Bar Wrestling 9 February Stars review (2.22.18)

Bar Wrestling 9 February Stars review (2.22.18)

Bar Wrestling 9 February Stars


February 22 2018


We’re in Baldwin Park, California for the first Bar show since Candice LaRae left for WWE. This show sees some talent come the other way with Tenille Dashwood and James Ellsworth appearing. Also Kikutaro is here so you know I’m jazzed.


Taya Valkyrie vs. Tenille Dashwood

The former Emma works heel, yelling “it’s all about me” before executing two horrible looking sequences. I always liked Emma in WWE but they wouldn’t have let her go for no reason whatsoever. Abandoning the Emmalina thing probably didn’t help but her in-ring on the Indies has been questionable. What’s really weird is she doesn’t play to the cameras at all. After a sloppy start the match finds rhythm in Dashwood playing heel.


Dashwood does fine work in using Taya’s hair against her. Tenille survives the STF and sneaks a cheeky roll up for the win. After a dodgy start this was fine.


The former Emma did a good job of controlling the pace and selling her character as an entitled Big Leaguer, trying to keep the likes of Taya down.

Final Rating: **1/2


Doomfly vs. Jason Cade & Ruby Raze

Eli Everfly is fucking nuts. In a world where everyone can fly the cruiserweights have had to step it up a touch. Everfly is more than a touch. Ruby Raze is huge and has a massive size advantage over both her opponents. That does not stop her doing sentons off the apron. Everyone hits wacky dives. The Cade Fosbury Flop at speed is a cracker. Everfly, with his insane moveset, reminds comms of a young Rey Mysterio. It’s a good shout.

Eli Everfly is a highlight reel kinda guy. I’ve only seen him a few times and he feels very special. I first criticised him a little for doing too much but his matches are events. It’s indicative of the regional nature of the USA that he’s not been in more places already but trust me, he’s one to watch. It’s not just the crazy dives, it’s the innovation around them. Plus the thick layer of lucha sauce on top of that. There are still issues with his game. Some of his bumps look weird and he needs time in the ring with better talent to help him improve but if he gets it, he’s going places. If the match belongs to Everfly it’s because of Jason Cade. He does a great job of making sure Everfly shines. Wrestling needs guys like Jason Cade and he should have a job for as long as he wants one due to his sheer in-ring professionalism. Sliced Bread/Powerbomb combo puts Cade away and Doomfly win. This must have been an easy booking decision. Doomfly are a great act and both potentially stars.

Final Rating: ***1/4


Luchasaurus vs. Suicide


Suicide is Christopher Daniels.


He’s out here having a good time, dancing and throwing palm strikes. Luchasaurus is a big athletic dude with a cool gimmick but his offence always strikes me as being very basic. Maybe he just wants to focus on character and build a moveset where appropriate. Seeing as we have two cool characters here they head into the crowd for antics. Get up close and personal. Most of the crowd can’t see so Suicide comes off the bar (Wrestling) to give everyone a looksee. Despite his agility there’s something about Luchasaurus that doesn’t quite click with me and I’m struggling to put my finger on it. Maybe it’s that he sells so much for guys a fraction of his size? Chokeslam and standing moonsault wins it for Luchasaurus. This was fine but the crowd brawl killed a lot of the momentum and the match was disjointed at the best of times.

Final Rating: **1/4


Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas vs. Curry Man & Kikutaro


King of Spice Curry Man is Daniels doing double duty. Imagine booking Chris Daniels to wrestle twice on one show and it’s as Curry Man and Suicide? Only in Bar Wrestling. Kikutaro is making his third appearance for Bar Wrestling having beaten Hot Young Briley and lost to Yoshitatsu. Given the nature of the Kiku-Curry team there are antics and tangos. I love the charges in the corner spot where Curry Man always lands his shot and Kikutaro always fails. It’s simple stuff but Kikutaro has a huge range of comedy spots from his years as Japan’s premier comedy grappler. Avalon gets knocked out but Rosas puts shades on him, pretends he’s conscious, helps from the outside and we get some Weekend at Bernies stuff. It’s incredible, frankly. I’ve never seen an unconscious man hit a crossbody until now. More of this lads. I came expecting Kikutaro’s superb nonsense but Avalon & Rosas have given me the biggest laughs. The brainbusters are countered. “Don’t say ‘brainbuster’. It must be this”. Avalon and Rosas end up with the win and Kikutaro loses nothing in defeat. This was good for chuckles. Not a blow-away comedy match but the Weekend at Bernies stuff and the brainbuster set up had me in stitches.


Final Rating: ***


Scorpio Sky & Willie Mack vs. Matt Cross & Brody King

Three established California stars and youngster Brody King. His ambition and inexperience are on display. He’s not as crisp with his execution as he could be because he’s overreaching a lot of the time. The match is a lot better when Matt Cross is in there.


His experience and agility and strength all combine to counter the showy antics of Hollywood Heat. I’m particularly pleased with that team shutting down Scorpio Sky’s Spinneroonie, even if the crowd don’t appreciate it. They do a great job of keeping this interesting and hitting moves out of nowhere. Like when Sky is thrown out of the ring and uses his positioning to nail an ace crusher on the apron. Willie Mack downs Matt Cross and while he’s laying there on the mat he looks like someone squished Aleister Black.

Final Rating: **3/4


Intergender Championship

James Ellsworth (c) vs. Joey Ryan

Ellsworth is running an inter-gender gimmick since being canned by WWE as he was best known in that promotion for his interaction with women’s wrestlers.


Chinless Jimmy claims to be the biggest star who’s ever set foot in this bar. Then he says “vagina” and manages to turn his microphone off.


There’s a lot of stalling here, as often happens in Bar Wrestling. My favourite moment of the stalling is Joey going to grab Ellsworth by the chin and missing by at least a foot. Yanno, because he’s got no chin. Ellsworth tries to go after Joey’s dick but injures his foot on a kick, then his thigh on an atomic drop. To be fair to Ellsworth he’s making a career out of being a joke and has been able to transition his WWE nonsense into an Indie career.

Outside of the nonsense here it’s not a great match. Ellsworth whiffing on a big right hand at one point, which is pretty embarrassing. However when they do antics it’s fine. At one point Joey does a dick flip onto a load of beer cans. Ellsworth dodges the blow pop and finishes with a superkick to retain his Intergender strap. The banter was strong here.

Final Rating: **1/2


Spirit Squad vs. Brian Cage, Jeff Cobb & Tommy Dreamer

Hot Young Briley has joined the Spirit Squad. Hotty? He’s actually wearing Dolph Ziggler’s “Nicky” gear. This is an open challenge for the Spirit Squad. Cage answers first and they point out he can’t past a drug test. He’s followed by Cobb and then Dreamer to a huge pop. Seriously, this crowd adores Tommy. Maybe it’s because Alice in Chains is blaring over the PA while he puts a beating on the Spirit Squad. After a promising start, where a wild brawl covers the building, it settles into heat on Tommy and that’s not so good. Cage’s hot tag is suitably feisty. He almost decapitates poor Briley. I love a flurry of offence after a hot tag and Cage delivers that in spades.


The rulebook goes out of the window after that with low blows and a dose of cocaine to Mikey’s eyes. Kenny’s headband falls down and the Squad boys, both blinded, run a near falls sequence on each other. That’s great stuff chaps. The faces clear up after that and Briley is pinned after the Tour of the Islands. Lazy heat segment aside this was tremendous.

Final Rating: ***1/4



Another easy watch from Bar Wrestling. You’re not going to see many MOTYC in this promotion but it’s a damn good time and I never feel the urge to skip anything. It’s a two hour show and it’s a tight two hours with lots of good wrestling and entertaining matches. There’s plenty of variety and I always have a laugh. Which is why I continually keep coming back for more.









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