Rear Booze Reviews: The Holdings Syrah Malbec

Rear Booze Reviews: The Holdings Syrah Malbec



Date Drank: May 18 2018




Hey, I’m not a Conservative or anything but I am in the Times wine club.


Yeaaaaah, sorry about that but in my defence I’m old and I like delicious beverages. According to their tasting notes The Holdings Syrah (which is French for Shiraz) Malbec is medium, rounded, a deep crimson purple and ripe with blackberry, plum and spice with meaty complexity. Words! Many words.


What this wine actually is…it has a good wine taste with overtones of wine and it goes down smooth. I’m gonna go drink the whole bottle. Not even out of a glass. Right out the bottle. Possibly through a funnel. That’s not in the tasting notes. I bet Jose Zuccardi never saw that coming when he bottled this fucker up in the mountains of South America.



Andes! Those mountains. Full of grapes and, *squints at screen*, snow?


Final Rating: ********

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