Black Label Pro: Adventures in Wrestling (4.5.19) review

Black Label Pro: Adventures in Wrestling (4.5.19) review

Black Label Pro: Adventures in Wrestling


April 5 2019


BLP is from Indiana. This is the show from Jersey City at White Eagle Hall. I feel like I’m watching a load of White Eagle Hall shows in a row.


No Holds Barred

BLP Heavyweight Championship

Ethan Page (c) vs. Kobe Durst

Page is on first because he’s probably booked somewhere else. He wrestled three times today. Three the day before. This is his biggest match of the weekend because it’s for a title, there’s a long build into it and it’s arguably the most important match of Kobe Durst’s career. They go after this in a big way with Durst taking a release powerbomb through a bin.


Page is a dick but he’s the babyface, of sorts, as Durst has a gang of assholes helping him. Durst used to be Page’s little helper but he turned on him. Some might consider that a face turn due to Page’s behavior but here we are. Durst doesn’t seem to be a natural heel. Page really is. He kills Durst a couple of times. The powerbomb through a balsawood table is great. I laugh out loud at Page wearing him out with the remains of the table. Page is borderline reckless and I am howling at it. Durst hits a piledriver on a chair and Kobe wins the strap.


Final Rating: ***1/2


IWTV Championship

Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Bryan Alvarez

Starting with the two main events. A bold choice.


If Alvarez wrestles like he does radio he’s going to suck here. Unless he has an ear piece and Meltzer is telling him what moves to do. It becomes very apparent that Alvarez doesn’t get the Cassidy thing at all. Cassidy doesn’t care. It’s beautiful. The International is funny. I’ve seen all this before, several times this week, and it’s on the opponent to react to the shtick and Alvarez looks lost at sea. Alvarez tapes up OC and steals his shades. Oh, you fucked up. Alvarez destroys the shades and the heat. Good lord. A fan throws some shades in and Alvarez smashes those up too. Ok, now I’m digging it. Bring the heat Bryan. Cassidy just calmly breaks the tape and then breaks Alvarez. They play distraction music and Alvarez is so dumb he gets rolled up. I hope Meltzer gives him *

Final Rating: **1/4


Sadkampf (Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku) vs. Manny Fernandez & Tank

I hate Sadkampf as a name. It’s terrible.


When I saw the name Manny Fernandez on the card, I thought someone had no originality and was using a shit name. Turns out it’s Actually Manny Fernandez. He’s 64 years old. He was an NWA tag team champion. With Rick Rude…and Dusty Rhodes! Poor Kevin Ku takes a fork to the groin and then a chair to the head. Garrini, who has already been mutilated by Josh Bishop. Now he’s getting punched in the face in an Irish debate.


Ku ends up with skewers poking out of his ass cheek. They’re both having a bad day here. Ku ends up outlasting Tank and he rolls him up for the win. This was bizarre. Two old guys mutilating the kids. After the bell Garrini feeds Manny the back. This was a really bad match but I really enjoyed it. Star ratings be damned.

Final Rating: *1/2


“I’m blowed up” announces Tank. Hey, no shit.


Nick Gage vs. Swoggle

Swoggle should be the babyface but Gage is so over.


Swoggle getting mad and throwing the chair away is so great. It’s Gage vs. Arquette all over again. JB Smooth decides to run in and ruin the match unfortunately. Marcus Crane runs in and throws fire in Smooth’s face…eventually. It’s no ‘Jerry Lawler fireball at Joey Ryan’s dick’ from last year. Gage wins with a piledriver after assorted shenanigans.

Final Rating: **


Post Match: Gage gets a promo. When he got asked to wrestle Swoggle he refused. “I thought I would fucking hurt this man”. But he went away and thought about it. “If I can almost kill David Arquette why can’t I kill Swoggle?” Nick fucking Gage. MDK. All fucking day.


The Million Dollar Intergender Battle Royal

This is for the Wrestling with Regret YouTube championship and hosted by Billy Zane, from YouTube fame. He’s following Nick Gage and the hate is palpable from the angry, bloodthirsty crowd. There are a bunch of people in this. I see Yuu, White Mike, Maria Manic, O’Shay Edwards, Boomer Hatfield, Allie Kat, Cabana Man Dan and a ton of others. It clears out a bit and Maria Mania hurls out O’Shay Edwards. He felt like an obvious winner so now Maria is a firm favourite.


Mike offers her a lovely flower. This tactic goes badly.

FINAL FOUR: Maria Manic, Steph De Lander, Allie Kat and whoever the incumbent champion was. I recognize him but don’t remember his name. He gets thrown out and we’ll have a new champ. Kat vs. Manic. The latter pulls out a knife! Danny Adams apparently wasn’t eliminated so he reemerges but Kat piledrives him off the apron and Allie Kat wins a million bucks.

Final Rating: *


Gary Jay, Curt Stallion, AJ Gray & CW Anderson vs. Chris Dickinson, Jake Parnell, Daniel Makabe & Rory Gulak


CW is happy to be here, until Makabe pie faces him. This is a great mix of talent. Jay and Parnell caught the eye at Family Reunion and AJ Gray is improving nicely. They keep it fresh with frequent tags and although they don’t have the best of chemistry they fill the match with fun stuff. At least a few of these guys should have breakout 2019’s. AJ Gray belts Parnell with a lariat for the pin. This is just a shade under making the rec list. Some talent here to keep an eye on though.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Jordynne Grace, Nicole Savoy, Solo Darling, Samantha Heights & Kylie Rae vs. Shazza McKenzie, Indi Hartwell, Jessica Troy, Charli Evans & Zoe Lucas

This is US vs. World but four of the five world wrestlers are Australian. Yuu was on this show earlier! In a battle royal.


This took place after SHIMMER, which I’ve still not seen. There’s plenty of chances for tagging in and out and keeping fresh so it’s a fun little match. Everyone can come in and work hard for a couple of minutes and then rest on the apron. I love the dives sequence where they make a point of having Jordynne go last so everyone can catch her. I really like a lot of the wrestlers and they have a great mix of personalities here. It’s a shame there’s so many because of the women don’t get much of a chance to shine. Indi Hartwell and Zoe Lucas in particular. They both have such good heel characters. Grace dumps Lucas on her head for the win. This was good.

Final Rating: ***1/2


BLP Tag Team Championship

The Space Pirates (c) vs. The Besties in the World vs. Robbie Eagles & Sammy Guevara

Space Monkey picking through people’s hair to find food is one of the highlights in wrestling today. The Pirates are comedy, Besties are cutesy and Eagles & Guevara are assholes. It’s a great combination of guys and they all seem keen on having a good match.


It’s over surprisingly quickly. Guevara points out he’s one of the best wrestlers in the world and he lost to Space Pirates so they must be fucking great. They are. Nobody jumps anybody. Good work guys.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Shigehiro Irie vs. Jonathan Gresham

They started with the main event so they had to reshuffle and put this on last.


They have a great natural story here of Gresham being technically good and Irie coming after him with power to stop it. Gresham then switching his tactics to dismantle Irie, going after the knee then switching to a sleeper. Keeping the bigger man off his feet and denying him that power base. It doesn’t work and the running DVD/Cannonball combo is brutal. Gresham switches it up by flipping out of moves but then he gets nailed with the Pounce. It’s a really good match as they logically flip back and forth as they have such strong strengths to showcase.


Gresham puts Irie to sleep. I really enjoyed this. A fine main event for a good show.

Final Rating: ***3/4



Another weird show. Lots of oddballs on the undercard. Gage vs. Swoggle and Manny Fernandez in particular but the show also had a horrible battle royal and Bryan Alvarez. Things picked up big time for the big matches and the last four was a good streak of solid wrestling. Add in the Page/Durst opener and you’ve got a decent show. Black Label Pro, out of Indiana, gave a great account of themselves here. If their off-the-wall undercards and good wrestling main events are a staple of their shows I’d probably watch them more than once a year.

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