DDT is Coming to America (4.4.19) review

DDT is Coming to America (4.4.19) review

DDT is Coming to America


April 4 2019


DDT only have one English language guy so he’s having to ring announce as well as do commentary. Saki Akai, the current Ironman Heavymetal Weight champion comes to the ring.


Then the rules of the title and the battle royal are explained. Along with the rules of the weapon rumble. Saki has no idea what’s happening. She gets rolled up and pinned by Makoto Oishi before the show starts. Sanshiro Takagi comes out to officially start the show. “Starto, that’s start in the perfect Japanese”.


“DDT Coming to America STARTO!” We’re in La Boom and the show is sold out. Good news for DDT.


Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takahashi vs. Tetsuya Endo & Soma Takao

Sakaguchi should have been in Bloodsport. He is a natural badass. Takao looks terrified on his way out here. It doesn’t translate to his wrestling and he trades with Sakaguchi, who scares most other humans on the planet. Takao gets some love by doing a kip up into a superkick after being cut down with a strike. There’s a great spot with Endo doing the handspring and Sakaguchi kicks him right in the ass. They do some great near falls on Endo here that have me thinking he’ll lose his title shot but he catches Takanashi in a submission and keeps it.

Final Rating: ***


Delayed Battle Royal

Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship


#1 is Kazuki Hirata who’s over big time because of Tokyo Go. #2 is Saki Akai, the former champion. #3 is Kikutaro. The doctor wants to check him. State Athletic Commission rules!


The doctor rules him UNFIT to wrestle. Everyone throws up X’s. I’m crying. #4 is New Japan’s Colt Cabana. “He’s just a cartoon wolf” #5 is Mizuki Watase. Man, that guy dresses well. #6 is Makoto Oishi, the current champion. Meanwhile Hirata kills Colt with an invisible blade. Even though he’s dead he still tries to make a move on Saki as she rushes past. #7 is Yuu. Judo throws for all! Oishi doubles down on the hate by pinning Akai again! #8 is YOSHIHIKO! I love how hot this crowd is. They’re totally into the DDT style. Oishi vs. YOSHIHIKO at the death. YOSHIHIKO survives a Tombstone off the top and then reverses into a half crab for the submission.


Beautiful. That’s the title gone but Hirata is still alive and comes after YOSHIHIKO. Hirata picks up the fluke pin reversing a Code Red and Tokyo Go is less well received at the second play through. I loved this.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Post Match: Saki Akai boots Hirata in the face and hits the Crucifix Driver to win her title back. Hirata is left with the title shot because he won the match but he’s lost the Ironman Heavymetalweight strap.


Ethan Page & Akito vs. Shigehiro Irie & Jason Kincaid vs. Kazusada Higuchi & HARASHIMA

We have significant talents involved here. Irie and HARASHIMA are both former KO-D Openweight champions and Higuchi is one of the promotions bigger stars. Both in overness and stature. This has felt like an authentic DDT show, which is great. Hopefully it helps them gain new fans going forward. Jason Kincaid has gotten a lot better wrestling in Japan. DDT has been so good for him. He still has awful gear but his work is much better.


Impressive power from Akito. There’s a lot of fun stuff in this and the match has a good flow despite there being literally no tags and everyone just does spots and stuff.

This gets ridiculously fast paced. For anyone upset they were missing Dragon Gate this weekend; this is the match for you.


Somato finishes Akito and the best team actually win. Fantastic work all round. Definitely heading into the recs folder.

Final Rating: ***3/4


Weapon Rumble

Sanshiro Takagi vs. MAO

MAO is dressed like a keyboard warrior? He’s wearing two computer keyboards on his back. So they have three weapons each to be introduced during the match. That’s the principle part of the match so I’ll stick to talking about that. Weapon one is Hulk Hogan? BOO!


Weapon two is a stack of boxes purchased from a local retailer. Weapon three is trashcans. In between three and four MAO botches the 619. Serves you right for using an all-time shitty move. Weapon four is a bicycle.


Weapon five is Legos. Weapon six is a toilet.


MAO literally takes a DDT into the toilet. Can you imagine them going shopping for this match and deciding on a toilet? We’re out of weapons but there’s another countdown. Weapon seven is Chinsuke Nakamura!


You’d be mistaken for thinking this is just a comedy match because in between MAO takes a bunch of sick bumps through the props and ends up getting driven through boxes for the pin. Madness at every turn.

Final Rating: ***3/4


Princess of Princess Championship

Miyu Yamashita (c) vs. Maki Itoh


Maki knows she’s not a top level women’s wrestler but she tries hard and she’s massively over. Her improvements have been in evidence and she’s so popular she got to come to America. The popularity is there, now the title is almost in her grasp. Is it too much to ask for that Steve Austin come out of retirement to job to Maki Itoh and reinforce her natural position as wrestling’s true rebel?

She gets Yamashita in a choke and flips the crowd off at the same time. Love it. Yamashita is a terrific wrestler so it’s hard to argue with her being the champ here but Maki does a great job as challenger. At one point headbutting Yamashita’s foot to block a kick.


Yamashita kicks Itoh in the head and then drills her with a running knee to retain. This was a great little match and a fantastic showcase for both women. Yamashita is the real deal. Maki Itoh has potential to be one of the biggest stars in all of wrestling. She has so much charisma.


Final Rating: ***1/2


Joey Ryan & Royce Isaacs vs. Antonio Honda & Danshoku Dieno

Dieno is in the crowd and looking for a fucking lawsuit. Honda injures his knee and retires about a minute into the match. Holy shit. Before he goes he tells the story of Gon the Little Fox. “My knee is healthy, I deceive you!” I’m quite tired of Dieno matches and he runs through all his shtick here to horrified New York reactions. Honda gets the crowd chanting “we want ass”. Deviants, man. At one point Honda uses Dieno’s bare ass to stink up his hand but then gets the hand driven into his own eye. That’s a sure fire way to get conjunctivitis brother.


Then Joey’s cock overpowers Dieno’s buns of steel. Joey then goes ass to mouth on the lollypop. I can take the dick spots but let’s just leave bare ass spots out of pro wrestling. I want to keep my lunch down. I hope they spray disinfectant all over this fucking building before anything else happens.

Final Rating: *


KO-D Openweight Championship

Konosuke Takeshita (c) vs Daisuke Sasaki

I feel like a belt change is inevitable here or this would not be a title match main event. They switched the belt in Ohio to try and get more interest in the promotion for fuck’s sake.


Sasaki does everything in his power to make it look like Takeshita has no shot. Using the numbers game, taking shortcuts and taking out the vertical base by working the knee. Then they start doing fucking ridiculous things in the crowd.

They take the same approach as Gunns and Irie at wXw; going out there and killing each other to make sure the promotion has a memorable main event. Not only that the ref gets killed too. It’s a brutal, brutal match. The spots into the chairs are bad enough but the suplex onto the middle of the apron utterly freaks me out. Sasaki landing back first across it. The bump that ending Ricky Steamboat’s career wasn’t that bad. They just kill each other. Takeshita flips bumps onto his own head and I’m horrified.

Why?! WHY! And they carry on killing each other. It’s fucking nuts. I’m so drained. I keep being more and more horrified by the spots. It’s like they want someone to die. Sasaki’s repeated low blows right before the finish are incredible. The ref leapfrogging Takeshita before the first one. Amazing. I loved this match so much.

Final Rating: ****1/2


Post Match: Endo turns on Sasaki and cashes in! Holy shit!


KO-D Openweight Championship

Daisuke Sasaki (c) vs. Tetsuya Endo

Sasaki is fucked and can barely move. Endo puts him down but Sasaki decides to bail and retain. DAMNATION are self-destructing before our very eyes. Sasaki desperately kicks out for as long as he can but the SSP finishes and Endo wins his first KO-D Openweight title. Wow.


Final Rating: NR


After the main event promos are over with Saki Akai is chased into the ring and Makoto Oishi rolls her up for the pin. Hirata then rolls him up for the pin. Then Maki Itoh rolls him up for the pin! Dieno then comes in, molests everyone and hits the Danshoku Driver for the title. Dieno promises DDT will be back in the USA in a final, final closing promo.



DDT brought an authentic product and delivered their show in a huge way. The crowd was loud and receptive to everything. It was a very fun show with a sensational main event. Sasaki vs. Takeshita is one of the best matches of the weekend so far. When Endo says “remember us” at the conclusion of the show it hits me in the feels. Never forget. Watch DDT. You won’t be disappointed.








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