ECW Hardcore TV (4.6.93) review

ECW Hardcore TV (4.6.93) review

ECW Hardcore TV 01


April 6 1993


WWE list this show as airing on April 6. Cagematch says April 5. We can agree it was taped on March 12.


I’m aware the WWE Network has a lot of content on it. I’ve never seen all the Hardcore TV’s. Only some of them and clips and stuff. So fuck it, let’s do this.


(This should not impact upon my attempt to watch WCW Thunder but it probably will)


This show is only 38 minutes long, which is incredibly refreshing compared to all the stupidly long TV shows we have to sit through in 2019.



Tod Gordon joins us with the new ECW TV Champion. Yanno, because they have TV. He then introduces the third man in the booth: Terry Funk. There from day one.



ECW Tag Team Championship

The Super Destroyers (c) vs. The Hell Riders

Destroyers are AJ Petruzzi and Doug Stahl, who went under a bunch of gimmicks. EZ Ryder, one of the Rider brothers, was a member of the Dudley family. Despite being masked and virtually identical the Destroyers were armbands so you can tell them apart. Terry can’t. Everyone in this is exceptionally mediocre and the match is aimless as all hell. Flipping senton finishes for the Destroyers and they retain. By the time this aired the belts had changed twice. Terry calls the heel champs manager “Hunter Q Robbins the turd”.

Final Rating: ½*


We get a music video for Sandman with his fucking terrible surfer gimmick.


Tommy Cairo vs. Salvatore Bellomo

Bellomo’s manager is called the “Cosmic Commander” and it is an unspeakably shitty low value Indie gimmick.


Bellomo, billed as Italian but actually Belgian, is a former WWF wrestler. Since leaving there in 1987 he’s been working the German tours for Otto Wanz. He’s very much from the school of ‘let’s grab a hold’ style of wrestling. Cairo is a smashmouth brawler and it’s clear from the first few seconds which one ECW want to push. A year or so after this Bellomo would be booed out of the building. Johnny Hotbody runs in, miscues, and knocks Bellomo out of the ring. Bellomo gets counted out. The crowd reaction would best be described as “tepid”.

Final Rating: ¼*


Tony “Hitman” Stetson vs. Rockin Rebel

Both guys have excellent mullets. Rockin Rebel carried on working shitty Indies right up to 2018 when he passed away. He is terrible here and I don’t think he ever got any better. Stetson kept getting ECW bookings until 1996 but I wouldn’t read into that being an endorsement of his abilities.


Here’s a shot of the action, which is basically just so you can see the mullet on Rebel. The Rockin’ one pins Stetson with his feet on the ropes. Crappy finish to a crappy match. Rebel is in line for an ECW title shot because mullets were that over in 1993.

Final Rating: DUD


Jimmy Snuka vs. Larry Winters

Snuka introduces his new manager; Eddie Gilbert. Snuka was badly washed up by this point. WWF gave him a shot later in the year, with their talent pool and cash flow both low, but he wasn’t good enough. At one point here he falls over attempting a backdrop. They try and tell a story about Winters being on the cusp of an upset but Eddie Gilbert trips him in one of the most awful planned spots I’ve seen. Snuka is simply awful here. Most of what he’s doing in muscle memory. The Superfly Splash still looks good but that’s about it.


Why would you book this Jim Snuka as a heel? Makes no sense.

Final Rating: DUD


Terry Funk virtually apologises for how bad the show has been at this point and begs the viewers to stick with them.


Salvatore Bellomo vs. A Jobber

Bellomo is mad because he lost earlier so he comes out here and slams this jobber kid for the win.

Final Rating: NR





The kind of stinking awful early 1990s Indie show that was prevalent at that time. I don’t know how many of these I can watch. I may skip ahead!

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