Chikara King of Trios 2017 Night Three review (9.3.17)

Chikara King of Trios 2017 Night Three review (9.3.17)

Chikara King of Trios Night Three


September 3 2017


We’re in Wolverhampton at the Starworks Warehouse for night three of Chikara’s first ever International King of Trios. At the commentation station is Mike Quackenbush.


King of Trios Semi-Final

House Sendai Girls vs. Casa Dorada


Casa Dorada have been my least favourite trio in this tournament so it’s somewhat upsetting they’ve made it this far.


Yes, ginger bearded man, give that punk what for! Coronado, Chikara Grand Champion, is probably the least interesting Chikara wrestler I’ve been introduced to over this weekend. He has a middling look, his work doesn’t stand out and his generic heel stuff feels ancient compared to modern work. Crummels and Defarge strike me as comedy enhancement guys so they’re probably ok playing Coronado’s goons but Coronado himself doesn’t stand out. Cassandra Miyagi does. I can’t stress enough how much improved she is now over last year. Miyagi gets the pin here as Sendai Girls advance. The match itself was pretty weak but Miyagi really stood out.

Final Rating: **1/2


King of Trios Semi-Final

House Strong Style vs. House Rot


Frightmare is injured so BSS get a bye. Pete Dunne’s reactions to this are sensational. He actually outdoes Trent for reacting to stuff. It’s marvellous.


Chief Deputy Dunne vs. Officer Warren Barksdale

It’s a battle of the cops! Bike Cop Warren Barksdale vs. Fun Cop Dunne. Barksdale is given the opportunity to join the Anti-Fun Police, where he gets free healthcare and an “NHS” chant. Barksdale is offended at an attempt to bribe an officer of the law. I hope those fake cops get carted off to wrestling jail along with the Mountie. Barksdale makes a point of wearing his helmet to prevent the effectiveness of the Freezenzigiri. The Anti-Fun Police try to play the numbers game but get cut off by the Bicycle Cops. This leads to Los Federales Santos Jr getting accidentally reverse rana’d by Dunne. This whole match is a bizarre gag about wrestling policemen but it worked for me. Chuckles were had.


Final Rating: ***


Fire Ant vs. Kobald

Fire Ant is still mad about yesterday and hits Beach Break twice for the pin in a matter of seconds.

Final Rating: NR


Chikara Tag Team Gauntlet Match

Everyone who’s not in the King of Trios, the Voladores final and isn’t Merlok or Sylverhawk is in this match. Winner gets a shot at Los Ice Creams tag gold. Up first is Omari & Millie McKenzie vs. Too Salty (Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad). Both the FCP guys look great again here. Millie has gotten so good, so quickly that it’s alarming. She’s still a rookie. Cajun Crawdad gets a fluke roll up to dump the FCP team, which is unfortunate. Up next are the Rumblebees (Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee). Sharpstinger wins it in short order for Solo. Next in are Dez Peloton, the bike cops. Solo continues to look solid, as she has done all weekend. Dez Peloton, despite being cheered earlier, get a little heat for some of their work in eliminating the Rumblebees. Next in are VASYL and Emeritus. Very excited to see more VASYL. His ring gear looks like he made it himself. Like Mankind but much worse. The V on the back of his top is sprayed on. Emeritus gets a pin using the ropes. This brings out the Throwbacks, who’ve been favourites all weekend. VASYL fails to bump an armdrag, showing major gaps in his ability. The stuff with VASYL’s teddy bear is all good with Mr Touchdown lobbing it into the cheap seats after some bullfighting business. It’s enough to distract VASYL while Emeritus gets pinned. Up next are #CCK. Dasher looks pretty good until Lykos attempts a satellite DDT and it just collapses. Then they repeat the spot. Just move on, lads, nothing to see here. Sick fucking tag moves put CCK through where they face Zayas and Chase from Whitewolf Wrestling in Spain. Chase has a few timing issues with Brookes unfortunately. I thought Chase was the stand-out in their trios match but here he looks less impressive. CCK don’t help him at all. CCK use more sick fucking tag teams to become the first team to win back to back falls. Up next are Tipton’s own Hunter Brothers. The Hunters stop the CCK double teams but Brookes is able to take it on his own. Los Ice Creams are next and CCK suddenly switch to heel to break up the Ice Creams playful antics. El Hijo del Ice Cream gets kicked in the face and rolls around wailing, which is unsettling. Weeping in wrestling is a bit weird. Absolute asshole Brookes refuses to apologise. For this he is punished the Los Ice Creams escape the CCK double teams and pin the popular duo to keep the CCK tag title challenge at bay. This was fun throughout although a lot of the finishes came so quickly that there was barely time to get invested in certain teams. That said with ten teams it needs to be rapid-fire.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Sylverhawk vs. Merlok

Flippy Sylverhawk faces the monster Merlok. Sylverhawk starts well but then gets demolished by the larger green monster person. The procession of power is ended by the Emerald Flowsion and Merlok scores the relatively easy win.

Final Rating: **


Rey de Voladores 2017 Final

Jody Fleisch vs. Ophidian

They’ve established a decent heel/face dynamic for the final, which is pretty impressive considering Ophidian was the only heel in this thing. As has been pointed out by the crowd chanting “you’re not Ophidian” he’s not. He’s The Whisper, self re-branded. The new Ophidian is a skinny little fucker and the usually small Jody looks relatively big by comparison. Considering how great Jody looked yesterday the final match is a bit disappointing. Ophidian can’t live up to Jody’s level. Several of his more ambitious moves are a complete mess. In particular an attempted rana off the ropes to the floor, where Jody has to cover for Ophidian’s lack of quality. When it comes to the near falls Jody virtually drags Ophidian through the sequence. The semi-botches are alarmingly regular and it’s credit to Jody that the match is as passable as it is. Jody gets knocked the fuck out by a ring post spot and Ophidian rolls him back in, barely, for the pin. This was a clusterfuck. No fault of Jody who looked great yesterday but the new Ophidian is a pile of shit.

Final Rating: *1/2




King of Trios 2017 Final

House Strong Style vs. House Sendai Girls

When the teams were announced I was really hoping this would be the final. Sendai Girls are the defending champions. BSS are fresher, thanks to Frightmare’s injury but Sendai Girls won pretty quickly in their semi-final. Pete Dunne vs. Meiko Satomura is a feud I never thought I’d see and it is awesome. The mat work is terrific and so is the character work.


Seven has no one to work with, when it comes to his brawling style, so he has to do his goofy stuff. Which is fine but it’s not peak Trent. Pete Dunne is the absolute star in this. The way he nails DASH with the forearm is amazing. His antics almost overwhelm everyone else. He’s such a dick. The main story of the match is Pete tormenting DASH and Meiko getting gradually angrier about it. I love the spot where she comes charging in and Pete nails her with a forearm. You have to wait for the bad guy to get his comeuppance! This being the final, it’s the last chance to dive off the entranceway and DASH takes that opportunity. Pete takes a trashing from all the Sendai Girls team, paying off the match before Tyler ‘bangs’ Meiko in the jaw. Only for Cassandra to kick out of the Tyler Driver. Meiko taking on all of BSS, countering all their shit and planting Pete with a DDT to stop the Bitter End is beautiful. They rock some tremendous near falls, including Pete Dunne getting totally freaked out by Meiko no selling a Tombstone. My god, it’s a terrific final match. An instant cure to the match that preceded it. Pete eventually puts Meiko down with the Bitter End but what a fantastic match this was. Wonderful action; mixing comedy with character work and straight-up punch-in-the-face violence. The Sendai Girls looked magnificent here. BSS have had many of these trios matches in 2017 but this might be the best one. The defeated Sendai Girls remain in the ring at the end with the crowd on their feet chanting “Sendai”. BSS might have won the tournament but Sendai Girls won everyone’s hearts.

Final Rating: ****1/2



The weekend was very strong up until the final night. Obviously some things were beyond the control of Chikara, such as the injury to Frightmare or Jody getting knocked out in the semi-main event. That said the singles matches on this show felt thrown together. It would have been relatively easy to set them up on the first two nights but aside from the battle of the cops it didn’t feel like we got any big singles bouts here. The tag gauntlet was fun and the main event is awesome but otherwise this was easily the worst of the three nights for consistency. Definitely watch the main event though, it’s fantastic. You’ll never realise how bad you wanted to see Pete Dunne vs. Meiko Satomura until it’s happening.

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