RVR Year End Awards: Worst TV Show

RVR Year End Awards: Worst TV Show

Hello and welcome to the Rear View Reviews 2017 Year End Awards spectacular. Before we get to handing stuff out here are a list of contributors:


Arnold Furious. Director of Content. Reviewer of the matches. @ArnoldFurious

Amanda Why. Interviewer Extraordinaire. Watcher of NXT. @manda_why

Ian Hamilton. Has seen more wrestling than you this year. @theianhamilton

Aqeel Khalid. Podcaster. Spewer of Lovely Takes. @AqeelKhalid

Chris Boyle. Website Organiser. Editor in Chief. @boyleybugs

VK. Your Pal. Progressive. @vilinskikonjic

Jack Stevenson. Dragon Gate Guy. Rad as heck. @stevensonj95

Mark Ashford. Likes Live Shows. Sorry, “loikes”. @iloikewrestling


Not everyone contributed to every award, nor submitted a “top 3”. Points are given thusly; 3 points for first place on a ballot. 2 points for second. 1 point for third. I present a list of total points and everyone who got votes…


Worst TV Show:

  1. RAW 10
  2. 205 Live 4
  3. Impact 4
  4. Smackdown 3
  5. ICW Fight Club 3


It’s not that RAW is essentially a bad TV show but at three hours long it’s simply too much time to fill on a Monday evening. Over the course of 2017 the show has found itself containing more and more filler and the third hour has become such a dumpster fire that Enzo Amore headlined RAW this year. The other nominated shows are mostly here because people have been driven away from them by their foolishness and mediocrity. Impact isn’t a bad show, but it doesn’t do anything to encourage viewers and 205 Live started out so poorly that any potential audience it had is completely gone. Worse still; the arrival of 205 Live led to WWE cancelling Talking Smack, which was the best thing on the Network.

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