Defiant Loaded #6 (1.13.19) review

Defiant Loaded #6 (1.13.19) review

Defiant Loaded #6


January 13 2018


We’re in Newcastle, UK. Hosts are Dave Bradshaw and James R Kennedy. I must admit I’ve not watched a lot of Defiant wrestling since it came into being to replace the defunct WCPW. As part of my attempt to diversify my viewing in 2019 I’m giving them a shot. As I arrive we’re in a position where Defiant has had to write WALTER out of their storylines due to his WWE contract. So he just left and they’re trying to build from within, using guys you’re maybe less used to seeing if you only watch Progress and Rev Pro.



Say what you like about Defiant but they’ve always been loyal to their guys. Prince Ameen has been here since day one and is now in an authority role. He’s never been a good wrestler but he’s always been a likable guy so he’s still here. Ameen appoints Simon Miller as an authority figure to stand in while he’s investigating who stole El Phantasmo’s glasses. Smart money is on Jay Phoenix in my opinion.


South Coast Connection (Ashley Dunn & Kelly Sixx) vs. The Models (Danny Hope & Joey Hayes)

Ashley Dunn is really good but he’s never done it in the UK in front of a bigger audience. Instead sneaking off to various European locales and stealing shows there. Kelly Sixx aka Josh Wall of Rev Pro “fame” has been off in Kaientai Dojo trying to get better. Will Ospreay apparently hooked that up.


This is very much a clash of two guys from South England against two from the North. Which is the appeal of a company like Defiant, who are more aware of the Northern Indies scene. You’re more likely to get unique matches. Everyone in this has a very definite ceiling. Sixx is potentially the best of the four but is currently carrying a little too much weight and needs to sort that out if he’s to be any kind of star. SCC pick up the win with superior double teams. This was fine and just under (Kelly) six minutes. Sixx cuts a post match promo that’s all over the place. The crowd “what” and “who are ya” through it.


Final Rating: **1/2


Video Control takes us backstage


Lana Austin finds out her match with Bea Priestley is going to be Falls Count Anywhere. That’s on their show in Manchester on February 9. Tickets available on


Promo Time: Marty Jones

“Sweet” Stevie Aaron introduces Marty, trainer of a multitude of great pro wrestlers. He’s here because he’s trained Dynamite Kid’s nephews and they’re wrestling here tonight in an exhibition match! Marty is happy to see a sold out building and proclaims British wrestling to be alive! Alive!


Mark Billington vs. Thomas Billington

Thomas is the spitting image of Dynamite Kid. Even the way he moves and touches his waistline is the same. Mark doesn’t freak me out quite so much but they’re both savants. Naturals in the ring.

I’m sure these boys have been working on this match for years in bits and pieces. Brothers tend to wrestle each other a lot if they have that upbringing. And wrestling is in their blood. It reminds me of Jay vs. Mark Briscoe from when Mark was 17 years old in ROH. Thomas even does all Dynamite’s moves. The Jumping Tombstone. The Swandive headbutt.

No pinfalls, which is a bit odd but this finish! Holy shit! Two massive prospects here. Thomas stood out but mainly because of his look. SCC run in for the non-finish but both impressed massively here.


Final Rating: NR (exhibition innit)


Video Control gives us a chat with Bad Bones Johnny Klinger.


He opts to cut a promo in German, which I’m used to hearing from wXw but it seems weird here. Especially as he’s fluent in English. Elsewhere Rory Coyle has a pre-recorded promo, which is excellent video work. Clever edits, throwbacks to the Hoult’s Yard, abandoned angles etc. It’s  a killer promo.


Be interested to see where this goes.


Connor Renshaw vs. Omari

Renshaw is from Sunderland so gets heat for it. The North-East is a strange place. Omari’s career has stuttered somewhat after a bright start. It feels like he just needs to find a gimmick that fits him, which will be hard because he’s such a nice guy, and he’ll be away. His work can be a wee bit clunky but he looks good here squashing poor Connor. Omari cuts a promo on Nathan Cruz after the match and it shows that he’s not done many promos.

Final Rating: Squash



Prince Ameen is happy with his new Interwebs champion Martin Kirby. “The YouTubes are blowing up”. They banter back and forth. Elsewhere Mark Haskins is mad at the Anti-Fun Police and cuts a deadly serious promo about how upset he is with them. What a pro.


David Starr vs. PAC

It’s the return of PAC to Newcastle! He’s trying to work heel on the Indies but he’s always been beloved in Newcastle.



That love is intensified with the crowd chanting “PAC is coming home”. PAC is effortlessly good but he’s definitely eased himself back onto the Indies. Starr draws out the Bastard. Makes him want to do crazy things in front of his home town crowd. If PAC is a mercenary he still has a soft spot for Newcastle and it brings out the best in him. I like to think of him as someone who left WWE so he could work with all his old mates and enjoy wrestling again. Starr is an ambitious guy who wants to prove himself against the best. The one thing that this match exposes about Starr is nothing work related but rather that PAC looks far bigger than him. I have no doubt that Starr is built “to go” but he looks so small compared to PAC and his stacked on muscles. The action is frantic when it gets going. Starr continuing to push PAC. They work in a ref bump, which isn’t brilliant and PAC kicks Starr in the nuts to set up the Red Arrow.

Final Rating: ***3/4





Defiant is a company putting out solid shows on a regular basis that’s flying a little under the radar because they’re not broadcasting from somewhere cool. Newcastle is a lovely city with lively fans and it’s a good backdrop for the promotion. Maybe 2019 is the year the whole thing kicks on and starts to be a serious independent power player. It’s had critics in the past because of the backers being What Culture but it’s always been run by wrestling people.





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