolverhampton. The previous venue, the Fixxion Warehouse, was just too small to continue being a viable location so the Wolves lads have expanded. Apparently the Fixxion is also getting redeveloped as some sort of urban renewal program. It’s too bad, that was the dingiest of shithole venues. I dearly loved it.


Joe Coffey vs. Wolfgang

This was originally a six-man match but Wolfgang decided to make this a one-on-one. They’re familiar with each other, having done battle north of the border on many occasions. The new Starworks building is spacious, with a high ceiling and the chattering of the crowd echoes around the space. It takes away from the atmosphere a little bit. Not that finding venues is easy and Fight Club Pro are just being lazy by running a building with a high ceiling. It does maintain that aura of dinginess that made the Fixxion such a good building. Poor Joe takes a beating in this one, struggling with his own spots and grabbing at his leg after a giant swing in the crowd. The match doesn’t have the ‘fiery opener’ traits that I like from a first match of a card. Joe tries his best but the whole thing suffers from the titular “Hangover”. It seems sluggish and different to the electric performances Wolfgang has been delivering elsewhere so far this year. Wolfgang slips on some brass knuckles and takes it with a senton.

Final Rating: **3/4


Kay Lee Ray vs. Kris Wolf

As KLR comes out here we’re at three straight Scottish wrestlers on this show. That’s broken by the arrival of Kris Wolf, one of those “I never thought I’d see this person wrestle in the UK” kinda bookings. Wolf wrestles like a tiny feral animal, which is entirely appropriate.


Kay Lee works the tail over because that’s essential when competing against a wild animal. Which is followed by KLR taking the piss out of Kris’ height. Which in turn leads to KLR standing on top of Viper to lock up in the corner.

I love that Viper is all “I’m just a fan” as the crowd chant “Viper” at her. The structure of the match is only goofy to start with though and rapidly becomes a slick grappling contest. Albeit with the occasional sequence where everyone pretends Kris Wolf is an actual wolf. Kris can be adorable, hanging from the entranceway at one point and almost biting Joel Allen at another. Kris survives two Gorybombs before being submitted. Kay Lee will be here next month and the month after that so it’s probably wise to have her go over. The match was a nice mixture of fun and action, which is what FCP is all about.

Final Rating: ***1/4


The Hunter Brothers vs. Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachery Wentz) vs. #CCK

#CCK are introduced as “one half of the Rev Pro tag teams champions and two halves of the Attack tag team champions”. They’re also the tag team with the “fucking sickest tag moves” in the biz. Despite the banter, and love from everywhere else, #CCK are still heels in Fight Club Pro. It’s nice to see that despite some sick fucking tag moves Lykos is still incapable of hitting the brainbuster. You heard me wolf.


The match develops certain ‘car crash’ elements  when you’ve got multiple flippity dives. The Americans in particular seem to enjoy a flip. There is a degree of carnage with no adherence to the rules of tag team wrestling. I’m looking at you Shay Pursor! Enforce the rules young sir. The crowd enjoy themselves in spite of these transgressions and lots of fucking sick tag moves occur. Everyone hits spots on one of the Hunters and #CCK end up on top for the pin. This was lots of spots with a tonne of entertainment value attached. It perhaps lacked in structure a little bit but made up for it in terms of fun. Damien Dunne would have hated it.

Final Rating: ***3/4


Angelico vs. Jordan Devlin vs. Dan Moloney vs. Jimmy Havoc vs. Clint Margera vs. Eddie Dennis


Jimmy Havoc is wheeled out here like Hannibal Lecter by Clint Margera. The crowd are particularly grating during this, in a good way, getting on Dan Moloney’s case. “Just shut up for one fucking second” is a wonderful thing to be able to say. Crowd noise beats no crowd noise any day. Jimmy Havoc’s job here is to explore the space in the new building, aware it’s quite large and is essentially unexplored territory. He’s a modern day Christopher Colombus. The intrepid explorer, not the film director.


It almost feels like an attempt to get banned from the arena on the first night, as the lights swing freely above the bar after Jimmy is backdropped on it. Havoc’s attempt at ring generalling the crowd brawling are admirable. Everyone smacks each other around, apart from Clint and Havoc who are a tag team. Naturally Jimmy turns on Margera, but without any real malice. He’s just a cheeky scamp. Devlin pulls out the big win here by catching Angelico with a piledriver after everyone else was down. Devlin’s lack of appearances in other big promotions suggest he might be the next to get the big Fight Club Pro star treatment. It worked for Trent, Tyler, Brookes, Pete and Travis. This was all jolly good fun.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Martina vs. Shay Pursor

This is a “Fans Bring the Alcohol” match after Shay turned 18. Martina turns this into a party. I was worried she wouldn’t catch on in Fight Club Pro because her first appearance “hanging out at the bar” was somewhat pointless.


She’s definitely caught the fans imagination now. From the entrance music to the molestation of officials. Speaking of which, that’s what led to this match. Shay, the absolute fucking star, comes out to Steve Austin’s music, looking all cocksure…until he’s scared into a coil in the corner by Martina. “Fighting his way out of Mike Bird’s closet. He’s not a professional wrestler, he’s just a very naughty boy”. Martina’s breathy Marilyn Monroe “Happy Birthday” rendition has me in bits. Well played.


This match includes such stunning visuals as Shay spitting water in Martina’s face, Martina pulling a lager out of her crotch and Shay discovering the delights of alcohol.


There’s more drinking than wrestling in this match so it’s extremely hard to rate but it’s my kinda bag. At one point Martina yells “booze” to the crowd until she’s handed some beer.


I’m fairly sure this is the first chopping while drinking contest I’ve ever seen. It results in some tremendous drunken wrestling. It’s Jackie Chan drunk kung-fu territory. Shay lets out the teenage dark side beautifully and during a Broncobuster spot something entirely inappropriate happens. If you’re going to come of age you might as well do so in front of a packed house. Shay gets the win with a Stunner after no selling Mr Cocko. This was…something.


Final Rating: N/R (loved it, wish I’d seen it live)


Fight Club Pro Championship

Travis Banks (c) vs. Trent Seven

The crowd are split until Trent slaps Travis to start the match. This leads to them testing the acoustics of the Starworks with chops and kicks. Like all FCP main events it’s a hard-hitting contest. Like most FCP main events Trent Seven almost breaks his hand on the ring post. When will you learn, mate? Apparently not during this match as he also manages to chop the lighting rig. Travis takes a beating in defence of his title, being hammered from pillar to post. Trent unleashing almost everything in his arsenal, including the spinning piledriver, without getting the job done. It almost feels like a promoter putting their chosen champion through their paces to see whether he’s a long term solution to their championship problems or not. It’s such a barrage of abuse, including a piledriver off the top, that I keep waiting for the third hand to drop. Trent even breaks out a Burning Hammer, for fuck’s sake. It’s a savage beating, with absolutely everything being thrown at Travis and Banks refusing to stay down. It’s a contrast to when Travis won Infinity as that was all about Travis rising to the top. This is a story about the hardships you go through to stay at the top. The turning point is when Travis completely no sells a piledriver. That’s him drawing a line; you’re not beating me, you’re not taking my title. I want it more than you. It’s a spectacular conclusion to the match with Travis steamrollering an exhausted Seven to retain. The beating Travis Banks took here was momentous. If we were in Japan the ring would be filled with young lions with magic sponges, tending to sore necks. Magnificent.

Final Rating: ****1/4














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