FCP First Female of Fight Club Pro (3.18.17)

FCP First Female of Fight Club Pro (3.18.17)

Fight Club Pro First Female of Fight Club Pro


March 18 2017


We’re in Wolverhampton at the Fixxion Warehouse for the second night of their Wolves double-header. Host in the ring is Matt Taylor-Richards. I’ve deliberately skipped over the first show to get to this one because this show was fucking fantastic and I wanted to re-live it immediately.


David Starr vs. Killian Jacobs vs. Dan Moloney vs. Omari

Moloney has taken to wearing gloves to detract from his shit boots but that just gives the fans another target. Dan’s pre-match banter is on fire. He claims Starr is “dressed in his dad’s y-fronts”. The insult he reserves for Killian kills me though; “he’s dressed like a Quality Street”. He’s the triangle one. Killian has also managed to master the flips following his rope-slipping Fixxion bout in January. This is a solid match with three very good young guys in there with a veteran in Starr. It drives Dan to be the stand-out and the chop fest with Starr is wonderful. The reactions from Joel Allen are priceless. I’d love to see a singles match. It’d be fiery good. Omari has improved so much over the last year. I’m aware he’s very green but he’s rapidly looking like he belongs. Starr gets to killing poor Killian with the DDT in the ropes, the rolling elbow to the back of the head and the Product Placement gets the job done. This was a really strong opener.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Inter-Species Three-Way Dance

Martina the Session Moth vs. A Stuffed Giraffe vs. Kay Lee Ray

Martina decides she’s going to wrestle someone that’s already out here. Who?

Yes, Martina is wrestling a stuffed giraffe. Them doing the International has me in bits. Kay Lee Ray joins us and wants a three-way dance but she’s abducted by a mysterious assailant and turned into Constable Kay Lee Ray of the Anti-Fun Police. Or “Cuntstable” as the onscreen graphic displays it.

The match begins with immediate shenanigans with Shay Pursor getting shot and Kay Lee getting way into the Damian Dunne gimmick. It’s credit to Kay Lee Ray, and Martina, that the match is still quite good despite the antics. Of course the antics are tremendous. Shay is revived by Carlsberg. Martina then pulls a condom out of her crotch, drawing a chant of “Johnny Wrestling”. Then KLR frisks Shay and discovers a marijuana cigarette! It’s all going on. Kay Lee takes a Canadian Destroyer off the giraffe, yes really, and Martina gets the pin. This was just fantastic. I’m not sure I can put into snowflakes how much I enjoyed it. Post Match KLR has beer poured down her neck and returns to normal. The famous reviving Carlsberg!

Final Rating: FUN!


#CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) vs. The Callous Hearts (Jimmy Havoc & Clint Margera)

The winner will qualify for the Dream Tag Team Invitational over Easter weekend. During Brookes’ entrance I’ve taken to making a tactical trip to the bar to avoid the water spitting. On the faces team name Brookes has words; “Callous fucking bitches”. He also calls Clint a “nonce”. He’s been spending too much time on the Twitter. It wouldn’t be an evening at the Fixxion without Jimmy Havoc disrupting all the seating, although Clint is also a fan of chair disorder. Lykos is the star of this show, taking some horrific bumps but also helping Brookes to run effective heat. It makes #CCK look like the better and more cohesive team.



The “sick fucking tag move idiot” line has the whole Wrestlehouse in fits of laughter. Part of Brookes’ charm is that he’s a really nice guy and he’s very funny but his dickish behaviour makes him easy to jeer. Lykos continues his incredible work in this match as it progresses with a completely throwaway springboard Spanish Fly. It’s so effortless it barely even gets a pop. Plus he’s able to subdue Jimmy Havoc for huge chunks of the match. Havoc becomes so obsessed with getting Lykos down on the mat that he leaves himself open for a Brookes roll up for the loss. Lykos was great in this match. It’s like the other #CCK with Travis Banks has forced him to up his game.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Will Ospreay vs. Mark Haskins

This has ‘showstealer’ written all over it but before it can get underway out come Moustache Mountain to remind everyone that they’re not booked on this show. So how’s about we have a tag team match? The best part of this is Will Ospreay totally not understanding the Dennis Stamp Beyond the Mat references.


Haspreay (Mark Haskins & Will Ospreay) vs. Moustache Mountain

Tyler is so at ease here. He’s walking into this match like it’s the easiest thing in the world. Ospreay is happy with Haskins as a partner and lets him do a lot of the grappling. He’s so geared up on the apron though. He must have ploughed through a pint of espresso and now he’s standing on the apron having to deal with all the caffeine based emotions. He is hilarious. In the ring Haskins and Tyler put on an absolute clinic. Will is in the mood to fuck around, which is both a good and bad thing.

The good is that it means he brings the personality that is usually hidden in a mass of flips. The bad is that perhaps the match loses a touch of seriousness. Although that’s not a bad thing because Trent does a cartwheel and everyone’s mind is blown. There are so many great little moments, like Tyler getting angry with Will for touching Trent’s face or Seven getting bent out of shape about Ospreay hitting a knee drop instead of a flip. In between these bits of banter there is a sensational match. The work is fluid and the execution is expertly done throughout. When Trent Seven is by far the worst worker in a match you know there’s some serious quality involved. The four-way stuff is absolutely sensational. Especially as Ospreay flips to escape the Seven Stars Lariat. Also Tyler flipping out of multiple moves, one after another. The timing on the kick-outs and pinfalls break-ups is sublime too. Everything feels like a finish after a while and there’s Trent to slide in and break it up. Tyler even manages to jump onto the ropes at one point and does so perfectly. The Oscutter puts Trent away while Haskins has Tyler trapped in the Sharpshooter. If this leads to Haspreay being a regular tag team we may have seen the start of something mind-blowing here. This tore the fucking house down.

Final Rating: ****3/4


Candice LeRae vs. Nixon Newell

This is Nixon’s farewell match in Fight Club Pro. They’ve done a good job of flying in someone great so Nixon can win on her way out and not do any harm to a regular wrestler on their roster. Candice is pretty much the best option available outside of Stardom. Nixon gets a standing ovation.

Nixon Newell

Nixon is so charming in this match, getting swearing out of her system and pointing out the “switches” and “reversals” as she does them. Candice, for her part, plays along and is in place for everything. She’s one of the most complete women’s wrestlers on the Indies. I find it shocking that WWE hasn’t come calling. Especially as she has the look and her husband works for WWE. Nixon doesn’t take it easy on her way out and takes a Rock-level backflip bump for a Stonecold Stunner, not to mention a rana off the apron. Nixon accidentally spits beer on Candice and the match turns nasty.

Candice empties a bag of gummi bears all over the ring. Where it gets great is the fans responding to spots into the gummis the same way as they did for thumbtack spots the previous night. Also the ladies sell for it the same way.  At one point Joel Allen pulls a gummi off Nixon’s back.


“Argh, Christ, be gentle Joel”

“That’s not the first time you’ve said that”


Yep, Joel Allen with the banter and he successfully gets Nixon to break during her farewell match. Candice pops out of the Canadian Destroyer, into gummi bears, at one! There’s room for even wackier spots after that and Candice tries to get the pin with her own Shining Wizard. It’s not shiny enough though. The Girl With the Shinest Wizard comes back with her own for the win in her farewell match. As she soaks up the adulation there are visible tears around ringside. People genuinely love Nixon and how she kicked down doors in British wrestling. She’s a big loss for the UK scene.


“Please come back”

“I haven’t fucking left yet!”


She continues: “I’m not good at feelings. I have them but I don’t like them”. There’s a lovely moment when Nixon calls out Kay Lee Ray to celebrate with her and Candice. KLR is already crying when she hits the ring. The after match celebration is even more of a delight than the wrestling and nothing says emotion like a depature.

Nixon Newell


Final Rating: **** (including all the feels)



Fight Club Pro Championship

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Travis Banks

This is the culmination of the evening and indeed the last years worth of booking in Fight Club Pro where Travis has gone on a massive losing streak, while simultaneously stealing shows for FCP and finally winning Infinity at the end of 2016. Now he’s here for his title shot and Pete jumps him before the match starts and dominates throughout. When Travis gets a rare opening and goes for his springboard Enzuigiri finish he’s smacked out of the air with a forearm. Travis gets a lot of hope spots but that’s all they are. Pete rolls him up using the ropes and retains.

Final Rating: **1/2


Post Match: Everyone is shocked. They spent a year building up to this moment and there it is gone. Travis lost. But wait, his title shot wasn’t the Infinity title shot. He still has that in his back pocket and he’s cashing it in!


Fight Club Pro Championship

Pete Dunne (c) vs. Travis Banks

The second title match kicks off with a tope that manages to knock people over at ringside so Pete kicks Banks in the groin, demanding Shay calls for a DQ.

Not content with that he smashes the Infinity trophy over Travis’ back. But Shay won’t call for the DQ and pushes Pete back. The title match is on for real this time! Now the booking all comes to a head with Travis surviving everything Pete has and Dunne doing everything in his power to retain the title. This includes bumping Shay and having #CCK run in. I could probably live without yet another Canadian Destroyer but this one leads to Damian Dunne running in and then MK McKinnan. He briefly salutes Pete but then superkicks him. MK hadn’t been seen since giving up the FCP title in mid-2016. The timing of his return is to usher in a new era. Travis can’t get a pin but he grabs a crossface and Pete taps out. Travis wins the title! This match pulled together an awful lot of booking strands and finally Travis won the big one.

Final Rating: ***3/4



This was a great show from Fight Club Pro. They held a pretty good one the night before but this was the show I wanted to re-watch for three things; 1. that incredible tag match with Haspreay vs. Moustache Mountain. 2. Nixon’s emotional depature. 3. Travis winning the title. Those three happening one after another are the best triple threat in BritWres this year. Having a truly great match, followed by an emotional departure, followed by a big title switch is phenomenal. NJPW have had shows this year that have closed with three great matches but having three different emotional responses in three consecutive top-end bouts is nearly impossible. Nailed by Fight Club Pro here. This show is £6 on VOD. What are you waiting for?



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