DDT Train Pro Wrestling review (4.16.17)

DDT Train Pro Wrestling review (4.16.17)

DDT Choshi Electric Railway


April 16 2017


Oh, so you think your favourite promotion is fairly innovative? Does things a bit differently? Reverse battle royals? Some other bullshit? Fuck you! DDT is doing things you could not even conceive of. In this case hiring a train as the venue, having the passengers as the fans and having a match where participants join in at each train stop.



All aboard for DDT!


The conductor is ring announcer Amon Tsurumi. He has a hat and everything. The show played out in front of 40 fans, which was declared a sell out. Or rather “100% Boarding Rate”.



Battle Royal

First wrestler in is Sanshiro Takagi.


The t-shirt reads “Yeah, I booked a show on a train. What of it?” HARASHIMA also starts the match and looks in good spirits. He’s the Ace of this train. The third starting participant is Rekka.


As the train gets underway and leaves the station the situation becomes surreal. The lack of space limits what the wrestlers can do but it forces them to be creative. Takagi helps himself to someone’s cookie to power up and the lads utilise basic holds and chops as a means to fill the match. When the train pulls into the first station we gain Shimatani and Yasu Urano. Keisuke Ishii boards at the next station and he brings very loud chops with him, causing conniptions among the commuters. He also brings referee Daisuke Kiso as things are getting a bit out of hand. The referees find it quite hard to get into position to count pinfalls due to spatial issues. Mad Paulie’s arrival causes gasps from the fans, due to his freakish appearance. It also leads to a few eliminations before three more guys pile on including Danshoku Dino.


He molests a few dudes out of the match and NWA get on at the next station, doing their dancing pose as the train pulls in.


Dino humps his way through half the train, drawing the line at molesting passengers thankfully. Mad Paulie gets pushed off the train and it pulls away without him. The sight of him running alongside the train while the wrestlers chant “nah-nah-nah-nah, hey-hey-hey, goodbye” at him is frankly bizarre.


Saki Akai and Ladybeard look very excited to be here.


Dino’s butthole comes into play with them somehow getting multiple Irish whip reversals into it across the carriage. Takagi and Akai get eliminated this way before everyone piles on Dino to get rid of his powerful ass threat. Higuchi boards barefoot and in sumo gear and is challenged to a sumo match by Ladybeard. It does not go well for Ladybeard. Higuchi continues his dominance by throwing NWA off the train, causing me to laugh uncontrollably as they struggle with the concept of elimination.


Even in a daft train match Higuchi looks like a goddamn monster. HARASHIMA manages to high kick him out of the match but in all honesty; Higuchi should be this companies ace ASAP. Guanchulo and HARASHIMA have a pretty good match in the midst of all this and HARASHIMA hits Somato, taking the length of the carriage for his run up, and wins the match.

Final Rating: ***1/2




DDT did wrestling on a train.









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