AAA Guerra de Titanes 2018 II review (12.2.18)

AAA Guerra de Titanes 2018 II review (12.2.18)

AAA Guerra de Titanes II






December 2 2018


Above is a link to Cubsfan’s preview of the show. Without which I would be quite lost. His deep knowledge of lucha-libre helps people like me, who know fuck all about lucha, a door into the world of AAA.


Ultimo Maldito, Extrem X & Principe Sfeir vs. Arkangel Divino, Dark Finder & Discovery

Maldito and Divino caused a sensation earlier in the year when various shit from their trios match in AAA went viral. My most liked tweet, ever, is one of DIvino hitting a wacky rana on Maldito. This match is really not at the same level due to the other guys not being on that level. Maldito vs. Divino features a bunch of cool shit including the step up rana that got me all those damn likes. I don’t know who is Extrem X and Sfeir but one of them is downright bad (pretty sure it is Sfeir). Dark Finder does some tremendously wacky lucha stuff including a double springboard moonsault. The match has a lot of Canadian Destroyers but Dark Finder botches his bump, thus wrecking the effect. While it doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor that the Divino/Maldito work has had in the past its still a balls to the wall effort from all involved. The finish sees Divino do an insane multiple rotation flying headscissors out of a spinning Torture Rack right into a Fujiwara armbar for the submission. Like I said, this isn’t on the level of the last time I saw these guys but it was a lot of fun and both Divino and Maldito are killing it right now.

Final Rating: ***3/4


AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Faby Apache (c) vs. Lady Shani vs. La Hiedra vs. Scarlett Bordeaux

Keyra was supposed to be in this match but she isn’t. Faby Apache actually won this title at the last Guerra de Titanes, beating Lady Shani. If you’re watching this on Twitch, where they leave EVERYTHING in this starts an hour into the show.


Scarlett is the only wrestler not wearing a mask to the ring, although Faby doesn’t wrestle in hers. The women’s revolution in Mexico is a little behind their American counterparts but they’re doing it in their own unique fashion.


Scarlett is all fun and games while everyone else is quite serious, which leads to her walking out and leaving Faby to be double teamed by Hiedra and Shani. Her title is now in greater risk of being lost. It’s a shame we lose Scarlett as I was enjoying her work. They do a bit with the ref, who screws Faby over after she gives him a satellite backbreaker and Shani is the new champ. This was…something. You can tell Konan booked it.

Final Rating: **1/2


La Mascara, La Parka Negra & Taurus vs. Mamba, Maximo & Pimpinela Escarlata

This is one of those ‘wait, which La Parka is this?’ moments. Lucha can be so confusing. The next match is even worse with another guy playing a variation on Mistico’s character. Maximo’s gimmick is one that I don’t really understand. It seems to turn other wrestlers into dancers. It would be fair to call this whole thing Lost in Translation. The rudos are supposed to be all badasses but La Parka Negra in particular doesn’t deliver. Taurus peaks with his mask, which is totally badass. I keep expecting the technicos to get a kicking and it never really happens. Unless you count Mascara doing a *thigh slap* heavy superkick. At least slap the other leg dude. Maximo gets a little joy by kissing La Parka Negra but Mascara beats him anyway. Rumour has it they’re doing hair vs. hair to end this feud in January. Why can’t it be over now?

Final Rating: *1/2


Video Control advises us to buy a fucking sandwich right now.


Then Pagano throws a load of delicious Nutri Deli sandwiches into the crowd.


AAA World Trios Championship

Nuevo Poder del Norte (Carta Brava Jr, Mocho Cota Jr & Tito Santana) (c) vs. Laredo Kid, El Hijo del Vikingo & Myzteziz Jr

Angelikal is the wrestler who has now morphed into Myzteziz Jr. Which makes him about the fifth guy to be running around doing a Mistico gimmick right now.


Trios matches are usually a lot of fun in AAA. The last match is excluded from this based on the ongoing feud and clash of styles. This match is closer in tone to the opener. It’s a bunch of wacky shit with Poder del Norte bringing a level of cheating to their work but in an entertaining fashion. It’s not sluggish because they’re cheating. These motherfuckers are cheating as fast as they can. The slingshot chair shot on Myzteziz Jr has me howling. When he wakes up with a concussion and no memory of why he’s Mistico now it’ll make for an intriguing storyline. All the fiery babyface dives in the comebacks feel that much more important because they need to turn the tide to stop themselves getting collectively fucked up. So we get flying ranas out of nowhere and collective evil to counter it all. Fucking hell, it’s a great match. The timing isn’t perfect on everything but when it does click it’s a worldie. I’m jumping out of my seat and cackling at some of the spots. The dives leading to the finish in particular with a huuuuuge moonsault to the floor taking one guy out before a barrage of top rope spots finish. New champs! Great ten minute match with a team of cheating bastards getting their comeuppance in flashy as fuck fashion. I loved this match. Sure it could have done with being cleaned up a bit at times but otherwise brilliant entertainment.

Final Rating: ****


La Parka, Laredo Kid & Myzteziz Jr vs. Los OGT’s (Averno, Chessman & Super Fly)

Following the previous match they did a big fight involving La Parka and then it turned into a match. I didn’t really pay attention because this is the shit La Parka. So Laredo and Myzteziz Jr are left to save another match. Averno pulls La Parka’s mask off, and fucks that up, exposing the fake La Parka for the fraud he is. He shouldn’t be jeered for that lads, cheer him.

Final Rating: NR (I wasn’t paying attention, sorry)


AAA World Tag Team Championship

El Texano Jr & Rey Escorpion (c) vs. Ciclope & Miedo Extremo vs. Joe Lider & Pagano

This is under “Lucha Extrema” rules, so anything goes. Because lucha sticks so rigidly to rules at the best of times! The real feud here is Ciclope & Miedo vs. Lider & Pagano over who’s the most extreme team in Mexico. The champs happen to be in the match due to them being the champs. Due to the stipulations I’m expecting carnage but what I actually get is a straight up match with tags and shit. Why would anyone tag in and out in a hardcore match? Staple guns and table are legal. Why even tag?


This is legal! Lider keeps taking spots with those hanging out of his skull too. It’s fairly sickening. Other sterling ideas include wrapping barbwire around Texano’s leg and hitting a leg jam. Then light tubes get involved and thumbtacks. I’m pleased they have the multi-coloured ones. It makes taking a backdrop into tacks that much more colourful.

The match has a lot of big bumps and crazy spots but it feels really disjointed and messy. It would look great in clips, for example, but having to watch the whole thing involves sitting through clunky transitions and awkward spots. Pagano dies at the finish and Los Mercenarios pick up the win. Which is fairly predictable as Los Mazisos (Ciclope & Miedo) are outsiders. Plus neither of their guys took the loss so they have a ready made defence here. This had sick high spots but the execution outside of them was wildly patchy.

Final Rating: ***1/4


AAA Latin America Championship

El Hijo de Fantasma (c) vs. Drago

ELDF has held this belt for nearly two years at this point. Although AAA titles are odd. This one has barely been defended and the last defence was back in March. None of that 30 day stipulation here. Nine months has passed.


Drago’s costume is everything I love about lucha in one picture. His style is up my alley too. Intense look and intense flying. Given his range of skills you’d think he’d get a big chunk of the match but instead he’s reduced to comebacks and Fantasma runs the show. This includes opening Drago up, the masked man bleeding through the eye hole of his mask in a quite horrific visual. The referee fucks the finish up, not noticing that Drago has Fantasma pinned thus resulting in an even slower than usual pinfall count. Anyway, Drago picks up the win and the title in a rare title switch. This was a hard fought 15 minute bout but it never quite captured my imagination. I blame Fantasma.

Final Rating: ***1/2


This is the point where Rey Fenix was due to defend his title against Brian Cage but both guys got injured in the build up. Cage is shown is on the big screen apologising for his injury. Presumably he got hurt wrestling Moose for Impact tapings, although he was in a tag match for Bar a few days after this. It may have been a way to work around Fenix being injured. He limps to the ring to cut a promo and some people are actually booing.


Fuck those people. Anyway, Fenix offers an open challenge to anyone in the back and gets Laredo Kid! That’s a future title bout.


Blue Demon Jr & Killer Kross vs. Dr Wagner Jr & Psycho Clown

This is the main event, which is a very AAA thing to do. Scarlett is back out here to corner Kross, which is a bonus as Kross is virtually unwatchable. Psycho Clown is not well liked here. He’s usually a fire babyface but you can’t be loved universally. Wagner and Demon are icons but are both in their 50s at this point.


Dr Wagner Jr struts to the ring like a king. Wearing a crown and a fur coat is quite the Look. To compensate for a lack of skill there’s a lot of walking and brawling and it’s a rough match to watch. Scarlett gets involved and that’s arguably the most entertaining part of the match. That’s cut off by Vampiro strolling down to stop it. How dare anyone have a nice time in AAA! Not on my watch says Vampiro!


The match is filled with moments of poor timing. In particular from Kross. The spot where he is late attacking Psycho Clown means PC has to turn around and turn back so he doesn’t “see” it coming. And don’t get me started on the fucking finish. Demon and Kross have Wagner pinned and the ref doesn’t count three. He just fucks the pin up. Then they go back into position and count the three. This was a shambles and an awful way to finish the show but this was actually better than both of the main events from the last time I watched AAA so I guess its getting better?

Final Rating: *



AAA is a weird promotion. I much more enjoyed their last Guerra de Titanes because at least that show was wildly entertaining even if two of the main events were terrible and booked into oblivion by superhero Vampiro. The booking was less ‘hands on’ here but patchy in more forgettable ways. When this show was bad it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as last time. There are some nice little highlights. If I was cherry picking I’d definitely watch the opener and the other big crazy trios match. Both those matches had multiple WTF moments of sheer lucha wizardry. The rest of the show dragged at me, I’m not gonna lie. AAA, normally a shithouse alternative, didn’t really deliver here. The same way ICW didn’t deliver at the Hydro. Give me a complete shit-show over this any day of the week.


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