Bar Wrestling 8 review (1.18.18)

Bar Wrestling 8 review (1.18.18)

Bar Wrestling 8 Happily Ever After


January 18 2018


We’re in California at Baldwin Park. I enjoy Bar Wrestling shows but this one is super special; it’s the final Indie booking for WWE bound Candice LeRae. I’ve often found myself confused as to why Candice hadn’t already signed. When Gargano went there before her I was genuinely shocked. She has every attribute they look for in a wrestler. Anyway, she’s going there now and this her farewell.


Brian Cage vs. Scorpio Sky


Sky challenges Cage to an arm wrestling match, over Rich Knox’s back as an opening gambit. While wearing a backwards Lakers cap. This swiftly degenerates into Scorpio Sky doing wacky dives.

Cage is all about the power spots so that provides a nice contrast. Sky bringing the speed and throwing moves at Cage from weird angles and Cage occasionally throwing him around like a small child. Should you throw small children around? I’m not good at parenting.

Cage wiping out the ceiling decorations is par for the course. Rey Fenix destroyed them last time. Now it’s Cage’s turn. You’d think they’d just take them down! Or maybe it makes for a good visual. Having the central lights off doesn’t make for good lighting on the VOD that’s for damn sure. It’s very murky in the ring. Cage goes on a powerbomb rampage for the win. This was a fun little sprint.

Final Rating: ***


The Killer Baes & Brody King vs. Team Tremendous & Taya Valkyrie

Intergender action here with two women on one team and one on the other. Dan Barry in Team Tremendous is the best Dan Barry. Before this starts the ring announcer points out there are still people filing in so move forwards. It’s heaving in there. It’s the fullest I’ve ever seen this building. This match up is pretty sloppy, especially with Laura James in there. The focus is mainly on her gyrating butt. Big Bill Carr vs. Big Brody King is where the main sauciness occurs. Two large gentlemen slapping each other about. I’ve made it pretty clear how I feel about Dan Barry and all his flaws are on display as per usual here, although he does work the crowd better than I’ve seen before. Maybe he’ll be a manager after he retires. He also does some sensational comedy selling after having his face smashed into Laura’s ass repeatedly.


Big Bill Carr is the MVP here. His movement is great and he comes across like a young Big Bossman. Meanwhile Laura gets all his shtick over, as the female version of Joey Ryan, so it’s also a good match from her POV. The match does occasionally fall apart. Usually when Heather Monroe is in there. Her stuff with Taya is lousy. When the match is working it’s really good but there are too many ‘off’ moments. Barry gets pinned by King and the Baes pick up the duke.

Final Rating: **3/4


Jeff Cobb vs. Luchasaurus

This is, on paper, match of the night. I love Luchasaurus. He towers over Jeffy Cobb. As they’re announcing these two it’s noticeable how dark it is in there. Losing that main ceiling light as damaged the viewing experience.


Luchasaurus makes a point of doing all the flips and stuff but he’s 6’ 7”, he could just keep his feet on the ground. Cobb responds with an assortment of power moves and the Tour of the Islands finishes this fairly rapidly. This was a disappointment because it was such a total sprint. I was hoping for an extended match so I could get a look at Luchasaurus in a big match setting. Maybe they feel he isn’t ready. Bit of a squash. Cobb chants “extinct” at Luchasaurus after the match. That’s evil!

Final Rating: **1/2


Doomfly vs. Janelope

Doomfly are Delilah Doom and Eli Everfly. Janelope is Joey Janela and Penelope Ford taking the piss out of Doomfly’s name. Joey starts out by saying he’s not a Bad Boy tonight, he’s a good boy and proceeds to bicycle kick Delilah Doom in the face. Eli is tiny. He has to lean heavily on speed and wacky flips.


Joey is a total scumbag in this. At one point murdering Eli with a package piledriver on the apron while Delilah watches. Knowing she can see it but can’t get there in time to stop it. Doomfly make for a good team, due to similar size, speed and ability levels. Meanwhile Janela and Ford get to look like asshole heels for being bigger and stronger in every way. And being jerks about it. Delilah is the star in this one. She’s got so much energy and enthusiasm. Joey is second, as a scumbag, but his work is a shade below his character. Delilah gets more bonus points for using her legwarmers as part of her keep-fit gimmick, getting knee reps in the corner.

Eli Everfly is dead. I’ve clipped off the dreadful Ford handspring back elbow that preceded it. This is not even the finish! It’s not long before Eli is back up and completely missing a tope, plunging head first into the concrete floor. Doom manages to pick off Ford for a submission but Eli is completely dead so she’ll have to celebrate alone. This was sick. That Everfly kid is going to end up in the fucking wheelchair.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Billy Gunn vs. Hot Young Briley

Billy Gunn loves the “one fall” stuff.


Billy also takes exception to the ring announcer getting his home town wrong by reading it off Wikipedia. “The shit you saw in the first half of the show. You won’t see any of that shit from me”. Billy does a great job of working the crowd. The idea being he gets them all on side because he can’t do much in the ring. It’s a good strategy. They’re already rooting for him before the bell rings. Billy probably spends half the match bantering and everyone has a nice time. I should have had a timer on how long it is before they actually start wrestling because it’s probably a record. The wiseass crowd get a “fight forever” chant going after about ten minutes of stalling. The lock up gets a “holy shit” chant because it takes so long to happen. Then Billy busts out that one piece of chaining that Hulk Hogan learned to rapturous applause. Honestly the work is the drizzling shits but it’s that way on purpose. It’s a very meta situation. Is it bad because it’s bad or is it good because it’s so good at being bad? Fameasser finishes. Live crowd adored this but it was a total bag of shit. Billy Gunn did some masterful work in playing to his audience and understanding what they wanted. He’ll be back.

Final Rating: *


B-Boy & Willie Mack vs. Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas vs. The Carnies

The Carnies have a lot of hype from their work in the Southern Indies. Willie Mack & B-Boy steal the show here. B-Boy by simply punching people in the face, Willie Mack for flying into people like he doesn’t give a fuck. The Carnies have some untidy tag team stuff. It looks like they’ve not been together for long but they’ve been teaming for two years. They can’t time duel strikes at all. The double knee strike is particularly sloppy. The best work in the match comes from B-Boy being so fast and so accurate in his work. Plus Willie Mack doing a load of Austin spots is pretty great. The Carnies are at their best when being creative but struggle with everything outside of the big pre-planned high spots. Avalon and Rosas have better tag stuff and they come out on top of this bout with a tidy avalanche of kicks and such.

Final Rating: **3/4


Joey Ryan vs. Candice LeRae

This had to be the match Candice went out on, opposing her tag team partner in the World’s Cutest Tag Team. Candice gets one of the loudest pops in Bar Wrestling history.


Candice brings the emotions by slipping out of the ring, wanting to be tagged in ‘one more time’. Joey even crawls across the ring to make it a hot tag. Joey has to go slyly heel in order to have an actual match rather than a tribute to their team over the years. It gets to the point where someone calls Joey a “piece of shit” for shoving Knox into the ropes. The hatred is largely comedic, hence Ryan taking a flying DDT into a pile of gummi bears. “A pile of delicious danger” according to comms. Candice suffers the ignominy of Rolling Dick Flips into the gummi bears. Rolling. Dick. Flips.


Because she’s going to WWE Candice hits the Pedigree, into gummi bears obviously. The match is a mixture of madness. It’s dangerous high spots combined with silly comedy bits. Candice wins with Mr Toad’s Wild Ride and heads off to the WWE as a winner.


The tag partners share a post match hug. It’s been emotional. Candice really deserves this.

Final Rating: ***1/4




A tearful goodbye to the Indies for Candice LeRae, one of the loveliest of all Indie workers over the past 15 years. Seeing her sit with her family in the ring is beautiful. She deserves every success she gets. How was the show? It was decent. Despite my star rating for Gunn-Briley, nothing was actually bad. Like every Bar show it’s an easy watch.



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