Bar Wrestling 27 (12.31.18/1.1.19) review

Bar Wrestling 27 (12.31.18/1.1.19) review

Bar Wrestling 27: In the Midnight Hour


December 31 2018




We’re in Baldwin Park, California at American Legion Hall #241. I drop in and out of Bar Wrestling but I do love it. It’s unapogetically low level shindie and looks like a blast to be at. Plus they pull together talent from all over the place in the name of making Southern California interesting outside of PWG. Plus they keep their shows tight. This isn’t even two hours. Fucking love it. Host is Melissa Santos, who’s just has a baby and has also wrecked her knee.


Brody King interrupts and some asshole starts chanting “fuck her up Brody”. Like how much of an asshole do you have to be? Anyway, Brody challenges Skylar, Bryan Cage and Melissa’s newly born baby to a match. Brody gets handily beaten by that goddamn baby grip.

Brody King offering a handshake and then flipping the bird is very pro wrestling.


Andy Brown, Brandon Cutler & Dave Dutra vs. Luchasaurus, Eric Watts & Tyler Bateman

The first team are basically all local guys who haven’t caught a break. Cutler had a brief run in PWG but otherwise they’re strictly California Indies guys. All of the other team are really big dudes. Watts is 6’6” and he takes a nasty bump due to his size in the early going that leaves him on one arm. Cutler is 6’2” and genuinely looks small up against all of the opposition team. When WWE stop signing hosses they start to populate the Indies. It’s very weird. The match drops in and out of being interesting but every now and again there’s a spot that really pops me like Dutra’s snap suplex. I like Luchasaurus but he tries so hard to wrestle like a Indie spot guy. The thighs are being slapped a lot. I much prefer him doing power stuff and getting confused because he tries to chokeslam three guys and only has two hands. Then he’s doing little dancey things with Cutler and it’s trash, frankly. Then Bateman and Dutra get confused as to who is supposed to Irish whip who and then they try and lariat each other, but not in a good way. They try to work in party popper spots too and none of it works. The harder they try, the more the match falls apart. And it never ends too. It just keeps going long after I’ve given up on it. They flog the dead horse for a while longer and Bateman comes out with the pin. Points for effort but I’m sure everyone involved realised this went off the rails and struggled.

Final Rating: *3/4


Takeshi Minamino & Kikutaro vs. The RockNES Monsters (Kevin Martenson & Johnny Yuma)


Following the rampant overambitions of the opener it’s nice to see a change of pace here with Kikutaro running heavy comedy. So we get anal probing and beard-clotheslines. Yuma is horrified to take the Oil Check and the finger smell when he no sells it. While the comedy is good when it hits, the hit rate probably isn’t as high as it could be. Martenson not minding the smell of his own butt is a highlight but it’s not a patch on a series of terrific low blows. RockNES wins via double teams and this was fun and an improvement on the opener without ever being technically good in any way.

Final Rating: **1/4


Bryan Cage vs. Dan Barry vs. Ryan Taylor vs. Jake Atlas

Cage is clearly the biggest star in this. Atlas is a big prospect. He’s about three years in and can flip. He carries himself like he’s going to be a great pro wrestler. Not everything is there just yet. He does a great dodge to set up a tope but his own tope looks overly cautious.


Dan Barry actually impresses me here. Yeah, there’s a first for everything. His timing is good, he’s in position when he needs to be and his personality shines through. The spot where Cage is standing behind him (see above) is peak pro wrestling. There’s one tiny flub on a quebrada but otherwise he’s in good shape here. It helps that these four follow a relative lack of competence in the opening two matches.

Everyone looks good but Atlas looks so eager and driven. He needs to iron out the rough edges but some of his dodging to set up spots is incredible. His backflip cartwheel deal to avoid being killed by Cage is really good. The only major issue the match runs into is overkill. There are way too many big spot/kick outs going on when there are two other guys running around who could break up pins. Cage ends up killing Barry with the Steiner Screwdriver. This was heaps of fun. Big thumbs up.

Final Rating: ***3/4


Darby Allin & Priscilla Kelly vs. Doomfly (Eli Everfly & Delilah Doom)


This could be completely nuts. Allin has no sense of self preservation and Everfly scares me on a match by match basis. Kelly is the one with buzz as she did that whole tampon thing but the Allin/Everfly interactions are the ones to watch. Doom has an issue too as she clonks Allin in the head with her knee on a double 619 attempt. Darby is great in this and it boggles the mind that EVOLVE didn’t just put the belt on him.


This isn’t a great showing for either of the women but they both try hard to keep up with two exciting top tier male talents. Darby is the stand out for me here. He’s so fast and explosive. Everfly kills Priscilla on the apron and Allin gets double teamed for the loss. I hope I see everything Darby Allin does in 2019.

Incidentally Priscilla Kelly is mad as hell at the finish and comes up covered in blood after the apron spot and goes after the Doomfly team. Darby Allin is once again the pro, calming everything down.

I actually wound back and the blood came from a spot where Doom gave Kelly a potato shot after a somewhat clumsy reversal. That was before Kelly’s big death spot on the apron.


Ruby Raze vs. Katarina Leigh vs. Nicole Savoy vs. Heather Monroe

Ruby is a California local. Katarina is too, seeing as she moved to LA to be an actress. That hasn’t quite happened for her and she’s been back in Impact last year. Savoy is great. I’d be shocked if someone didn’t sign her up to a contract this year with the thin field of women’s talent and the number of companies looking to sign them (WWE’s multiple brands, Impact, ROH, AEW). Monroe is from Iowa and if one of these ladies could be described as a “Bar Wrestling talent” it would be Heather. Ruby is a powerhouse and is the focal point of the match.



Beer chug chicken fight? The match is a lot of fun, which has been a theme of the night (when people didn’t start shooting on each other). They start popping off WWE finishers and Savoy’s Stonecold Stunner, with associated taunt, is great. Monroe ends up spiking Katarina with a Michinoku Driver for the pin. This was harmless fun. It wasn’t especially clean but it was enjoyable.

Final Rating: ***


HOH Twitch TV Championship

Willie Mack (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer


The last thing I want to see here is Tommy Dreamer be all serious and try to wrestle a good match. Just fuck about and get paid for doing stupid shit. That’s the Bar Wrestling way. Instead they run through a match that you’d see if you tuned in to House of Hardcore, which I’d strongly advise you not to do because House of Hardcore sucks. There’s certainly effort there but Tommy’s match structure is stuck in 1999 and can stay there. After heading down that route they set unreasonable scenarios up. So the crowd are chanting for tables because they use chairs. Willie Mack hits a chair assisted Stunner for the win in a dopey finish that saw Dreamer bounce off the ropes twice to stay up on previous finishers. I’ll give Dreamer credit for still working hard in 2018 but his matches and his promotion are just bad.

Final Rating: *1/2


PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) vs. Colt Cabana & Joey Ryan vs. Jervis Cottonbelly & Martina

The match kicks off at 11.55pm on New Year’s Eve so midnight will hit during the match. I love Colt Cabana getting so wound up that nobody will touch Joey’s dick that he jumps in the ring screaming “TOUCH HIS DICK” before grabbing it himself and collapsing in pain. The weird part of this is New Year happens and they don’t have a spot to lead into it or anything. What a missed opportunity that was. Everyone hugs afterwards and has a nice time but this is a once in a year opportunity and they blew it.


Anyhow, it’s a party! There’s a lot of comedy stuff and attempts at switching gears that don’t work.

Antics ensue. Martina fits right in and Jervis does a good job of being all wholesome as a contrast. Him rocking Joey to sleep is great. PPRay end up double teaming Jervis for the pin and we’re done here.

Final Rating: **3/4


Post Match: The party gets started in earnest and Ray Rosas decides to strip. I dread to think how bizarre this got after they went offline.



Bar Wrestling is a show I really enjoy. There was a mixed bag of stuff here. A lot of comedy, most of which hit. The insane shoot angle with Doom and Kelly. Hopefully they can get together and turn that into a heated work. There were some matches that didn’t work but I wouldn’t have been disappointed if I’d been there live. Although that’s probably I would have been drunk by the time the shooting happening. Happy New Year everyone!

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