PWG BOLA Night Two review (9.15.18)

PWG BOLA Night Two review (9.15.18)

15th September 2018

After a very good first night, we are here at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, California for the second night of BOLA 2018.

Marko Stunt vs Trevor Lee (1st Round)
This was originally Lee vs Chris Brookes, but due to “injury” Chris couldn’t wrestle (they replaced him with flavour of the month Marko Stunt last minute) Marko is so tiny, he doesn’t look like he should be wrestling, he is however, very over. Marko says “he fucked Trevor’s mum” before the match. This was as it should have been, I had worries about PWG Booking Marko and wasn’t very happy about it not going to lie, as I see nothing in him, but he did well here and Trevor was outstanding. Trevor wins via doublestomp to advance. Star Rating ***

Jonah Rock vs Sammy Guevara (1st Round)
Very excited for this, Jonah has finally come into his own in PWG and Sammy, who is replacing the injured Travis Banks, has been very, very good in PWG, he has cooled off a little bit but this is still a good match up. This was really good, it was high energy all throughout, the match has a great contrast of styles, not often does the spotty guy and the big monster but also technical wrestler combination work, especially when the heel and face dynamics are switched but it did here. The match didn’t overstay its welcome, it did exactly what it needed to and honestly probably better than Rock vs Banks would have been. Jonah advances via power bomb into a guillotine choke. Star Rating *** ½

DJ Z vs Robbie Eagles (1st Round)
As Excalibur mentions on commentary Robbie Eagles has really opened many a eyes this year with his performances in PWG, (he would go on to debut for NJPW a month later). DJ Z is debuting in PWG, this should have happened a long time ago, he is one of the finest and most consistent wrestlers on the independent circuit. Unfortunately this match started off incredibly rocky, three botches within first minute; a failed tranquillo/Nigel rope spot, a meeting of the flips spot and a trough the turnbuckle dive spot. This was very strange from here on out, it went from muddling in the water to extremely good within a few spots, i just wish it hadn’t have started off so rough as there was a lot of good in this match. Robbie Eagles submits DJ Z with the trailer hitch to advance. Star Rating ***

Darby Allin vs Jeff Cobb (1st Round)
Darby Allin debuts in PWG right here versus PWGs own Jeff Cobb, this is one of those matches you look at and think, no way this can’t be good and boy did it deliver, this was a perfect BOLA match, Darby put on a showcase here and he was as over as anyone you’ll ever see. Jeff was the perfect big man to the underdog Darby here, Jeff is at best in matches like this in my opinion. Match wasn’t long either, you just got the absolute best of Jeff and Darby in a concise match with a red hot crowd. Jeff pins Darby via rope assisted german suplex to advance. Star Rating ****

Ilja Dragunov vs Shingo Takagi (1st Round)
You can put this under matches I never expected to see nor thought about but am glad to be able to witness. Outstanding, this was outstanding. This is everything I wanted from this match, a fight, I am too hyped to put into words how much I loved everything about this. It was worked so stiff, there was no holding back on everything they did, there was a clear sense of urgency throughout, they worked like they were trying to win. Shingo in particular is so smooth at everything and it was very noticeable in this setting. Easily match of the tournament to this point. Shingo pins Ilja via a second Made in Japan to advance. Star Rating **** ¼

Timothy Thatcher vs WALTER (1st Round)
This is the meeting of Ringkampf members, these two had one of the best matches I’ve ever seen earlier this year in PROGRESS and wouldn’t have been shocked if they matched it here. The match started off tremendously, just beating the tar out of each other, you would have thought these men hated each other and it just got better and better, this match was beautiful, I was hooked on every minute, what a fight, what a match and a new match of the tournament to this point. WALTER finishes Thatcher via lariat to advance. Star Rating **** ½

Strong Hears (CIMA,Dezmond Xavier,Zachary Wentz) vs Bandido,Flamita & Rey Horus

I’ve seen multiple versions of this match with these six men throughout various promotions this year and it has always been tremendous, I was very hyped to see this match in a BOLA environment. This match fired on all cylinders and what really separates it from other matches of the same variety, is that it was smooth, we are used to these kind of six man all out spot fest matches but usually they are never as smooth and well executed and with such timing as they are here, simply put this was the best executed spot fest I think I’ve ever seen, absolutely outstanding from all men involved. Fantastic. Star Rating **** ½

Night Two of BOLA was excellent, four outstanding matches leading the night to a close, couldn’t have been better and one of the most easily digestible nights of BOLA I’ve ever seen. 10/10.

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