PWG Time Is A Flat Circle review (3.23.18)

PWG Time Is A Flat Circle review (3.23.18)

PWG Time Is A Flat Circle – 23rd March 2018


Here In….not sunny Reseda, California but Los Angeles, California, PWG’s new building of the Globe Theatre to be exact. PWG originally had this planned on Reseda like normal but “oversold tickets” so they are now in the Globe Theatre on and off until it becomes their full time home. “Time Is A Flat Circle” is the name of this show and is probably PWG’s most anticipated show in a long time, at least since I’ve been following show in-show out. Excalibur & Rick Knox are on commentary.

Joey Janela vs. Rey Horus


Strangely suitable opener for the (not officially but basically) new era of PWG as Janela & Horus are new-ish regulars. Janela recently had the worst PWG match I’ve ever seen vs. Dalton Castle & outside of PWG has also had some dead matches in my opinion, Horus on the other hand has been a delight in PWG so far so this could’ve gone either way really. Janela & Horus did start off with some lovely little lucha exchanges.



Granted this is a Joey Janela match so of course the very next spot was a chair being thrown at Rey’s face, however the great lucha spots & mad dives outweighed the Janela-ism’s & this was almost the best opener they could have, showing off the best of two regulars & got the crowd off the a great start. (*** ¼)


Douglas James vs. Brody King vs. Eli Everfly vs. Jake Atlas

A brilliant use of 4 local SoCal talents. All men are trainees of the local “Santino Wrestling school”. Crowd are fully into the match straight away as Atlas & James have a brilliant exchange with Atlas giving James a sliding firm slap to the face.


You already know this is going to be good. Eli Everfly really shone in this match, like he would later down the line at Spring Break, He is very small & very good at wacky lucha style maneuvers i.e. springboard flat liner but instead of a flatline he hits a Spanish fly. The match was very spotty but in all the right ways, I think this really helped being at the Globe Theatre rather than Reseda, mainly for the acoustics, the crowd were louder and during lulls between spots noise was still being generated. One spot in particular which I find hard to believe was planned involved Jake Atlas hitting a beautiful top rope Asai Moonsault to the outside which missed but not because a wrestler moved but because no one was actually there. That rocked. Brody King came across as the next big star of PWG in this, finishing off Everfly with sick looking Crucifix/Awful waffle kind of combo (Excalibur referred to it as Super Dragon esque) (*** ¾)


Bandido & Flamita vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)


PWG Booked this match hot off the much shouted about exact same match from The Rascalz’s Dragon Gate debut in January. This match kicked all kinds of ass. It ticks all the boxes you’d want and for me as someone who had seen the previous match it still ticked all the boxes as they didn’t just re-incarnate the same match they had beforehand like some would. It was under 10 minutes, Hot crowd & action from start to finish & yet again continuing the trend of this show in making its new regulars shine bright. (****)



Adam Brooks vs. IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay


Non title match for this one between the two rivals, Excalibur is particularly good on commentary straight away here bringing up and explaining pretty well the intricate history of these two & how their worldwide rivalry relates to PWG. The match really got into gear….straight away with Brooks hitting Ospreay with a slap, which he missed so he slapped him a second time, doesn’t sound great but popped the crowd massively, trust me. Brooks took a lot of the match early on and was surprised at how well it worked with the crowd, maybe I shouldn’t be as Brooks is a very good heel. He does the over-the-top ™ shtick but it works partly in this match due to Ospreay being a great seller but also because of his Aussie Charisma & Americans love that stuff. What really made this match from bloody great to amazing was the last 5-6 minutes of this. Brooks hitting all his major moves & his finisher the Swanton Bomb but couldn’t put Ospreay away and on the contrary Ospreay gave Brooks even more with Brooks kicking out of the highly protected OsCutter before being put away with the Stormbreaker.



Adam Brooks lost the match but he came out of this better than he would’ve winning. Tremendous match with some incredible sequences. **** ½


Jeff Cobb vs. Jonah Rock


Big Jeffery vs Big Jonah up next & these two despite being very good sometimes can underdeliver in singles matches. This was one of those occasions, not to say it was bad because it wasn’t, it was pretty good but not quite the level in theory these two could have, they did a lot of big boy bombs.



Crowd wasn’t all that for this match, probably because of the Ospreay match they had just seen but they picked up pretty well as they got into the flow of things leading  the match from decent to pretty good. *** ¼


Matt Riddle vs. Zack Sabre Jr (“Weighing in this evening at 13 ½ Stone, He wants you to know he won the New Japan Cup two fucking days ago”)


This is Zack’s first match after beating Hiroshi Tanahashi in an all time classic in the New Japan Cup final, as said via ring announcer….2 fucking days ago.

Even playing field to begin with some early mat wrestling only for Riddle to reply with 5x Karelin lift. Riddle stays in control until he goes for a Broton which Zack in typical ZSJ fashion, sharply turns into armbar, The two trade armbars & knee bars until Shock n awe from the crowd as ZSJ applies a Toe Lock to a barefoot Riddle.

This was awesome & what I loved about this match, it wasn’t like any of the matches they’ve/would have, it was technical & Intense but very back and forth, almost constantly & didn’t overstay its welcome at a solid 15+ minutes long. Great Stuff. ****


PWG Champion Chuck Taylor vs. Keith Lee (“you’re going to cheer for this giant motherfucker, are you kidding me”)


This is Chuckie T’s 2nd defense of his 2nd Reign after regaining the title in a bloody good Guerilla Warfare match vs Ricochet (1/12/18) then murdering his best friend Trent? (2/16/18) Bit unclear going into this match whether Chuckie T is a heel or not.


Match starts with Chuck rolling to the outside, spends a good 5 mins bantering with the crowd about how he can’t believe he is being booed over Keith (He is a Heel then) They brawl and in typical PWG fashion Excalibur can’t see what is happening from his vantage point! after some neat brawling in the crowd Chuck hits Keith with Soul Food only to get planted with Keith’s big one arm spinebuster move right after (don’t think it has a name) Keith goes for a big boy moonsault only to miss and Chuck hit a swinging DDT, diving Foot stomp x2 and a rough Swanton not enough to put Keith away.



Chuck goes for the Awful Waffle but obviously Keith is a big lad, so this failed, so of course Chuck then tries a powerbomb which didn’t work .Then we enter Keith Lee’s specialty, his fantastic looking forearms. They are so good. So good. Few slugfests later and Lee hits a Spirit Bomb, but to no avail. Chuck hits a turnbuckle assisted Awful Waffle but to no avail.



Then to one of my least favourite tropes (the grab the belt, will he hit him with it, oh he has a change of heart)

This can work just not in a match with no real story like this, then out of nowhere Keith hits a Ground Zero & 1,2,3 KEITH LEE IS THE NEW PWG WORLD CHAMPION. Star Rating – (** ¾)

This was Decent I’d say, It did its job of giving Keith Lee his Gold watch run, like PWG did with Ricochet almost and Chuck did well at being a whiny Heel. But the match just didn’t really connect as Chuck is too over & loveable to truly be a heel and they just didn’t quite have a good match.




Time Is A Flat Circle was a fantastic way of introducing what PWG will be for the foreseeable future, getting over new wrestlers & current regulars that will be big time players. The change of venue is a big turn on for some as many hate Reseda, to the Reseda lovers I’d say it is not too far different, I will too miss the Reseda after ASW but It is different enough in all the right ways that will appeal to those turned off PWG by Reseda. Two great matches, one Fantastic & three pretty to very good undercard matches means this is a highly recommended show.

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  1. Is Eli Everfly paying you to say this? Because he looked terrible here and just as awful at spring break. He’s sloppy and reckless. No thanks.

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