Chikara King of Trios 2017 Night Two review (9.2.17)

Chikara King of Trios 2017 Night Two review (9.2.17)

Chikara King of Trios 2017


September 2 2017


Night two of King of Trios from the Starworks in Wolverhampton. All the quarter-finals are tonight but also the World of Sport rules match between promoter Mike Quackenbush and Johnny Kidd and other antics. Director of Fun (commentator to you and me) is Mike Quackenbush.




Rey de Voladores Semi-Final

El Phantasmo vs. A-Kid vs. Omari vs. Ophidian

Why have one tournament when you can have two? This is a flippydo’s tournament featuring eight exciting youngsters. They’re all rake thin. The content is very lucha-esque. Cooperation is required. Omari vs. Phantasmo is good for chuckles but the match is at its best when some crazy flipz are taking place. The Chop Party is also tremendous fun. Ophidian hypnotises Omari and turns him into a monster. It’s a glimpse of what Omari would be like as a heel. As the match progresses everyone looks better and better. For a match that started with awkward lucha it ends up a blinder. A-Kid puts Phantasmo out. A-Kid has grown into this contest. Omari gets rid of him with the End of Days but gets stunned by a mid-air counter into the Code Red. Ophidian advances. This started poorly but finished strong. Madcap action and everyone looked impressive by the end.

Final Rating: ***3/4


King of Trios Quarter Final

Casa Dorada vs. House Calamari

Casa Dorada are the most defined heel team in the KOT. This means the normally hated CCK are cheered to the rafters in Wolverhampton, a bit of a rarity. Casa Dorada did very little for me in their first round match and they don’t do much for me here either. Defarge pulling out a waxy fishhook as a counter to the wet willy and Crummels using sneezes as a weapon are both suitably sick. The CCK boys present the better team moves and if Travis Banks was here you’d put cold hard cash on CCK heading to the finals. Like the opener this gets better as it progresses. However Casa Dorada’s pinfall victory over Elijah leaves me cold and the prospect of Casa Dorada being in the semi-finals leaves me colder.

Final Rating: ***1/4




Rey de Voladores Semi-Final

Chuck Mambo vs. Jody Fleisch vs. Red Eagle vs. Sylverhawk

Chuck Mambo, gnarliest wrestler in the world, make his Chikara debut here. The winner of this faces Ophidian tomorrow. This semi-final hits its rhythm quicker than the first one, with all the boys clicking nicely. Chuck wins everyone over with his ‘too many elbow pads’ People’s Elbow. It’s a good spot. Like in the first semi the match has a lot of cool looking flipz, with Jody earning a replay for his SSP to the floor. Chuck is first out; eating a victory roll from Red Eagle. Mambo acquitted himself well. Whatever environment you put him in he has fun. He was tending bar at the last FCP show I went to and having a fantastic time. I wish I worked with Chuck Mambo! Phoenix 720 puts Red Eagle out. That leaves the inexperienced Sylverhawk versus the veteran Jody. Fleisch looks like a goddamn star here. Sylverhawk hangs in there for a bit but gets caught with a variation on the Phoenix 720 and Jody goes to the final with a Standing O. Like I said beforehand; Jody Fleisch looked like a star here. He’s never stopped being great but people just forgot how great he was because he was older.

Final Rating: ***1/2


King of Trios Quarter-Final

House Seven Seas vs. House Sendai Girls

Seven Seas find themselves in the unpopular heel spot again, after being widely disliked against the Revival team on night one. The Sendai Girls are easily the fan favourites and even the antics of Seven Seas get jeered. It’s wholesome stuff. I love how terrified Cassandra Miyagi is of Merlok, the biggest man in the match. Cajun Crawdad hysterically singing “Proud Mary” by Credence Clearwater Revival while doing his Gator Roll might be my favourite thing about the whole weekend. Rollin! Rollin! Rollin on the River! This is a better match to showcase the Seven Seas lads and they pop me quite frequently. Sendai Girls take it after Meiko avoids Merlok, causing him to crash out to the floor, and the Shining Axe Kick puts Cajun Crawdad down for the three. I really enjoyed this.

Final Rating: ***3/4


King of Trios Quarter-Final

House Furies vs. House Rot


Backstage we get interview time from the Legion of Rot and Kobald is a wicked off-the-wall promo. The Furies are one of my favourite ‘Chikara’ teams. Solo Darling in particular won me over in the first round. Fire Ant is the only remaining member of the Colony. He’s a regular in Wolverhampton and knows the Starworks well enough to clamber up the structure for a dive. Quack sells the storyline quite well, giving us a reason to care about Fire Ant’s predicament. Travis Huckabee looks a lot better here than during the Team FCP match. He’s more fluid among wrestlers he’s familiar with. The match clicks quite well for the most part but occasionally, and it almost always involves Hallowicked, gets a bit clunky. I know he’s a veteran but I feel like he’s suffered from mainly only working for Chikara over the years. Maybe time has passed him by.


Fire Ant vs. the evils of Frightmare is the core of the match. Fire Ant doesn’t just want to win, he wants to destroy Frightmare. Joel Allen decides that Fire Ant isn’t trying to win the match, but rather hurt Frightmare, and disqualifies him. “This is outside the limits of fun” says Quackenbush without a hint of irony. Good match, not so good finish.

Final Rating: ***1/4


World of Sport Rules

Mike Quackenbush vs. Johnny Kidd

It’s a little jarring to switch from high-speed modern action to the old World of Sport style. They certainly don’t bore the Starworks audience though. They adopt a quick pace, without abandoning the mentality of World of Sport. They rock some tasty counters and the basics of the wrestling is awesome. It’s a lesson to some of the fumbling bits and bobs on the rest of the show. The creative nature of the counters alone is worth watching this for but also for the little gags, like the wrestling out of the handshake, the teased low blow, the teased dive and the funny near falls. I’ve seen it all before but it’s like a World of Sport Greatest Hits match.


Even when they do something that looks like a rest hold, like a bearhug, Quack has an insane counter to get out of it. It gets to the point where I wish Quack wrestled regularly, because he’s still great. At the moment he’s working a couple of matches a year and they’re always good. As for Johnny Kidd, I feel privileged that I got to see him wrestle live because he’s been one of the best exponents of the World of Sport style over the years. He never got the recognition for it until Chikara pointed it out to the world. The match ends in another competitive draw but Quack demands we get some closure and it’s sudden death! No more rounds! Kidd almost gets the pin but Quack does moments later with a cheeky roll up. Quackenbush finally claims victory over Johnny Kidd. This was something else. Excellent mat wrestling and a total change of pace but a huge success. One of the best ‘World of Sport style’ matches I’ve ever seen. If this is Johnny Kidd’s last match this is one hell of a way to finish his career.

Final Rating: ****1/2


King of Trios Quarter-Final

House Throwback vs. House Strong Style


Pete Dunne manages to get into fights with several fans and then upsets Mr Touchdown by biting his football. Trent & Tyler teamed with the moustached Dasher Hatfield last year at KOT so they’re reluctant to fight. “There’s been a massive uptick in moustache twirling over the past two years” says Quack. Pete Dunne is disgusted by all of this. Simon Grimm looks impressive again here. He’s rebuilding his reputation after the WWE run and he’s doing an excellent job of it. BSS have a match type down and it’s clearly over with the fans. It’s exciting, fast-paced and full of fun stuff. The biting, the moustaches, airplane spins, the HHH tributes. When they’re not doing shtick they do what actually brought them to the dance; stiff strikes. There is perhaps too much emphasis on the shtick when they’re so good at the striking and the British Strong Style. BSS try to do the series of moves that won the first match only for Grimm, who’s done his homework, to catch Tyler in an armbar. The Throwbacks attempt their finish from last night too, the stacked superplex, only for Tyler Bate to jump onto the whole stack, with an incredible vertical leap and superplex Dasher off the top! As a match it’s unrelenting. The timing is almost flawless, with Mr Touchdown being the only person to fuck something up. BSS prove their superiority at the finish by not only being a good trio but also being good individuals. So when it comes down to one on one Pete Dunne wins with the Bitter End.

Final Rating: ****1/4



What a great show this turned into! Everything was good until the last two matches but them being fucking great allowed the show to finish strong. Seven matches on this show, I rated everything over *** and the last two over ****. Nothing to complain about. This was way better than night one (and night one was very good). Chikara may not appeal to me but King of Trios has, thus far, been a welcome change from my regular viewing schedule.

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