AML Fourth Anniversary Celebration (1.27.19) review

AML Fourth Anniversary Celebration (1.27.19) review

AML Fourth Anniversary Celebration


January 27 2019


Hiya, tis I, Arnold Furious watching the Shindies since 2001 so you personally don’t have to. We’re here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and if you want to nosh down on a diet of AML it’s on Highspots network. Hosts for this are Coach Josh Gerry (never trust a man with two first names) and Jacob Hammermeier. Here’s what they look like:


That’s right; NEEEERDDS. Just kidding Gerry Josh, I’m sure you’re lovely. They throw to George South. The same George South I used to watch as a jobber on TV as a child for WCW. He says he’s a family man and just bought a house. He must be at least 55 years old.


Promo Time: Teddy Long

Oh please book a tag team match!


The camera work on this show is nauseating. Crash zooms, cuts before the shot is lined up, camera jiggling around. I’m getting motion sickness! George South interrupts to abuse Teddy for leaving the dirty south to join WWE. Oh, like you did in 1994 you filthy fucking jobber? Took that ham and egg money didn’t ya George? Teddy decides to call South racist and walks out. Holy shit. A nervous looking pint-sized black interviewer then enters the ring. Still working them racial tensions in North Cackalacki huh? “Yes, I’m racist. I hate stupid rednecks”. This goes on for like twenty minutes. South clearly mistaking the rambling opening promos on RAW as what wrasslin is now. Eventually he gets around to challenging Caleb Konley to that ‘loser leaves town’ match RIGHT NOW! Obviously George couldn’t work it later because it’d be after his bedtime.


AML Championship

George South (c) vs. Caleb Konley

Konley is one of those Impact guys that I never get to see because they’re on Impact. Because this is loser leaves town they turn this into an epic. I’d have been perfectly happy with Konley winning with a roll up in five minutes flat. The match is horribly put together. Konley illegally uses the ropes on an abdominal stretch but then the ref kicks South off the ropes. Then South cannot bring himself to pin Konley. What the fuck are they doing out there? If they wanted South to be conflicted why did he come out here and cut a heel promo on the crowd calling them rednecks and pigs? South then wins with a crossbody and Konley is gone. What the fuck was this? What was the point of any of this?

Final Rating: DUD


Devin Driscoll vs. JB Cole

JB Cole is the second coming of Sparky Plugg. Only minus Bob Holly’s talent and presence. He’s popular with some of the old folks around here because of his love of NASCAR. Devin calls him “Ricky Bobby” and I’m immediately hoping Driscoll makes Talladega Nights references all match. I’ll just crack out a gentleman’s three for that alone, sir. Instead I get JB Cole and his “forearm strikes”. It’s like his arm and body are not even remotely connected. Like his arm is possessed by an evil spirit that likes hitting people and the rest of him is just along for the ride. His leg does the same thing on dropkicks. It is absolutely mesmerising. I like that his evil right side over overwhelmed by his pure left side on a Savage Elbow, which appropriately misses. Cole is better taking bumps and his takes a mean spear off Driscoll. Devin stops off to cut a promo about how he’s going to kill Cole like Dale Earnhardt or something, promptly gets hit in the nuts and Cole picks up the win. This was certainly something.

Final Rating: *1/4


Preston Quinn vs. Danny Miles

Quinn is a Trump supporter and one of his fans has a sign that says “fake news”. Donald, you have a lot to answer for. Danny Miles reminds me of that wave of Indie guys who wrestled like Benoit circa 2003. He does a phenomenal death sell when Preston punches him square in the jaw.

Plus he does this, which is cool. The selling and the spot from Quinn. I dig it. The show has taken a bit move up with this match. They work snug and smooth and if you overlook both guys having less than spectacular ‘looks’ then you’re quids in. They have a clever finish too with Miles getting run into his own chain, positioned by Quinn earlier (and he even moves it after the pin) and the vertical brainbuster finishes. Why have I not heard of Preston Quinn before? He’s been knocking around the Indies forever. He’s definitely at the wrong end of his career now but he’s latched onto the MAGA thing and is running with it, character wise. His in-ring is very solid and Miles did a good job of bumping the big spots.

Final Rating: **3/4


Mallaki Matthews vs. Colby Corino vs. Axton Ray


Colby cuts a fantastically unhinged promo where he says he’ll fuck Mallaki’s mom, become his step-dad and ground him so he can’t wrestle. Thinking outside the box my dude. Ray is a clean cut young fella but Mallaki looks like he crawled out of a swamp. His nickname is the “Ratslayer”. Colby is very impressive. He’s fast and fluid and although he’s a skinny kid you sense he’s set down some great basics for a career ahead. Plus that second generation name will help. Being a better wrestler than Steve Corino is a low bar. Colby struggles with a few power spots and he definitely needs more mass. I’m generally not a fan of multi-man matches with young guys in. They get all excitable and multi-man matches are grown up, veteran territory. Some of the spots don’t come off at all. Axton attempts this springboard thing into a sunset flip, which crashes and burns. If everything came off clean I’d be all excited about this and raving about it on the Twitter app. Mallaki in particular struggles with his movement around the ring. So naturally he wins.

Final Rating: **1/2


Promo Time: Nick Aldis


Is this an NWA affiliate? Aldis talks up the ten lbs of gold and leaves.


Chip Day vs. CW Anderson

You don’t get many ECW veterans in the Indies nowadays. Not good ones anyway.


Anderson always looked old though so him being 48 years old makes little difference to his appearance. He’s a bit slower, that’s about it. Chip Day got a lot of hype a few years ago but he’s a midcard slob with a beer belly and I doubt he’ll ever amount to anything more. He is a very good technician but I cannot get past his physique or lack thereof. He kinds reminds me of Dean Allmark, only he’s not as good. The structure has major issues too. Chip hits Black Mass very early and CW is unconscious but the pin is really slow for no reason and then they indulge in a spot of limb work. I’m probably being harsh as the match is hard-hitting and fun and CW is pretty consistent in selling the bad knee. CW has a weird relationship with Brittany Marie, his motivational corner lady. Is that his daughter or something? Chip brutalises the knee some more and CW has to tap out. I really enjoyed the leg theme. When it started I thought they were going through a ‘phase’ but instead it was the story of the entire match. I fucking dig it guys. Keep this sort of thing up.

Final Rating: ***1/2


Brandon Scott vs. Puma King


Ryan Satin doesn’t know who Puma King is. Maybe he should be a regular at AML. Get those spicy hot imports. Scott is ok. Puma King is more personality than skill. The opening exchanges are perfunctory at best. Then they do the dumbest spots in what can only be an attempt to annoy anyone that likes wrestling. The fist drop off the top. The ‘you don’t deserve a second fist drop off the top’ spot. The ‘arm drops two times but oh, wait, not the third time’ choke. Everything is really low impact and dull. It would be fair to say that Puma King doesn’t bring his A game for a match with Brandon Scott. I find Scott intensely frustrating. He shows flashes of being good but specifically buries that under his heel work. They step it up a bit down the stretch and Puma King wins with an Alabamaslam off the ropes. Decent finish, shame about all the bullshit.


Puma King gets a big pop for scaring the pants off heel colour guy Jacob.

Final Rating: **1/2


AML Tag Team Championship

The Dawson Brothers (c) vs. The Gymnasty Boys vs. The Heatseekers vs. The Geordie Bulldogs

The Geordie Bulldogs are a couple of Americans with Union flags on their gear. I don’t really understand what makes them Geordies unless their family is from there? I’m certain I’ve seen at least one of them wrestle before and was unimpressed. This starts off quietly with technical stuff until they sneak in a Canadian Destroyer. Mark Denny, in spite of me disliking him for impersonating a Brit, is one of the more fun workers here. Aiming to chokeslam anything that moves, including his own brother and both tag champs…who have a quite extreme size advantage. Mark Denny ends up getting worked over for heat and I’m confused as to why you’d do that when there are so many dudes standing around on the apron looking bored. After the hot tag everyone smashes each other with big moves and we can finally get the match going.

Just when the match looks to be headed to the kind of wacky territory I really enjoy they bump the ref. Then there are belt shots and the Gymnasty Boys win with a cheeky roll up. The Heatseekers, former four-time champs, are not pleased about it. Well then they should have cheekily rolled someone up.

Final Rating: ***


AML Prestige Championship

Billy Brash (c) vs. Bandido


Bandido is easily the biggest name on the card. The title is a weird one. You can trade it in for a title shot, should you choose, at any time. It also changes hands on count outs and DQ’s. I do like the idea of a title with very different rules. There are 15 minutes left on the show when the match starts. I’ve not seen Brash before but he’s a big lad; 6’4”/225lbs. He actually looks skinny because he’s so tall. The relatively small Bandido starts doing insane thing.

Bandido, like Puma King, doesn’t go nuts and throw caution to the wind here but he’s so effortlessly good that even low-effort Bandido is really impressive. Some of his bumps are downright lazy but he’s still smashing standing SSP’s for his own amusement. Brash is clearly not in Bandido’s league. His strikes are weaker and his movement isn’t as smooth. He does take a nice bump and I love his reckless dives. The combination of Brash’s capacity to take wacky spots and Bandido’s desire to deliver them results in a pretty strong main event. Brash counters in mid-move to hit a sit out powerbomb and retain. This was really good. Not great or anything but it was good enough to put Brash on my radar. For a guy his size, he takes wicked bumps.

Final Rating: ***1/2



This show started horribly. Until Preston Quinn and Danny Miles restored my faith in professional wrestling it went through quite the blip there. AML has been going for four years, the same length of time as OTT. It shows how certain companies are a wee bit more ambitious. That’s not to say there isn’t talent here. Chip Day and Billy Brash are both excellent prospects but both need to work on their appearance in order to get to a higher level. I’m sure they’re both aware of this. The American Indies have been so pillaged of late that it’s almost a wasteland with talent having to find a way and most of the remaining guys having major components missing. Still there’s one thing that will always remain; hope. America is the land of opportunity. Several gentlemen on this show now have a major opportunity and space to work into. Should they choose to dedicate themselves 100% they have every chance of making it to the top in pro wrestling. Nothing between them but air and opportunity.

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  1. Cracking start to the year, AF. Great output in both quality and quantity. Looking forward to reading more rando indie shows!

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