Beyond Wrestling – Caffeine

Beyond Wrestling – Caffeine

Show Date: 2/4/17

We are back at the WWN Live Experience, this time for Beyond Wrestling at midnight. This is actually a much stronger card than people may expect, with one or two matches that have the potential to complete steal the weekend.

Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb

Speaking of stealing the weekend, this is Keith’s fourth or fifth match of the weekend and promises to be another classic. While both of these men are huge, monstrous men, they are also both deceptively athletic. Because of that, what we got was the strong hoss match that you’d expect with some cool highspots thrown in, such as a running hurricanrana from Keith Lee. The finish fell super flat and really put a downer on the great stuff these two men had done leading up to it. Lee pins Cobb with a Victory Roll *** ½

The two men embrace after the match.

LuFisto vs. Deonna Purrazzo

This is a WWR match. These are both women that I respect but never really got as in ring talent, and that was reflected in my thoughts on this match. While it was well worked and I can appreciate it as a good match, I never thought it was anything more than that. LuFisto played a good bully against Deonna, who sold awesomely and had a fun comeback that got shot down. LuFisto pins Deonna with a Tiger Driver *** ¼

The two women shake hands after the match, I hope this isn’t going to become a trend.

Team Pazuzu (Chris Dickinson, Jaka, and LAX (Santana and Ortiz)) vs. Gentlemen’s Club (Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy) and Team Tremendous (Bill Carr and Dan Barry)

LAX come out with the TNA and House of Glory tag titles and get a strong EYFBO chant as the crowd are not fans of their name change.  This really felt like a match for the normal Beyond crowd since all of these men are Beyond regulars that may not be around much longer for one reason or another. These guys had a pretty fun spotty match, probably one of the best matches of the weekend that won’t get recognised as such because so much happened. Ortiz pins Cassidy *** ¾

Sami Callihan vs. David Starr

This is like the 854th match Sami has wrestled this weekend, legit. Starr was a very good wrestler that became incredible in the last few months with his wXw Shotgun Championship run, unfortunately this is the first match of his I am seeing this weekend. Luckily it was an awesome little sprint with the master of those kind of matches in Callihan. This won’t be a highly remembered match, but it’s worth going out of your way to watch. Starr pins Callihan *** ½

After the match Sami gets on the mic, saying that he’s wrestled 9 matches this weekend (so I was a little off) and puts over David Starr.

World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae) vs. Janelope (Joey Janela and Penelope Ford)

Candice and Joey are out answering Janelope’s open challenge, which makes it very weird that they come out first. It did give us an awesome moment with Joey Ryan giving his lollipop to Trent Seven who was in the crowd for some reason, so I can’t complain much.

Janela has been one of the biggest stars coming out of this weekend because of his show, but he’s also actually a pretty good wrestler as well. This was a perfectly solid back and forth match, with minimal Joey Ryan bullshit which is always a plus. Janela pins Ryan ** ¾

After the match Janela gets on the mic and announces that he is now the DDT Ironman Heavymetal weight champion by pinning Joey Ryan, and gets presented with the belt. Pretty cool way to end a major weekend for Janela.

AR Fox vs. John Silver

This was a fine match, I don’t know much about Silver but he looked alright, but the crowd is so dead by this point that having like no reactions actively killed this match. It was also surprising that Fox didn’t do much high flying, but this is also like his 89th match of the day so he’s probably hurting real bad. Silver pins Fox with a Code Red ** ½

Unbreakable F’N Machines (Michael Elgin and Brian Cage) vs. Da Hit Squad (Dan Maff and Monsta Mack)

This is a bit of a dream match for me, Da Hit Squad’s comeback this last year has been one of my favourite things to happen in wrestling. I love a good hoss fight and this was exactly that. The match was hurt a little by the fact that everyone is clearly exhausted, but it was fun for what it was. Maff pins Cage ***

Matt Riddle vs. Donovan Dijak

This is a match that has actually been built up quite a bit. Dijak has been the guy in Beyond for a while and was unbeaten in singles matches for a very long time, until Riddle came along and this is the rematch. This match was structured very much like something out of the G1, a big epic match with bomb throwing that lasts about ten minutes. It didn’t really sell this as the grudge match it perhaps should have been, but that might have been because I am not invested in the angle as other may be. Regardless, this was a solid match and another worth checking out at some point. Riddle submits Dijak *** ¾


Beyond Wrestling’s Caffeine was a pretty good show overall, with at least one match being a stand out and worth watching from a very bloated weekend. The issue for me lies in the fact that nothing was blow away great and with so many matches occuring in a short time, this will probably fall by the wayside which is a real shame.

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